prettyjson - Node.js package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output - UX prettyjson - Node.js package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output - UX Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output. How to install Just install it via NPM: Using it (from the CLI)
kkaefer/node-cpp-modules - UX
nodeca/mincer - UX Mincer - assets processor JavaScript port of Sprockets (v2.10.0). It features same declarative dependency management (with exactly same language) for CSS and JavaScript and preprocessor pipeline. Mincer allows you to write assets in the languages like: CoffeeScript, LESS, Stylus and others. Also, mincer cares about sourcemaps support (sprockets doesn't yet). nodeca/mincer - UX
Nodetime - Performance Profiler for Node.js - UX See the documentation for a complete list of features and description. All-round Profiling and Monitoring The root causes of performance problems can be very different and complex to locate, while the result is usually simple - slow or unavailable web site. Nodetime reveals the internals of your application and infrastructure through profiling and proactive monitoring enabling detailed analysis, fast troubleshooting, performance and capacity optimization.

Nodetime - Performance Profiler for Node.js - UX

3on/scrap.js 3on/scrap.js Scrap.js Scrapping websites made easy. It handles redirections, cookies, get/post, string/binary/dom, jquery ... for you! npm install Scrap
JSON logging & reporting inspired by Loggly for node.js. Installation $ npm install jog Features namespace supportrich json documentslog levelsfile storeredis storedocument streamingtail -f like streamingCLI to tail and map / reduce logs log.write(level, msg[, obj]) Jog by visionmedia Jog by visionmedia console-trace Extends the native Node.JS console object to prefix logging functions with the CallSite information. LearnBoost/console-trace - UX LearnBoost/console-trace - UX
baryon/tracer - UX baryon/tracer - UX tracer for node.js A powerful and customizable logging library for node.js. Features print log messages with timstamp, file name, method name, line number, path or call stackbe customized output format with micro-template and timestamp formatsupport user-defined logging levelsadd easily any transport support filter functions, so print statements in full color and font (color console) Install
Table of Contents - Mixu's Node book - Mixu's Node book - UX Table of Contents - Mixu's Node book - Mixu's Node book - UX I had to move the Node book to ./node/ since I hadn't planned on writing multiple books when I initially set up this subdomain. From now, I'll put things in directories under Distributed systems: for fun and profit An introduction to distributed systems. node-kat A simple module that concatenates files and binary streams with some extras. Usage var Kat = require('kat');var readstream = new Kat(); readstream.add('file1.txt');readstream.add('file2.txt');readstream.add(anotherReadableStream); readstream.pipe(fs.createWriteStream('file1n2.txt')); fent/node-kat - UX fent/node-kat - UX Advanced Buffers Using the magic of Proxies to bring new types of buffers to JavaScript. ViewBuffer is a polymorphous buffer interface that allows each instance to encompass all the features of DataView, Buffer, and the Typed Arrays.MatrixBuffer wraps vector objects like buffers in a two dimensional interface, allowing two level indexed access and various transforms. It also allows for the equivelent of subarrays on arbitrary rectangular sections and nesting.CombinerBuffer wrap any set of vector objects like buffers and presents a single combined index that addresses them in the order they're organized in the internal array. Items can be pushed onto the end of the internal array. Benvie/view-buffer - UX Benvie/view-buffer - UX
Benvie/reified - UX Reified - Binary data mapping for JS StructTypes, ArrayTypes, NumberTypes. Create views on top of buffers that allow easy conversion to and from binary data. Get It
baudehlo's gist: 1996244 — Gist - UX var util = require('util'); var fs = require('fs'); var Stream = require('stream').Stream; var ArrayStream = function () {; Procstreams procstreams is module to facilitate shell scripting in node. polotek/procstreams - UX TAGG: Threads à gogo for Node.js Threads à gogo (*) is a native module for Node.js that provides an asynchronous, evented and/or continuation passing style API for moving blocking/longish CPU-bound tasks out of Node's event loop to JavaScript threads that run in parallel in the background and that use all the available CPU cores automatically; all from within a single Node process. Installing the module xk/node-threads-a-gogo - UX UltraREPL The goal of UltraREPL is to be a JavaScript development environment, not just a toy or a simple debugger. Developing JS code inside of JavaScript itself enables a lot of powerful options that are otherwise difficult or cumbersome. The problem is Node's existing REPL doesn't provide the tools needed to take advantage of this potential, and there's not really any other options aside from (albiet awesome) browser based environments like Ace. Benvie/Node.js-Ultra-REPL - UX
veged/coa - UX