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Interior Stone Wall Cladding: A Lavish Look and Great Design for Modern Home Decor. The stonework on walls and flooring in constructions was a lost art even a few decades ago.

Interior Stone Wall Cladding: A Lavish Look and Great Design for Modern Home Decor

Naturally occurring, stones have been one of the primary building materials since time immemorial. It has come back once again and this time it’s more adaptable and stylish. Cement Wall Finish: New Styling Mantra For Modern Construction Works. Best 7 Concrete Sealers for Residential and Commercial Project. To make a residential or commercial project look more aesthetic and to provide it with extra protection, concrete sealing is the best alternative.

Best 7 Concrete Sealers for Residential and Commercial Project

Concrete sealers come in a wide range that enables you to choose from, depending on your project. If you choose the right sealer, you can attain- longevity, UV stability, affordability, and abrasion resistance. To Make It Easier For You, We Have Discussed The Most Common Type Of Concrete Sealer Along With Their Water-Based Acrylic Sealers: These sealers are used in residential projects to minimize the environmental impact. Water-based acrylics are inexpensive and easy to use. So, now that you know which concrete sealer performs how then go ahead and choose the perfect one for your residential and commercial projects. Moodle. During the outbreak of COVID19, every individual took a relaxing insight into his house.


Through this they realized which part of their house needs renovation and which one requires an upgrade. When staying at home became a necessity- shabby corners of the garden, terrace space, unaesthetic accent walls, and more came into notice. And we realized the importance of renovating our house to maintain the living standard. Home is where the heart is, and nobody likes to reside in a shabby home. Thus when the pandemic hit the world, living in our houses became a necessity. Urban Stone team works relentlessly to bring the latest and refreshing wall cladding designs to your doorstep and enables you a huge variety to choose from. Moodle. Urban Stone specializes in exterior and interior designing and conversion.


They are the perfect destination for natural stone cladding for all types of buildings. Stone cladding is a popular solution for both exterior and interior applications. Derived from nature, the stone is a prevalent material for wall cladding. A bit expensive but very gorgeous and attributes a stylish look to a building. With the help of advanced tools, experts give different shape and look to the stones as per the demand of the clients. Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding. Moodle. Stamped Concrete Release Powder Makes The Stamped Concrete Flooring Fast And Perfect: urbanstone1 — LiveJournal. Stamped concrete is a very intelligent and advanced flooring system for patios, driveways, sideways, car porch, and other such exterior spaces.

Stamped Concrete Release Powder Makes The Stamped Concrete Flooring Fast And Perfect: urbanstone1 — LiveJournal

The idea of stamped concrete decoration not only adds strengths to the floors but also provides aesthetics to the appearance. Urban Stone - Brick Wall Cladding. The construction sector is on the cusp of the modern age.

Urban Stone - Brick Wall Cladding

With the advancement of technology, these industries are also getting more options and ways to develop splendid construction works. Many older concepts are coming back in new avatars. Wall cladding is one of those resurrections that had lost its glory with the passage of time but gaining importance in the 21st century. Wall cladding is an innovative way to attribute a unique style to your house. Moodle. The exposed concrete surface is a new trend in interior décor.


You need an expert crew to accomplish an impeccable job of this kind. Top surface designers like Urbanstone have plenty of options in this domain. Explore what they have on offer and what style will suit your house? The Stamped Concrete Flooring In Kolkata Is Changing The Outdoor Flooring Concep. Stamped concrete flooring is one of the newest smart innovations in the field of construction and real estate.

The Stamped Concrete Flooring In Kolkata Is Changing The Outdoor Flooring Concep

This concept of flooring is widely applied in driveways, doorways, patios, car porch, and many other similar parts of a property. This idea of concrete decoration not only augments strength for the floors but also improves the styles of the whole property to a great extent. Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding: Best Wall Cladding Solution For Your House - Stone wall cladding is quite common in the urban landscape especially in bungalows, housing complexes, and commercial buildings.

Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding: Best Wall Cladding Solution For Your House -

Its aesthetic value is irrefutable but its contribution to strength and sustainability to a building is also mention-worthy. When we call it cladding, it normally attributes the exterior walls. Use Decorative Vertical Stamping Concrete For Exclusive Designs And Extra Stability To Your House. An exciting growth market in decorative concrete is vertical stamping.

Use Decorative Vertical Stamping Concrete For Exclusive Designs And Extra Stability To Your House

Decorative vertical stamping concrete is a new market niche that combines a lot of aspects of horizontal stamping along with new material technology, allowing contractors for creating a vertical look, artistic techniques, and specialty tools, stone and wood formations, which are realistic and unique. These products are needed for vertical stamping application including tools for carving and texturing, vertical concrete mixes, and colours for making a finished product look real.

The present trend includes a hybrid approach where the base material is combined with skins, rollers, or stamps, and thereafter the additional detail by carved through hands. Regardless of the method you use, the result is unique and difficult to differentiate from real wood, stone, or rock. What is Vertical Stamps It is not much different from the traditional stamps, which have been used for a long time on flat work. Vertical Carving Tool. Beautiful Interior Stone Wall Cladding Ideas. Once stone wall cladding was considered a traditional form of cladding that went nicely with rustic styles of houses. The concept has changed a lot now. The natural stones are available in multiple varieties today. They can look beautiful in the different styles of design and architecture as long as you know how to harmonize them and apply them in the appropriate proportion. Gorgeous, attractive, and impeccable Realistic Wall Cladding & Masonry Services From Urban Stone. Cladding panels made from stone, wood, or brick has always been a choice for smart people and all kinds of buildings.

They replicate the feel and appearance of natural stone. KOLKATTA, India - Dec. 23, 2020 - PRLog -- Cladding panels come in different textures, colours, and patterns. It depends on the material with which the panels are made. Among all, stone, bricks, and woods are considered to be the best and thus recommended by many building experts. When they are used in a renovation project, viewers get easily impressed looking at the property. Urban Stone serves their client by providing top-class products made from locally available natural materials. Whether you have a commercial or domestic environment, paneling the walls or floors adds a touch of grandeur. The overall and core subject is – they may be new to this industry but increasingly coming to prominence with incredible services delivered by their professional team. For more information log on to. Decorative Interior Stone Wall Cladding- Brick Wall Cladding. Natural Stone Cladding in Kolkata Is Now Within Your Reach.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Natural Stone Cladding in Kolkata. Cladding is a material that is utilized for covering the exterior of a structure. In the field of construction, cladding tends to be useful for turning a building weather-resistant and thermal insulation. It also augments a building’s appearance. As our skin does protect internal organs and bones, cladding does protect buildings against components and harsh environmental conditions. As such, natural stone cladding in Kolkata one of the most sought after structural work for which experts of the field are hired. The remarkable thing is cladding need not be waterproof though it habitually controls how components fail or hit on a surface. Brick Wall Cladding: Standout in the Neighbourhood with Vintage Pattern Style. Natural Stone Cladding in Kolkata.