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Meal Plan for Diabetes – Unfetteredhealth. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity are becoming the most common ailments among the current generation.

Meal Plan for Diabetes – Unfetteredhealth

Our food habits have started to dictate our lives in uncomfortable ways that drive every one of us to be conscious of what we eat and fuel our bodies. You have to plan for incorporating healthy and balanced meals throughout the day to keep the blood glucose levels in check. This is a simple diabetic meal plan with no carbohydrates such as brown or white rice, refined flour, or starch. Fiber-rich foods such as millets, cracked wheat, fruits, and vegetables can keep you satiated for longer periods of time.

When you consume carbs in limited amounts, you can see a significant improvement in blood sugar levels. Portion size and sticking to a group of healthy ingredients play a key role in controlling your blood glucose levels. Breakfast: Ragi or Finger Millet Porridge Lunch: Cracked wheat pulao, cucumber yogurt salad, Snack: Jamun fruit (Java Plum) Health Benefits for Diabetics. 7 Ways to Use Electric Cooker for Meal Prep – Unfetteredhealth. Do you often wonder how to make use of that “electric cooker” lying in the corner of your kitchen cabinet?

7 Ways to Use Electric Cooker for Meal Prep – Unfetteredhealth

Are you aware of the fact that, “food cooked in electric cookers are healthy, hygienic and long-standing than traditional methods of cooking? Check out how you can cook rice as well as use electric cooker to meal prep other favorite dishes for the week! Cooking rice traditionally in a pot always requires constant attention to ensure that the rice is cooked properly, and not burnt. Electric cookers automate the process by mechanically or electronically controlling the heat and the timing thereby, freeing the heating element on the cooking range that had to be otherwise occupied for cooking rice. Although the electric cookers do not necessarily speed up the cooking process, but our involvement in cooking rice is reduced to simply measuring the rice, preparing the rice properly, and using the correct amount of water.

Measure the correct amount of rice and place it in a bowl. Bonus Tip: 5 Smart Meal Planning Methods to Ease Your Busy Schedule – Unfetteredhealth. Work schedules and lethargy can derail your aspirations of planning your meals every week.

5 Smart Meal Planning Methods to Ease Your Busy Schedule – Unfetteredhealth

The increase in grocery items and prices can also make us look for ways to be smart in eating healthy without exceeding our budget. Meal planning is a strenuous task when you don’t have the right menu, shopping list, and budget criteria. You may have to find different methods at first to choose the most suitable one for you. 10 Meal Planning Tips for Beginners – Unfetteredhealth. Do you want to start a meal plan?

10 Meal Planning Tips for Beginners – Unfetteredhealth

But don’t understand where to begin and how to follow every week. You have come to the right place. Here’s a list of easy and smart tips for newbies looking to join the world of meal planning. The first thing as a beginner is to identify the difference between a meal plan and meal prep. You might have come across these terms when searching for meal planning ideas online. 5 Warm and Healing Drinks to Boost Immunity During Monsoon – Unfetteredhealth. The monsoon season has kick-started dreadfully than the rest of the years because of heightened flu infections and contagious diseases.

5 Warm and Healing Drinks to Boost Immunity During Monsoon – Unfetteredhealth

Boosting our immunity has become a primal part of our lifestyle to keep the body healthy. Rain and warm drinks are a match made in heaven. A cup of hot fluid can soothe the soul and instantly refresh our mind and body. It is essential to stock up your pantry with healthy spices and herbs to brew delicious drinks. Spices have been an integral part of our kitchen because of their natural therapeutic benefits. 5 Soothing Drinks to Calm Your Soul and Strengthen Immune System 1. Drinking a cup of this spice mixed with water helps improve digestion.

The active component of cloves; eugenol is a great antioxidant that helps relieve oxidative stress. Vitamin K Rich Meal Plan for Healthy Bones – Unfetteredhealth. Do you often prefer to splurge on vitamin supplements than in nutrient-dense fresh produce?

Vitamin K Rich Meal Plan for Healthy Bones – Unfetteredhealth

You might need to rethink your food choices. Meeting the daily requirement levels of the macronutrients and micronutrients is a hard task; I agree. But instead of opting for artificial vitamin supplements, you can plan your week in such a way that you consume a diet rich in a specific nutrient per day. You can buy fruits and vegetables rich in two or three macronutrients.

There are 100% chances of eating a nutrient-dense meal every day because most of the essential minerals and vitamins will get covered with it. 3-Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meal Prep Ideas – Unfetteredhealth. Planning to sort your week with a simple menu?

3-Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meal Prep Ideas – Unfetteredhealth

Here’s a list of easy-to-cook recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinners to meal plan and enjoy during the week. This is a 3-day meal plan with a requirement of 3 hours meal prepping time. Once you cook and assemble these recipes together, you don’t have to enter the kitchen again for this time-span. They are versatile, protein-rich, and healthy recipes that keep you satiated for long hours.

5 Tips to Stick to Meal Planning While Working from Home – Unfetteredhealth. Do you find it hard to create a meal plan and follow every week?

5 Tips to Stick to Meal Planning While Working from Home – Unfetteredhealth

We can make a hundred excuses to skip meal planning for a week and just go with the flow in our current work lifestyle. Working from home has hit plenty of us hard because of irregular schedules, random sleeping time, and unplanned shopping. Meal planning can simplify everyday life by creating proper schedules and work-life balance. But in these unprecedented times, we have to stock up on groceries, limit our store visits, and even cook meals without fresh produce for several days.

The other important factor which has made meal planning hard for work-from-home professionals is the budget. 1200 Calories Heart-Healthy Meal Plan for a Day – Unfetteredhealth. How do you know if you are eating right for your heart?

1200 Calories Heart-Healthy Meal Plan for a Day – Unfetteredhealth

Have you considered any day in your week to eat a heart-healthy diet? Most of us worry about calories and protein but don’t check on the fats. It is best to consume 78-90 grams of fat per 2,000 calories to keep your heart healthy. Eating a diet rich in heart-friendly foods is necessary to keep our blood pressure, blood glucose, body weight, and blood circulation in check. 7 Instant Breakfast Mixes to Meal Prep for the Week – Unfetteredhealth.

Wondering how to manage your hectic workday mornings?

7 Instant Breakfast Mixes to Meal Prep for the Week – Unfetteredhealth

10 Meal Planning Hacks for Work from Home Professionals – Unfetteredhealth. Are you stuck with work from home fever? Do you find it difficult to feed a bunch of hungry kids at home every day? Check out these amazing and smart meal prep hacks to eat healthy by doing less while you work from home. Most of us find it difficult to cope with family members, kids, and colleagues all at once at home. It’s tough to achieve a work-life balance because of a lack of boundaries. Since we are in different schedules, timing, and to-do lists, it takes immense planning and proper execution to stay above all these hurdles. Most mothers feel tired, unmotivated, and restless because of work and home projects bombarding their 24 hours. Iron-Rich Meal Plan for Anemia – Unfetteredhealth. Do you often get tired and lethargic during the day? This could be a sign of iron deficiency. Iron is an important nutrient that plays a vital role in the production of blood cells; hemoglobin in the body.

Hemoglobin helps transfer oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body. Statistics show that 10% of women might be low in iron during pregnancy. How to Start a Meal Plan with a Step-by-Step Guide – Unfetteredhealth. Meal planning can be an elusive task for a novice as they find the intermediate steps overwhelming. Planning your meals ahead is like future planning. It makes you be positive and curious about your upcoming days. 10 Must-Have Powerful Spices and Herbs in the Kitchen – Unfetteredhealth. Spices and herbs are rich in aroma and therapeutic properties, which makes them a constant in our kitchen pantry. They act as natural healers and flavor-enriching ingredients. Here are our top 10 spices and herbs to keep in your pantry to make tasty and nutritious homemade recipes. Cumin Cumin is a popular spice with a nutty taste. It adds a distinct flavor to many recipes. History: Cumin seeds were first identified 4000 years ago in the Mediterranean Region.

Benefits: 7 Weekday Meal Ideas with Onion, Ginger and Chili Paste – Unfetteredhealth. Bored with adding tomatoes in every dish? Are you running out of ideas to make three meals a day? Here comes the rescue. Check these easy and instant meal ideas you can make with just onion, ginger, and chilies. Benefits of Onion, Ginger and Green Chilies Onions, ginger, and green chilies are popular herbs available around the world. Onions- Onions are rich in vitamin C, sulfur, and manganese. 6 Tips to Grocery Shop Like A Pro to Save Money – Unfetteredhealth. “Become a fan of grocery shopping to be a better human. And if you succeed, you will be healthier than a common food-ordering person.” The food you eat shapes up your body and personality as much as the products you buy at a grocery store.

When you love spending hours at a supermarket, believe me, you’re in your adulthood. High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan for a Day – Unfetteredhealth. The recent trend in eating a protein-rich low-carb diet is because of its satiety and weight loss benefits. People are focusing on including protein-rich foods in their regular diet to keep their cravings and calories in check. If you are a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast, you might need a higher amount of protein foods for muscle gain. We can incorporate plant-based proteins, and animal proteins based on our eating habits. Most people recommend animal proteins such as chicken, red meat, seafood to get the daily protein requirements in our body. It’s easier for non-veg lovers to meet their protein requirements compared to vegetarians.

How Can Vegetarians Improve their Protein Intake? How I Implement My Weekly Meal Planner – Unfetteredhealth. Meal planning has given me immense freedom, pleasure, and fulfillment in my eating habits. 5 Instant Breakfast Recipes with Pumpkin Puree – Unfetteredhealth. Pumpkin is a nutritious vegetable with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and dietary nutrients. Yellow pumpkin is one of the best sources of Vitamin A or beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. A cup of cooked pumpkin puree has significant quantities of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The other nutrients include copper, potassium, manganese, iron, and folate. Sure-Shot Ways to Store Ginger and Garlic for a Month – Unfetteredhealth. Ginger and garlic are the most common herbs used in our diet. These are rich in antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Both ginger and garlic play a vital role in the proper functioning of the digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system. The demand for these herbs is exploding because of cold and flu diseases. Gluten-Free Meal Plan on a Budget – Unfetteredhealth. People with celiac disease must eat a diet free of gluten, a complex protein that causes gastrointestinal complications in humans. Gluten-free brands are available in the market, but certain fruits, dairy, vegetables, and meat are gluten-free naturally. You may need to find a list of gluten-free foods you can consume daily to make sure you meet the nutrient requirements.

We find gluten proteins in whole grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and oats. As we include them in our regular dietary foods, people with a gluten allergy must follow a separate diet suiting their lifestyle. They can buy a variety of gluten-free replacement products such as buckwheat, rice, quinoa, and amaranth. 10 Ways to Reduce Food Waste with Meal Planning – Unfetteredhealth. Meal planning is the gateway to reduce food waste. This simple technique can teach you to save money on groceries and spend lesser time cooking in the kitchen. Food waste occurs in several ways such as, throwing skin of vegetables and fruits, grocery shopping every week, not using leftovers, wasting pre-cut salads, fruits and meat, and not checking expired items in the pantry. These are simple things that indirectly contribute to food waste in the world.

If we become wiser and considerate of food we buy, store, and consume, we can make a change in the society. 4 Protein-Rich Recipes with One Vada Batter – Unfetteredhealth. Fried Vada is a healthy start to a day as we make it with soaked black lentils, which is one of the best sources of protein and B vitamins. Black lentils are rich in calcium, folic acid, magnesium iron, and potassium. In South Indian cuisine, we include these lentils in the diet because of its nutritional content.

One vada depending on its size gives about 100 calories. Since it is deep-fried, this amazing breakfast has become a rare delicacy because of health-conscious people. 5 Weekday Meals with Make-Ahead Red Bean Sauce – Unfetteredhealth. 3 Ways to Cook Eggs Once and Eat All Week – Unfetteredhealth. Eggs are the breakfast of champions as they are a versatile ingredient in most cuisines across the world. Eggs are “superfoods” and the cheapest source of protein.

An egg every day can help meet your nutrient requirements as it is rich in selenium, phosphorus, vitamin D, B12, B2, A, and folate. One egg has 77 calories, 5 grams of healthy fat, and 6 grams of protein. It contains substantial amounts of fat-soluble vitamins such as E and K. Immunity-Boosting Meal Plan for a Day – Unfetteredhealth. 4 Delicious Make-Ahead Breakfasts with Bananas – Unfetteredhealth. How to Meal Prep Meat and Seafood for a Week – Unfetteredhealth. 5 Tips to Buy Fresh Fruits for a Week – Unfetteredhealth. 5 Ways to Store Onion and Tomato for a Week – Unfetteredhealth. How to Create a Balanced Grocery List for a Week? – Unfetteredhealth. How Meal Planning Changed My Life? – Unfetteredhealth. 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Meal Planning – Unfetteredhealth. Why Wholesome Meals Matter the Most in Meal Planning? – Unfetteredhealth. How Meal Prep Can Alter Your Health and Lifestyle? – Unfetteredhealth.

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