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Prettyjson - Node.js package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output - UX. Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output.

prettyjson - Node.js package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output - UX

How to install Just install it via NPM: Using it (from the CLI) This package installs a command line interface to render JSON data in a more convenient way. You can use the CLI in three different ways: Decode a JSON file: If you want to see the contents of a JSON file, just pass it as the first argument to the CLI: $ prettyjson package.json Decode the stdin: You can also pipe the result of a command (for example an HTTP request) to the CLI to see the JSON result in a clearer way: $ curl | prettyjson Decode random strings: if you call the CLI with no arguments, you'll get a prompt where you can past JSON strings and they'll be automatically displayed in a clearer way: If you install the package globally (with npm install -g prettyjson), the CLI will be installed automatically in your PATH thanks to npm. Command line options It's possible to customize the output through some command line options: And will output: Kkaefer/node-cpp-modules - UX.

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Jog by visionmedia

Installation $ npm install jog Features namespace supportrich json documentslog levelsfile storeredis storedocument streamingtail -f like streamingCLI to tail and map / reduce logs log.write(level, msg[, obj]) Write to the logs: log.write(level, msg[, obj])log.debug(msg[, obj])[, obj])log.warn(msg[, obj])log.error(msg[, obj]) log.ns(obj) Namespace with the given obj, returning a new Jog instance inheriting previous properties. Return an EventEmitter emitting "data" and "end" events. end when false streaming will not endinterval the interval at which to poll (store-specific) log.clear(callback) Clear the logs and invoke the callback. Example Log random data using the FileStore and tail the file for changes (typically in different processes). Yields: jog(1) Examples View all logs from tobi. Filter video compilation durations from "tobi" only: The --map flag can be used several times: Stores FileStore(path) Performance.

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