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Current Vacancies. Here in Focus Ireland we believe the success of our business is attributed to the quality of our employees.

Current Vacancies

We aim to create continuous improvement and add value through partnership, integration, accessibility and empowerment of all employees. Focus Ireland will try to ensure that all employees receive opportunities to develop and grow both professionally and personally. This will be achieved, among other ways, through supervision with your line manager and also through the comprehensive training and development programme provided for each member of staff. Focus Ireland currently employs 320 people in various capacities that include permanent, fixed term, full time, part time, and relief.

Focus Ireland uses competency based interviewing and testing. Project Worker & Contact Worker Panel, Dublin To apply, please forward an application form to Youth Housing Worker, STA, Georges Hill 2 Year Fixed Term Contract; Part-Time (20 hours per week) Institute for Study Abroad: Student Advisor. The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University is currently recruiting a full time Student Advisor based in Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

Institute for Study Abroad: Student Advisor

The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler) is a non-profit organization founded in 1988. Our primary goal is to provide quality study abroad opportunities, plus academic and personal support services, for North American undergraduates seeking to earn academic credit through study abroad. IFSA-Butler is organized to assist our students from the time they apply until after they return. Our staff in the U.S. prepare students for the academic and cultural changes that await them, and our offices around the world provide on-site support to help students make the most of their study abroad experiences.

IFSA-Butler currently operates programs in Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, England, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Peru, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Sharjah UAE, Spain and Wales. Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas: Casework, Information & Policy Officer. GOAL: Vacancies in Dublin & London. Focus Ireland: Vacancies. 14 Day-To-Day Hacks That Will Vastly Improve Your Productivity. Jobs.theguardian. At the beginning of your job search you need to get into a positive frame of mind: with determination and a good understanding of how to manage a professional job search you will succeed.


But sometimes it is difficult to know how your job search should be conducted. Here are some key steps to help you on your way: • Consider setting up a dedicated email address for your job search. What are good ways to choose a professional/proper email name/address? Getting into the mindset of your interviewer. Interviewers make very quick judgements about candidates so it's important to make a good first impression.

Getting into the mindset of your interviewer

Photograph: Getty For you an interview might be a high-stress experience. But for an interviewer it's all part of a day's work. Some interviews will be hard work, some will be interesting, and most interviewers decide which it is very early on in the process. 5 things jobseekers should never tweet about.

According to Jobvite, Twitter is the preferred network for 40 per cent of social jobseekers.

5 things jobseekers should never tweet about

It’s also a common sourcing location for recruiters and hiring managers looking outside of the LinkedIn-shaped social search box. Twitter can boost your chances of securing a new role but if you tweet about the wrong things you could scare potential employers away. Politics or religion. 7 terrible secrets revealed by your email address (and how to fix them) When it comes to your personal and business brand, your professional email address may be undoing all your hard work.

7 terrible secrets revealed by your email address (and how to fix them)

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of email addresses – and I’ve had a chance to make observations through the eyes of hiring manager, consultant, client, volunteer and colleague. Your email address brands you, even when you’re not working If you want to be professional, you have to think about how your email address represents you. Even if you’re merely using your email address for personal reasons, it’s likely that many members of your business network see your personal address.

Setup Your Email to Look Professional. At the cost of repeating earlier responses; This is a well thought out post and includes some very valid and important tips.

Setup Your Email to Look Professional

Many folks think it unnecessary, but my emails have become known for the way it is laid out / formatted 1. firstname.lastname shows in the ‘sender’ to the receiver 2. How to Get the Gmail Address You Want. So you want to sign up for Gmail (or change your username), but the Holy Grail of email addresses — — is taken.

How to Get the Gmail Address You Want

With more than 350 million users, it's hard to grab a unique username on Gmail these days — especially one you can use for the long run. (Sorry, it's just not going to work out.) That’s men: Know what you don’t want to discover what you really, really want. ‘When I come back,” Malcolm would announce before leaving for lunch, “I don’t want that rack of coats there and I don’t want those dresses here and I don’t want to see those boxes in that yard.”

That’s men: Know what you don’t want to discover what you really, really want

Malcolm was the manager of a small clothing warehouse in London where I worked for a brief period a long time ago. He taught me the value of negative motivation. He navigated his way through his day according to what he didn’t want rather than what he wanted. But of course he ended up getting what he wanted: the coats and dresses on to the van and the newly arrived boxes of garments in their proper places in the warehouse. Decades later, when I studied counselling, I could have done with Malcolm. What job interview questions really mean and how to answer them. Can the path of your entire life come down to what you do in just one or two decisive moments?

What job interview questions really mean and how to answer them

I think so – and it is likely that one of these moments of life-changing destiny will present itself in the form of a job interview. Being great at interviews is an invaluable skill but you can’t prepare an answer for every interview question. So, of the thousands of questions interviewers might ask, which ones will they? As the chairman of Reed I have access to thousands of organisations that recruit through Reed Specialist Recruitment and, so I asked them what questions they most commonly ask during interviews. In the thousands that came back I noticed patterns, and narrowed them down to a list of 101 questions that kept cropping up. I compiled all our findings into a book, Why You?


Postgraduate study: Get a job and earn more. Young people throughout the EU are the biggest cohort of victims of the current economic crisis. Their rate of unemployment ranges from mid-20 per cent to up to 50 per cent in many southern European economies. Within this, the levels of unemployment decrease at every stage of educational attainment and salaries increase.

The higher your standard of education, the more chance you have of getting a job and of being paid well in it. Seven ways to succeed in a video or phone interview. 1. Dress and act how you would in a face-to-face interview A common mistake for phone and video interviews is to approach the situation more casually because it’s not in person, says Katherine Burik, founder of The Interview Doctor. The Irish Times - Jobs.


Employment stuff. No idea about a career? Osborne Temps. There are several reasons why temping with Osborne Recruitment can be an ideal option for most individuals. Jobs.theguardian. Applying for jobs is often a difficult and demoralising process, but it's important to stay positive and learn from your mistakes. Here are ten common mistakes you should try to avoid: 1. Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission: Vacancies. Worldwise Global Schools: Programme Support Officer.

Kimmage DSC: Online Learning Tutor. Care After Prison: Fundraising and Marketing Assistant (JobBridge Scheme) Sage: Facilitator and Support Person Volunteers. Sage is recruiting volunteers in the roles of Facilitator and Support Person to provide a service to older people in the following priority areas: Dublin North, Dublin South, Kildare, Wicklow, Cork, Limerick and Mid-West, Galway, Cavan and Monaghan. Turn2Me: Volunteers Required. Crosscare Migrant Project: Immigration Case Work Internship. YMCA Ireland: Volunteer Mentors. YMCA Ireland is recruiting volunteers (Mentors) for our One2One Youth Mentoring Programme currently focusing on Young people resident in the West Dublin Area. The YMCA in Ireland is a voluntary organisation that works with children, young people, families and the community, with particular regard to those who are disadvantaged and disaffected. IRC Independent Law Centre: Volunteer Administrator (Part-time) The role: Focus Ireland: Weekday Volunteer.

Crosscare: Volunteer Vacancies. Foroige Club Volunteer opportunities. Amnesty International Stop Torture Action Day Volunteers Wanted. Concern Worldwide: Volunteer Schools Programme Database Assistant. Working with the world’s poorest people to transform their lives, Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. We work in partnership with the very poorest people in these countries, directly enabling them to improve their lives, as well as using our knowledge and experience to influence decisions made at a local, national and international level that can significantly reduce extreme poverty. Solas Project: After School Volunteers. Friends of Londiani: Volunteer in Kenya. Centre for Effective Services: Research Assistant to the ABC Programme Evaluation. Focus Ireland: Retail Business Development Support Interns (JobBridge Scheme)

Alternatives to Violence Project Ireland: Volunteers. Would You Like to Volunteer with Ruhama? Friends of the Elderly: Visiting Volunteer. Sage: Facilitator and Support Person Volunteers. Turn2Me: Volunteers Required. Amnesty International Ireland: Data Entry Volunteer. Foster Care Ireland: Social Workers Freelance Form F Fostering Assessors. Fresh Start: Social Worker. Fostering First Ireland: Foster Carers. Concern Worldwide: Technical Programme Support Officer. Concern Worldwide is an Irish-based non-governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and the elimination of extreme poverty in the world's poorest countries.

WALK: Vacancies. WALK is an innovative organisation that offers person centered supports to people with intellectual disabilities. We are now looking to fill the following vacancies. International Internships, Volunteer Programs & Study Abroad Programs. Society of St. Vincent de Paul: General Operatives. Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups: Training & E-Learning Officer (Part-time) Athy Alternative Project: Project Worker. Volunteer Ireland: Communications Officer.

CES Graduate Intern Programme. The Centre for Effective Services (CES) is now seeking applications for its 2015/2016 Graduate Intern Programme. CES will recruit recently qualified graduates or post-graduates, and provide them with a full time structured training programme. Orchard's Fostering Service: Thought About Fostering? Barnardos: Administration Worker (Part-time)