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Urban Remedy - Remedy. Have you ever gone to the gym and marvelled at the women in the locker room?

Urban Remedy - Remedy

You know, the ones with the perfect ponytails, who breezed through their cardio workout, with the perfect post-workout flush on their faces but not a bead of sweat in sight? Here are my top five recommendations for products you should carry in your gym bag to become that woman. #1: Face mist The fastest pick-me-up you can give your skin during and after a tiring gym session. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Chinese New Year usually means lots of home visitations.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

In fact, it’s not uncommon for the entire day to be spent hopping from house to house! For the fitness enthusiast, this can be quite problematic when it comes to finding the time to train. But who’s to say that short workouts can’t get the job done? Fitness. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Health care benefits are just one of the many ways an employer can choose to show their appreciation towards employees.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

However, not all health care plans are designed alike. For instance, some employers foot the bill for the costs while others provide it as more of an “opt-in” feature. Understanding the different aspects of a corporate health care package will allow you to better appreciate just how comprehensive a plan really is. Urban Remedy - Remedy. There’s no doubt about: Bak kwa sure is delicious!

Urban Remedy - Remedy

If you haven’t heard about it, bak kwa is a traditional Chinese snack that literally means “dried meat”. Think jerky but with four times the flavour and three times as succulent. Urban Remedy - Remedy. If you’re about to embark on your first ever Chinese New Year visitation, it’s natural to feel a little nervous.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

After all, cultural traditions of any sort come with their own set of beliefs and taboos, and you certainly wouldn’t want to end up inadvertently offending anyone. So have a look at this little visitation cheat sheet; you’ll feel much more confident afterwards! Do Bring a pair of mandarin oranges. Urban Remedy - Remedy. January is a time for trying something new, inspired life changes, new recipes, a different exercise class or … (fill in the blank yourself).

Urban Remedy - Remedy

One of my personal resolutions for 2017 is to read more widely, taking a step outside of my preferred genres (I love a good whodunit novel) and getting into some non-fiction books that will broaden my horizons. Here are some of my favourite picks for this month. ‪ Tools of Titans The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Stressful situations often bring out the worst in us – anger, frustration, negativity and outright nastiness.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

While there will be times when stress is unavoidable, blindly walking into instances where stress is evident makes as much sense as jumping off a cliff. Hone your sixth sense and use these tips to take yourself out of stress’s way whenever necessary. Anticipate When it goes against your best interests. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Women need to be aware their risk for ovarian cancer increases with age.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

Half of all cases affect women age 63 or older, according to specialists at Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia. However, the centre reminds all women to be aware of other risk factors for the disease, as well as common ovarian cancer warning signs, such as: Belly bloating or swelling, Lower belly pain, Back pain, Trouble eating or feeling full quickly, Unexplained weight loss, Pain during sex, Menstrual changes, A change in bathroom habits, such as constipation, diarrhoea, or having to urinate very badly or very often.

"While these symptoms are common and may be caused by something other than ovarian cancer, I advise women to take them seriously," said Dr Christina Chu, a Fox Chase gynaecologic oncologist. Urban Remedy - Remedy. As we age, so does our skin.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

So it makes perfect sense that we adapt our skin-care routines to address the changes it undergoes. Aging skin is quite different from its younger self, most notably in its reduced ability to recover from damage. Done right, a well-tailored facial regimen won’t just stop further wrinkles in its tracks; it might even put some glow back in your face! 1. Urban Remedy - Remedy. For the sixth year in a row, a panel of health experts has named the heart-healthy DASH diet the best overall eating plan, according to U.S.

Urban Remedy - Remedy

News & World Report's 2016 Best Diets ranking. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet was designed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels by limiting fats, red meat and sugar in favour of healthy grains, poultry, low-fat dairy and nuts, the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute says. "Our rankings put hard numbers on the belief that no one diet is ideal for everybody, but the best food plans overall are sustainable," Angela Haupt, senior health editor at U.S. News & World Report, said in a news release from the media company. Urban Remedy - Remedy. What’s holding you back training-wise? What’s stopping you from attaining the results you want?

If you spend countless hours searching for “the best exercise”, I’ll just save you the time and tell you this: The most important exercise is the one you’re not doing. Whether you’re a competitive or recreational lifter, there’s no doubt that you have a preference when it comes to exercise selection. From a physiological standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Folks with longer arms tend to love pulling things off the floor while those with shorter legs love to squat. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Remember how your mum would always fuss over your appearance before taking you somewhere important? Maybe you see it as a case of maternal instinct boiling over. After all, dogs and cats are known to groom their young almost to the point of obsession. But first impressions do go a long way, even more so than making a memorable entrance at your family gathering.

There is a saying that you only get one chance to make a good impression, and that should be enough to relay the importance of making one. Complete your wish at New Year for keep yourself healthy and fit. Welcome. Urban Remedy - Remedy. A diary isn’t just for writing about who threw shade at who during lunch; it’s a pretty effective tool when it comes to achieving goals as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline, as long as you have easy access to it any time of day. Since our short-term memory is impaired by the fact that it’s short-term, having some way to record our thoughts down can save us from losing them forever.

Here are some other ways that keeping a diary can be of benefit: Urban Remedy - Remedy. It’s of little surprise that the foods we’re discovering to contain a wealth of nutritional benefits aren’t exactly new; most of them have been cultural staples for many decades. Yet, with every passing year, we find more and more entries to add to this growing list of superfoods. So, what gems does 2017 have in store for us? 1. Activated charcoal. Urban Remedy - Remedy. Think about it: A life well worth living is a life lived well. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If your approach to living leaves you feeling battered, bloated and downright cruddy, you owe it to yourself to create a change and get your life back on track. Try incorporating some of these wellness habits into your life and you’ll be amazed by the changes they brings you! Urban Remedy - Remedy.

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