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Farfetch - Designer Luxury Fashion for Men & Women. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association® Scandinavian and non-english crime series: Engrenages (Spiral) February 2015. Once observed, never forgotten.

February 2015

That’s what they say about the celestial light display known as the aurora borealis, or northern lights, which can form in the skies of the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Like it’s Southern-Hemisphere cousin, the aurora australis, this is not a cloud of water but of energised atmospheric molecules, which have been excited by electrons and protons emitted by the Sun. Sahl ibn Bishr and the Rise of Astrology in Abbasid Times. This Crazy Mom's Texts Are So Funny You Won't Even Care How Awful She Is. Kate Siegel and her mom have a very close relationship.

This Crazy Mom's Texts Are So Funny You Won't Even Care How Awful She Is

And a key part of the ongoing communication that keeps them close is texting. Lots and lots of texting… Sweet, right? Of course. Because Kate’s mom is full of tenderness, patience, and acceptance. OK, that’s not true at all. Check out her texts, laugh…and be glad she’s not your mom. 30 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die. {Via studioflowerpower on etsy} “Rather than money, than fame, than love…give me truth.” ~ Thoreau I woke up this morning and my life clock marked 30. My first sleep-deprived idea was to pack a small suitcase, get on the first train, move to another country, change my name, change my hair color (or get plastic surgery if needed), and start from scratch.

When I don’t know how to deal with life, I hide sometimes. And others, I fight it. By now, I’m good at both: fighting and disappearing. A true warrior doesn’t feel forced to do either, but moves through and with and for life, like water. So after I washed my face and considered the costs of running and those of fighting, I decided to do neither and have some juice instead. {Alkaline Espresso / Click for recipe.} Click.php?source=fb&param4=fb-us-de-lifestyle&param3=www.answers. 25 Trippy Optical Illusions. Visionary Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves is famous for creating paintings where the people or the objects in them seamlessly disappear into one another, effectively playing tricks on the mind of the viewer.

25 Trippy Optical Illusions

More than the beautiful imagery and technique that has clearly gone into each painting, the effect which is akin to an optical illusion gives the artist the unique opportunity to portray multiple, connected stories in a single frame. Be blown away by illustrations that seem more like scenes from a lucid dream than just color on canvas: Guy Builds Awesome DIY Adventure Truck For Camping Trips (Photos) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Tweet There’s some debate regarding the origins of the expression “happy camper” to describe a comfortable, contented person.

Guy Builds Awesome DIY Adventure Truck For Camping Trips (Photos)

Regardless, there’s no denying that camping adventures have long been part of living the American dream. Reddit user tylerthompson21 decide to… build his own. Full Moon in Leo. Feb 3rd – Full Moon at 14’ Leo 47 11:08pm UT Awareness is like the sun.

Full Moon in Leo

When it shines on things, they are transformed. . ― Thích Nhất Hạnh The Core Theme for this Full Moon = Transformation, Heart Expansion and Consciousness Similarly to last month’s Full Moon, the Full Moon on February 3rd is also very powerful as it too activates this final phase of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. The dynamic energy of this Full Moon in fiery Leo is also enhanced by the conjunction to Jupiter. Fueled by the conjunction with Jupiter, the Leo Full Moon energy is particularly dynamic and happily resonates with the ongoing request by Uranus in Aries for innovative, idealistic, groundbreaking action.

This Full Moon also brings with it a powerful stellium(a combination of more than 3 planets in one sign) within a few degrees of the ongoing Neptune in Pisces. This is an excellent time to express our creativity, particularly through dance, music and acting. The French Are Making a Mistake About the Charlie Hebdo Tragedy. The Jet Set Life of Karl Lagerfeld’s Favorite Male Model — for Now. Photo One Sunday last spring, Brad Kroenig and his 5-year-old son, Hudson, showed up at a private airport near Paris to meet Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion designer.

The Jet Set Life of Karl Lagerfeld’s Favorite Male Model — for Now

“Karl will be here 1, 1:30 for takeoff,” announced a Frenchman in a black suit and tie. “O.K., cool,” Brad said. The man in the suit performed something like a bow and retreated. It was 12:45. Brad knows what kind of plane Lagerfeld travels on because he has flown on it often. If models were show dogs, Brad would be a golden retriever. At the airport, Hudson snapped photos on an iPhone while his father modeled for him. Around 2:30, Lagerfeld appeared at the top of the stairs leading to the airport lounge. “Hello!” Lagerfeld was expected that evening in Dubai, where he would show Chanel’s 2015 resort collection in two days. Charlie Hebdo and Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.