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Showbie – The Heart of Your Paperless Classroom. Screencast-O-Matic. Academic Vocabulary Lists (Corpus-based; 120 million words) 04 Sarker P. Digital Pedagogy Resources. Free Online Grammar Check, Plagiarism, Spelling, and More. Archive Pick of the Week. Archives - Staff Pick of the Week May 4, 2015 - Google Drive and Signing in to Centre Google Apps InIf you use any of the Google products: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, sites and forms, consider using the Google Drive app for your tablet, phone, or computer.

Archive Pick of the Week

Google Drive makes it easy to access all of your documents in one place and on multiple platforms. No more need to open a web browser and login. Instead, through Google Drive, you can drag and drop files in one easy step. EnhancED Get in Sync with Web Conferencing: A Guide for Online Instructors. One of the greatest shortcomings of online education is the lack of direct, face-to-face contact between student and instructor.

EnhancED Get in Sync with Web Conferencing: A Guide for Online Instructors

Asynchronous web-based learning environments—those not constrained by location and time—often fail to effectively facilitate the type of social interaction that is essential to the learning process. Web conferencing, a real-time meeting using a platform that facilitates synchronous communication, can provide a means to achieve greater social interaction in largely asynchronous courses. Fortunately, advances in the last decade have made web conferencing on the Internet ubiquitous. Despite its prevalence, web conferencing applications are still plagued with minor idiosyncrasies to significant glitches. Proper preparation can help avoid many of the common headaches that can cut into the allotted meeting time, and affect the quality of the presentation.

VideoANT - Video Annotation Tool [Academic Technology Services, UMN] Common Core Standards Explorer. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. Learn Science at Scitable. Gunning Fog Index. Tools. Whiteboard. Collaboration Web Tools. Yarny. Dropmark. HD Video Conferencing and Online Meeting.

Stoodle. Collaborative Visual Reviewing. Text mining. TXM is a free and open-source cross-platform Unicode, XML & TEI based text analysis software, supporting Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Text mining

Online Teaching Tools and Resources. VocabGrabber : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus. Educational Video Resources. Free Media Software - Learning Tools - Language Pronunciation Tool. The authored component is a digitally recorded question-and-answer set.

Learning Tools - Language Pronunciation Tool

The aim of this advanced tool is to ask students particular context questions such as "What time did James arrive home from the airport" for which students will have to answer orally into a microphone i.e. "James arrived home from the airport at 6:30. " The student receives the correct answer through his/her headphones (authored by the instructor), which is juxtaposed against the student's answer. This tool offers direct learning enhancement by allowing instructors to create their own oral component in any given language. Students, with this tool, are given the unique opportunity to hear, comprehend and speak their chosen language at their own leisure. Integrating Technological Resources (A-F) 9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle. The use of word clouds in the classroom is a powerful way to really get through to visual learners.

9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle

The details about the following nine word cloud generators will give you a fair idea how, as an educator, you can get the best out of them. A quick note: Wordle is quite easily the most popular word cloud generator out there. Bounce – A fun and easy way to share ideas on a webpage. Google Ngram Viewer. Mobile Apps - 15 Effective Ways to Use Google Docs in Class. June 19, 2014 I spend a considerable time every single day browsing the net tracking new updates in the world of educational technology and, often times, in the midst of this journey I would come across wonderful resources and tutorials that usually end up in one of my posts here in this blog.

15 Effective Ways to Use Google Docs in Class

Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. What is Photosynth? - About. Photosynth is a powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D.

What is Photosynth? - About

You can share your creations with your friends on Facebook, publish them to Bing, or embed them in your own blog or Web site. Here’s the big picture: How do I Capture the World in 3D? Photosynth offers two styles for creating immersive 3D experiences: panoramas and synths. Check out the differences between them, and the tools available for creating them. Panorama. Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites. Open Source Software. Free Software for Writing Mathematical Equations in a Word Document by Thomas I am not sure what the going price per share is for Google stock but their Google Docs tool features so many neat little tricks for teachers and bloggers that it is easy to see why many people have moved to Gmail for their email service.

Open Source Software

EduCanon. TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos. Socrative 2.0 NEW VERSION free clicker system 2014 tutorial. Ask. Answer. Explore. Whenever. News Media Sources. My Presentations Resource. The Color Vowel Chart. Gantter - web-based project scheduling made easy. The Best Free / Open Source Animation Software. For the most part, animation is not an expensive craft to pursue but it does come with some fairly pricey overheads when you’re first getting started out.

The Best Free / Open Source Animation Software

If you’re in animation school, chances are you’ve got access to all of the equipment and software you could possibly need. But if you’re interested in kitting out your home setup with animation software, the price tag can quickly rack up. Luckily, there are some free animation software alternatives which are good enough to see you through the majority of animation projects you’ll undertake.

Presenting… Pencil OS: Mac, Windows, Linux When it comes to free and open-source 2D animation programs, Pencil is by far the most well-rounded and comes with a surprising number of features given that it comes with no charge. Although it looks simple from the clean interface, it is packed with all the main tools you’ll find in some of the Pencil’s paid counterparts.

Spritzlet: Spritz Bookmarklet. Looks like you're on an iPad.

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We have special install instructions just for you. If you're actually not using Safari on an iPad, disregard all of this. Add this Page as a Bookmark - If you’re on iOS7, the icon you tap is the box with an upwards arrow to the left of the URL of the page. After tapping that icon, click on Bookmark. Vidbolt - Watch, Share, and Add Comments to Video. free stock photos. Create Interactive Online Presentations, infographics, animations & banners in HTML5 - Visme by Easy WebContent. Commons. OpenStax CNX. Wisdomap. Emaze - Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations.

Home · SymbalooEDU. Math Resources. Beautiful, Free Math. FastFig: The Word Processor for Math, Elementary, Middle, High. Online-3rd-Party-Tools. A Typology of Web 2.0 Learning Technologies. YouTube Editing (the completely legal, non-copyright infringing way) – The Wheel. YouTube is a great place to find a wealth of great educational video content. Open Online Education. Data Visualization Tools - Digital Tools - LibGuides at Denison University Libraries.