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6 Exercises to Beat Bra Bulge. Tank Top Arms. Get immediate-arm-gratification from Mary Helen Bowers, the ballerina-turned-celebrity-trainer responsible for the toned bodies of just about the entire Victoria's Secret catalog.

Tank Top Arms

(Video: Yahoo Health) When it comes to cultivating long, lean muscles, Mary Helen Bowers is your girl. She’s the ballerina-turned-celebrity-trainer responsible for turning Natalie Portman into an Oscar-winning dancer for Black Swan, and toning her many celebrity clients (think: Zooey Deschanel, Liv Tyler and just about the entire cast of the Victoria's Secret catalog). Now, she’s sharing her cult-favorite moves with Yahoo Health in a summer video series.

First up: 3 ballet moves for sleek, defined arms to look and feel spectacular in a tank top. Move #1: DipsStart sitting on a mat or the floor, with your feet planted hips’ distance apart in front of you and your hands planted behind you, fingers facing your feet. Fit these exercises in at least 3 days per week, or more often for faster results. The Truth About Stretching: When It Helps and When It Doesn't. What to Do If Push-Ups Hurt Your Wrists. Fix Your Forward Neck Posture with These Easy Stretches. Get Discounts on Gym Memberships With Your Health Insurance. Butt Exercises Slideshow: Workout Techniques for Slim and Shapely Glutes. 1) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 2) 3) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 4) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 5) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 6) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 7) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 8) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 9) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 10) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 11) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 12) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 13) Steve Pomberg/WebMD 14) Noah Clayton/Workbook Stock 15) Altrendo Images 16) Purestock 17) Jupiterimages 18) Caroline Woodham/Digital Vision 19) Medioimages 20) Tom Schierlitz/Stone 21) Jed Share and Kaoru/Flirt Collection 22) Liane Ri/Getty American Council on Exercise: "Mountain Climbers," "Side Lunge," "Side Lying Hip Abduction.

Butt Exercises Slideshow: Workout Techniques for Slim and Shapely Glutes

" Marilyn Gansel, founder, Fitness Matters personal training studios, Stanford and Kent, Conn. Dori Ricci, NASM, CPT. Janet Roget, NASM, certified personal trainer, Little Rock, Ark. Jonathan Ross, NSCA, NASM, ACE personal trainer; speaker; consultant; owner, Aion Fitness, Bowie, Md. Yoga Health Foundation - National Yoga Month, Yoga-Recess in Schools, Yoga-Recess-Day. A 4-Minute Workout Is All It Takes to Keep You Fit. How I Used YouTube As a Home Personal Trainer (and Dropped 25lbs) I've recently signed up again for a trial gym membership after several years of foregoing the monthly fee (a Groupon I couldn't resist).

How I Used YouTube As a Home Personal Trainer (and Dropped 25lbs)

But for the last seven months I've had a team of personal trainers help me get into the best shape of my life, one rep at a time, all from my living room on an iPad or smartphone. It all started back when I purchased my first kettlebell. Like anyone first getting acquainted with swinging a heavy weight around, I was nervous about learning the proper technique with my new handled heavyweight friend (especially inside our modest sized apartment living room)... I turned to the seemingly endless archive of exercise vloggers over at YouYube for instruction, supposedly one amongst the legions, as recently noted by the New York Times' Jane Fonda Tapes?

Not for a YouTube Generation. If YouTube is where I gained initial insight about the basics of using a kettlebell, the FitnessClass app is where I put the newfound knowledge into practice. Seated Triceps Extensions Exercises. More Triceps Exercises: Triceps Pushups on the Ball | Triceps Extensions | Skull Crushers | Dips |Kickbacks |One-Arm Pushups |Seated Extensions |Close Grip Bench Press |Extensions with Bands | Front Raise with Extensions The seated triceps extension involves holding one weight in both hands and extending the arms over the head.

Seated Triceps Extensions Exercises

For this exercise, keep the abs engaged to avoid arching the back and start with light weights so you have control of the movement. Use a chair with back support if you're using heavy weights. You can also do this one arm at a time with lighter weights. Sit on a bench or ball (more challenging) and hold a medium weight at one end with both hands overlapping one another.

The Commercial Break Workout Keeps You Fit While Watching TV. The Gym-Free Workout. Get lean and fit without a gym or expensive fitness equipment. - Faye Brennan, When you see photos of stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel looking fabulous, do you think, "Sure, I could have a body like that if I could afford a personal trainer!

The Gym-Free Workout

" Well, we've found the no-excuses workout that will give you a killer body without the killer expense. California trainer Kristin Anderson created a workout that you can do in a small space, without going to a gym or buying fancy equipment. "I call this a body-by-you workout," she says. Read The 10 Best Workout Songs Within the 20 to 40 minutes that most people have to work out, says Kristin, "there are five exercises that are crucial in getting the most out of your workout.