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Twilight Forever Rising by Lena Meydan : Book Review. Twilight Forever Rising Lena Meydan (Translated by Andrew Bromfield) Published 2010 400 pages Summary (from the book jacket) Darel Ericson of the Dahanavar clan is a rarity among his vampire brethren: he's an empath, strong enough to occasionally read thought as well as emotion.

Twilight Forever Rising by Lena Meydan : Book Review

Fortunately for Darel, it is more useful for the heads of the other clans to maintain the centuries-long peace between the houses. Darel, and the human woman he loves, become central to the Nachterret's scheme to plunge the Houses into all out war, potentially revealing the presence of vampires to humanity and ruining life as they know it. The Review Twilight Forever Rising is the award-winning Russian urban fantasy novel that made Lena Meydan a bestselling author in her native Russia. It is a rare thing for me to hand out an unreserved five star review rating these days but Twilight Forever Rising effortlessly earns its top marks – and gains a place on my short list of all time favourite vampire fantasy novels.

Leopard - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampe. Beginning of Spring - Penelope Fitzgerald. Memoirs of Hadrian - Marguerite Yourcenar. Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel. Thomas Cromwell, the chief minister to Henry VIII who oversaw the break with Rome and the dissolution of the monasteries, was widely hated in his lifetime, and he makes a surprising fictional hero now.

Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel

Geoffrey Elton used to argue that he founded modern government, but later historians have pared back his role, and one recent biographer, Robert Hutchinson, portrayed him as a corrupt proto-Stalinist. He's a sideshow to Wolsey in Shakespeare and Fletcher's Henry VIII, a villain who hounds Thomas More to his death in Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons. Law and financial administration - his main activities - don't always ignite writers' imaginations, and in the pop-Foucauldian worldview of much historical fiction since the 1980s, his bureaucratic innovations would be seen as inherently sinister.

Then there's the portrait of him, after Holbein: a dewlapped man in dark robes with a shrewd, unfriendly face, holding a folded paper like an upturned dagger. "Love your neighbour. Ingenious Pain: Andrew Miller. Guardian Bookshop. Guardian Books Guardian and Observer published books Guardian Books brings you the very best from the Guardian and Observer in book format.

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From collections of your favourite columnists to puzzle compendiums, outstanding sports journalism to political commentary. A candid insight into the life and work of a modern neurosurgeon, its triumphs and disasters. Marsh reveals what it's like to play god in the face of the life-and-death situations he encounters daily.Read full review. Siege of Krishnapur - J G Farrell. Our Ancestors - Italo Calvino. Kevin Jackson's top 10 vampire novels. Kevin Jackson's childhood ambition was to be a vampire, but instead he became the last living polymath.

Kevin Jackson's top 10 vampire novels

His expertise ranges from Seneca to the Sugababes, with a special interest in the occult, Ruskin, take-away food, Dante's Inferno and the moose. He is the author of numerous books on numerous subjects, including Fast: Feasting on the Streets of London, filmmaker Humphrey Jennings and edited The Oxford Book of Money. Bite: A Vampire Handbook: A Vampire Miscellany by Kevin Jackson His latest book, Bite: A Vampire Handbook, traces the history of the undead down the ages as well as offering a miscellany of vampiric trivia including the best places for vampire tourism, the best vampire-influenced songs, and, should the need arise, the best ways of killing the beasts. Buy Kevin Jackson books from the Guardian bookshop 1. 2. A highly atmospheric period piece, set mainly on board a steamboat, plying its trade throughout the southern states of America during the 19th century. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.