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Tackling the health crisis. THERE is an epidemic out there in Indian cities, but unlike epidemics of the past, this is not related to a communicable disease.

Tackling the health crisis

Worryingly, the cardiovascular disease epidemic that is raging across urban India is increasingly attacking the young, especially those at the peak of their productive lives – men in their 20s, 30s and 40s, professionals who’ve acquired the best of qualifications and are working in leading corporates. High-stress levels, irregular work hours, sedentary lifestyles, improper food habits including consumption of junk food, excessive smoking and drinking and lack of exercise are factors that are seeing an increasing number of Indians succumb to cardiovascular diseases.

Sadly, for a country that has for centuries nurtured and encouraged stress-busting concepts including yoga and meditation, it is a travesty that an increasing number of young people are becoming victims to these ailments. Traveller’s Focus Sydney. When planning a trip Down Under, one of the biggest challenges is to figure out how many days would be enough to tour the fifth largest country in the world – Australia.

Traveller’s Focus Sydney

Apart from being the world’s smallest continental land-mass, roughly the individual size of the US and western Europe, it is also the world’s largest island. We had planned to spend just under two weeks touring the popular east coast of this continent, starting our trip in Sydney – Australia’s most popular as well as populous city. Sydney’s turning point came in 1851 when gold was discovered and in the two decades that followed, the population mushroomed almost to 200,000. Much of the modern city that we see today dates back only about 80 years. As we walked through the city on our first day, we could see and feel this `age’ difference as compared to the other more `historic’ cities that we had travelled to.

The opera house hosts more than 1,500 performances annually, hosting an audience of more than 1.2 million. GREEN COVER SHRINKS AS URBANISATION TAKES TOLL ON BENGALURU. RAIL PROJECT COLLABORATION. Jagannath Rath Yatra. Jagannath temple The Jagannath temple was built during the 12th century by Anantavarma Chodaganga Deva while Ananga Bhima Deva rebuilt it to the current shape.

Jagannath Rath Yatra

Indore The charms of a small city. The charms of a small city The commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is also attracting a lot of automobile and IT players and educational institutions.Indore is a tier 2 city, the largest city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh by population.

Indore The charms of a small city

By Nishka Rathi. The transformation of Thane. A historic city and trading hub that was over-shadowed by the emergence of Mumbai as the country’s commercial capital in the last century, Thane is gradually regaining some of the lost ground and is emerging as an affordable alternative to the metropolis.

The transformation of Thane

By N.B. Rao WHEN the erstwhile Great Indian Peninsula Railway (which in 1951 became Central Railway) decided to launch railway services in British India way back in 1853, the first train to run was from Bori Bunder (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal) to Thana (now Thane), a city about 35 km north of the country’s financial capital. Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano. PM MODI PITCHES PORT DEVELOPMENT.


ARCHITECT OF MADRAS ATOMIC POWER STATION M H P RAO PASSES AWAY. Guinness Book of Records Museum, Taichung, Taiwan. Home Loan. How to get the best deal.

Home Loan

Choosing the best deal when buying or refinancing your home is a big challenge. Doors – Your style statement. Door is no more just a single plank of wood.

Doors – Your style statement

It has evolved from a simple door to interesting range in different materials and designs. Apart from providing security and entrance to your home, doors especially the exterior one is also important aesthetically; it plays a key role in ensuring that your property looks great. By: Sangeeta Sinha Add style to your front door. iPhone charger. The Teachings and Travels of Buddha. Birth – Lumbini Buddha was not always the spiritual person that we know today.

The Teachings and Travels of Buddha

He was born in Lumbini to King Sudhodana and Queen Maya Devi into the warrior clan of kshatriyas. It is believed that he started walking and talking as soon as he was born. Back then, Gautama Buddha was known as Siddhartha Gautama. Vesak – Buddha Purnima. The Four Noble Truths Suffering: Although Buddha’s teaching of dukka is translated into suffering, Theravada monks explain dukka as that which is incapable of satisfying.

Vesak – Buddha Purnima

Cause of Suffering: The cause of suffering is craving and desire. In reality, it is the attachment to what we desire that causes suffering.Attachment requires an attacher and something to attach to – both of which are seen as separate. Milarepa- The Tibetan Yogi. Show off your geeky side. Vaastu tips – Doors-the vaastu way. Doors can make a significant difference to peace and prosperity of any house.

Vaastu tips – Doors-the vaastu way

A door is not merely an entry point for people to enter the house; it is also a passage for positive and negative energies to enter the house. The best material for making doors, as prescribed by the shastras is natural wood. The main door of a residence must be bigger and more beautiful than any other door in the house. This applies to all its aspects like length, breadth, thickness etc. Doors should be in multiples of 2 like 2,4,6 and so on and so forth but should not end at 0. Pineapple slicer. Digital BBQ tongs. Vaastu Tips Colouring Your HomeUrban Vaastu. VAASTU TIPS – AVOID UNEVEN PATTERNSUrban Vaastu. Aztec CivilisationUrban Vaastu. Holika DhanaUrban Vaastu. The Fascinating Places Of Gondal Urban Vaastu. Splendid Palace By The BeachUrban Vaastu. COPENHAGENUrban Vaastu.

The Palace also hosts a tower with a viewing platform that is still the tallest in the city. In June 2014, the tower was thrown open to the public and its interior was refurbished to also house a restaurant on top. Though it was terribly windy, I was lucky to have the sun shining over the tiled roofs of the inner city core of Copenhagen. The tower afforded brilliant 360-degree views of the city and I was able to add to my collection of aerial shots of different cities of the world. Back on the ground I continued exploring more areas of this `friendly’ city, I reflected on Justin Davidson’s note on Copenhagen “On a warm afternoon at the downtown harbour, Copenhagen feels like an ancient city enjoying its youthful vigour. Students, professionals and retirees wheel past on bicycles banged-up enough to be parked on the street without fear that they will be stolen.

Canalside cafes are full of people drinking Tuborg. VIZOR VR GLASSESUrban Vaastu. SCHWINN CYCLE NAVUrban Vaastu. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Traveller’s Focus LONDON. London is big and exciting; there are great museums, theatres, concerts and restaurants. There is always something new to do and discover. Having been the seat of power for the British Empire up to 1926 until the evolution of the Commonwealth of Nations, after which individual monarch’s operated separately, London was the centre from which the British Empire ruled more than half the world. Even today it is a city which takes great pride in its history and traditions.

Curbs on capital inflows into realty. Shobhit Agarwal is managing director, capital markets division of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) India, one of the world’s largest professional services and investment management firms, offering specialised real estate services. JLL operates in 80 countries. Agarwal oversees the cross-border flow of capital and fund raising for domestic and international funds in India. Why this restriction? The RBI’s primary goal is to have control over capital moving into and out of India; real estate has always been a sector which can consume sizeable sums. There is a probability that funds coming into the country via real estate transactions might get used for unwarranted purposes. Salubrious hill stations. Flatiron building, New York. Abolition of Wealth Tax. Why was Wealth Tax abolished? The Wealth Tax was abolished to simplify and widen the tax base. The Act had many issues; for instance, many were not even aware of such a tax and getting assets valued was also a difficult task.

Also assets like, jewellery, unaccounted cash and cars are not easy to be tracked. Collection was also a problem and the tax collected does not form a significant part of the total collection of direct taxes in India. According to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, there was no point continuing with wealth tax as the cost of collection was very high and the yield low. Goswami Tulsidas. Goswami Tulsidas, composer of Ram Charita Manas, is considered the reincarnation of Valmiki.

By Madhuri.Y Tulsidas was very attached to his wife Ratnavali. One day, she went to her father’s home when Tulsi das was at the Hanuman temple. Hanuman Jayanti. There’s more to Hanuman than being the God who wards off evil spirits. Ancient Greece. Vaastu Tips for Study room. Parrot Pot. SmartMat Yoga Mat. Study Room.

Study calls for concentration. A pizza oven that looks like a pizza box. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer. Phaz Music P2. The Mayan Civilisation. With temple-pyramids that were perfectly aligned with the sun and the stars, observatories, astronomy, mathematics and a calendar system, thrived the ancient Mayan civilization for over 3000 years. By Priya Narayan. Ram Navami. Celebrate the birth of Maryada Purushottama, Rama – listen to his story, meditate on his noble qualities or chant his name to ease suffering and to cleanse your soul.

For Hassle Free Immigration. Vaastu Tips for Puja Room. A passion for art and a class apart. Mug with a Focus. Table Cup Holder. Handbag Holder. Shaz Living Leaves Mirror. Rocketbook. Rocketbook can save you from the hassles of constantly buying new notebooks and you can contribute in your own way towards saving environment. This completely reusable product launched by Indiegogo can help you save paper. Once you fill up all pages, Rocketbook will digitize all your notes and store them in the cloud. Then the pages can be cleared and ready for you to write again. You have multiple options for saving like saving to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs or you could even send it directly to your email inbox. You just need to scan it with Rocketbook’s accompanying smartphone app and instantly the document is sent to the cloud storage platform of your choice.

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Your rights as a flat buyerUrban Vaastu. India International Trade Fair on Furniture, Interiors & DesignUrban Vaastu. Union cabinet approves Housing for All by 2022 schemeUrban Vaastu. Greetings From Urban Vaastu!