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Finding the right person to care for you or your loved one requires serious consideration. The best place to choose is an organization that demonstrates an aptitude for excellence and is committed to providing you and your family with holistic care.

Discover How Home Health Care Benefits Seniors. When you are researching different care options for an elderly parent or aging family member, you may be considering home nursing care.

Discover How Home Health Care Benefits Seniors

Home care is steadily growing as a popular care option for older adults as it offers several benefits that improve an older adult’s health and quality of life. As your trusted provider of home health care in Southfield, Michigan, we will discuss how seniors can benefit from receiving home health care services: Receive prompt assistance A common fear among older adults and their families is the idea of developing a disease or getting into an accident at home with nobody else around to help.

Fortunately, home health care providers assign a home health aide to provide assistance at home. This also includes providing prompt assistance in case of a medical emergency.Maintain daily routines Another advantage of receiving home care is the ability to maintain independence while promoting healthy aging. Ways You’re Doing Blood Sugar Testing Wrong. Testing your blood sugar levels isn’t always easy.

Ways You’re Doing Blood Sugar Testing Wrong

And without proper knowledge of doing it, you may be prone to committing common mistakes that will, of course, produce inaccurate results. A provider of home health care in Southfield, Michigan lists these common mistakes in blood sugar testing that may affect the reading or not: Using a meter that your insurance plan doesn’t cover.Learn what kind of testing device your insurance plan covers or prefers to keep your expenses low. If Medicare, you can usually use the meter of your choice. Testing at the wrong time. Managing Dehydration in Aging Adults. Although dehydration is preventable, it appears that it is still prevalent in many aging adults, according to a home nursing care specialist in Michigan.

Managing Dehydration in Aging Adults

Improving hydration can bring better quality for them, enable reduced use of medication, and prevent or manage an illness. If an aging adult is chronically dehydrated, they can become more susceptible to injury and sickness like urinary tract infections and pneumonia. They may also feel sluggish and irritable, impacting their daily activities. An efficient way for them to combat their dehydration is for them to drink plenty of fluids daily and eat water-rich foods, especially if they are physically active.

However, if the aging adult has a health condition and is bedridden, they may not be able to drink fluids the same way before. Many healthcare providers allow skilled nurses or trained caregivers to administer IV care in their client’s home if need be. Restoring Your Independence with Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy is a profession that deals with people who are coping with injuries, disabilities, and mental health issues.

Restoring Your Independence with Occupational Therapy

People who seek this intervention undergo treatment sessions, group activities, physical activity, food planning, and pain and medication management. Treatment can commence in hospitals, health care facilities, or under a home nursing care. Often confused with Physical Therapy, OT focuses on bringing back the client’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living or ADL. Although there are differences between the two when it comes to their purposes, a patient can undergo OT and PT together in many cases.

How to Support Loved Ones with Parkinson’s Disease. If you have loved ones facing Parkinson’s disease, then you’re familiar with the symptoms that come with it such as poor balance, rigid movements, and tremors.

How to Support Loved Ones with Parkinson’s Disease

Day by day, these symptoms can get worse, so your loved ones will need your support to preserve their quality of life. Home health care in Southfield, Michigan lists the following ways you can help your loved ones to manage Parkinson’s disease: Learn more about the disease You can lend the best help to your loved ones when you learn about Parkinson’s disease as much as you can. It’s a movement disorder with the symptoms above. Learn about what causes its symptoms, how it progresses, or which treatments can help manage it as well.Get active Exercise helps just about everybody but it makes a huge difference to people with Parkinson’s disease. Home Care Transition: How to Ensure It's Smooth Enough. When people reach their senior years, our home health care in Southfield, Michigan, is here to help them with their various care needs.

Home Care Transition: How to Ensure It's Smooth Enough

If you’re considering to avail of our services for your loved ones, then take note of the following to ensure a smooth transition: Evaluate your needs.If you plan to take advantage of our health care service in Michigan, evaluate your needs first before you make the final decision. What type of caregiving does your loved one need? Is it necessary to hire a live-in caregiver? Will your loved one require night supervision? Different Types of Catheters Explained. After surgery, it is often necessary for seniors to have a catheter.

Different Types of Catheters Explained

It will help with taking care of them more manageable. You can seek the nearest provider of home health care in Southfield, Michigan for this service. But first, did you know that there are different types of catheters? Here are the different types to note: Straight Catheter This type of catheter has a rubberlike tube inserted into the urethra. How to Prevent UTI in Elderly Women. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an extremely painful medical condition, especially for elderly women.

How to Prevent UTI in Elderly Women

If you are a caregiver or nurse offering home nursing care, then preventing UTI should be a natural task for you. This way, the senior can avoid various symptoms related to UTI such as blood in the urine, loss of appetite, and lower back pain. To prevent UTI, here are some effective methods worth adopting: Increasing estrogen Elderly women usually experience lowered estrogen, especially when they reach their menopausal age.