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Book of Proof. Overleaf: Real-time Collaborative Writing and Publishing Tools with Integrated PDF Preview. LaTeX/Text Formatting. Tips. Writing Mathematics 2. WRITE PRIMUS. Common errors. Voc Handout1. E4M Handout1. Harry Baker: A love poem for lonely prime numbers. Rajiv Maheswaran: The math behind basketball's wildest moves. Google Ngram Viewer. Nature of Mathematics. Nature of Mathematics Great ideas and gems of mathematics Feeds: Posts Comments Lecture Notes What is this course about?

Nature of Mathematics

Effective Writing Practices Tutorial - Adjective or Adverb. Adverb Placement in Sentences Sometimes, the use of a certain adverb requires the inversion of the subject and the verb.

Effective Writing Practices Tutorial - Adjective or Adverb

If a sentence begins with a negative adverb or an adverb with restrictive meaning, it must have an inverted word order. The Rules in Hacker and Sommers’s Rules for Writers (7th Ed.) 8a.

The Rules in Hacker and Sommers’s Rules for Writers (7th Ed.)

Use the active voice unless you have a good reason for choosing the passive. 8b. Replace be verbs that result in dull or wordy sentences. 8c. As a rule, choose a subject that names the person or thing doing the action. 9a. 9b. Sprache und Stil – Online Writing Lab - SchreibCenter – Technische Universität Darmstadt. Math jokes collection by Andrej and Elena Cherkaev. The suggested collection of mathematical folklore might be enjoyable for mathematicians and for students because every joke contains a portion of truth or lie about our profession.

Math jokes collection by Andrej and Elena Cherkaev

The selected jokes and sayings contain something essential about mathematics, the mathematical way of thinking, or mathematical pop-culture.We have slightly edited and systematized selected jokes, and added a few new ones. We are concerned that publication of sacral lecture jokes may endanger the respect to math. teachers in freshmen classes. - Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics - IBL Course Notes in Mathematics.

A Guide To Grammar and Usage for Psychology and Related Fields - John Eric Bellquist. Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof Version 2.0. MTH 210: Communicating in Mathematics. Academic Phrasebank – Introducing work. There are many ways to introduce an academic essay or short paper.

Academic Phrasebank – Introducing work

Most academic writers, however, appear to do one or more of the following in their introductions: establish the context, background and/or importance of the topicindicate an issue, problem, or controversy in the field of studydefine the topic or key termsstate the purpose of the essay/writingprovide an overview of the coverage and/or structure of the writing In very short assignments, it is not uncommon for a writer to commence simply by stating the purpose of their writing. Introductions to research dissertations tend to be relatively short but quite complex in terms of their functional elements. Some of the more common elements include: Examples of phrases which are commonly employed to realise these functions are listed on the following pages. Digital Projects This is a bibliography of where major collections of the digital library of mathematics and statistics are being created and archived.

The sites include new literature that is being born digital and retrospective digitization of older materials. I have not attempted to create a title by title list of all that is available since we all hope that this information can be machine harvested in the future. Resources for writing: handouts & links « MAA Mathematical Communication. The sheer volume of advice available “out there” on writing mathematics can be quite intimidating.

Resources for writing: handouts & links « MAA Mathematical Communication

Here’s a (nonexhaustive) list of interesting pieces. Many of these were found by undergraduate researcher Artur Araujo. Writing mathematics well (audience is mathematicians) MathWriting. Technical Reports & Report Abstracts. Summary: This handout discusses how to write good abstracts for reports.

Technical Reports & Report Abstracts

It covers informational and descriptive abstracts and gives pointers for success. Contributors:Dana Lynn DriscollLast Edited: 2013-03-12 09:58:07. Abstracts Ex. Undergraduate Mathematics Journal. Mathematics & Statistics. Department Dissertation Abstracts » Mathematics & Statistics. Use the introduction to “sell” the key points of your paper. A rule to live by: I won’t use anything I can’t explain in five minutes.

Use the introduction to “sell” the key points of your paper

(Philip Crosby) Every now and then as editor, I see an author upset at a rejection of a paper because the referee “clearly did not grasp the key point of the paper”. In many cases this is because the key point is not stated prominently enough in the introduction, instead being buried in a footnote, an obscure remark, a lemma, or even not explicitly mentioned at all. This can be as much the fault of the author as it is of the referee; it is incumbent on the author to state as clearly as possible what the merits, novelties, and ramifications of the paper are, and the fact that an expert in the field could read the introduction and not see these is a sign that the introduction is not yet of publication quality. The introduction should also clearly state (or at least paraphrase) the main results of the paper, and ideally should also outline how and where these results are to be proved.

See also “Organise the paper“. Tx070901136p. Doc num. Notes on academic writing. I can’t give you a magic recipe for academic writing but I can describe my own practice, and share with you examples of what worked for me and what didn’t.

Notes on academic writing

I’ll illustrate this essay with examples from my own papers. So I’m not slagging off anybody’s work but my own. I take responsibility for all errors pointed out below, including when the paper was written in collaboration. Math talks to blow your mind. DSpace@MIT: Functional Differential Geometry. Trehan Dissertation KSU. Essay. Cmap Software. Joseph D. Novak & Alberto J. Cañas Institute for Human and Machine Cognition Pensacola Fl, 32502 Technical Report IHMC CmapTools 2006-01 Rev 2008-01 Introduction Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge.

Figure 1. (click on the image to display a larger image) Nurminen08concept. Transitioning: Beware of Velcro. As the writer of an essay, imagine yourself crossing a river, guiding a troop of avid readers. You bring an armful of stones to lay down and step on as you go; each stone is a sentence or paragraph that speaks to and develops the essay's thesis, or central question. If you find yourself in the middle of the river with another mile to shore but only a few more stones, you can't finesse such a situation. You can't ask your readers to follow you and jump too broad a span. In such a case, stop. Ask yourself if you need more stones—more sentences or paragraphs—or if perhaps you have already used ones that more properly belong ahead. Transitional words or phrases sometimes will be precisely what you need to underscore for your readers the intellectual relationship between sentences or paragraphs—to help them navigate your essay.

AIM 2005 003. Cédric Villani: What's so sexy about math? ; ACADEMIC VOCABULARY SERIES. The Writing Centre. How to give a good 20 minute math talk - William T. Ross. Posted by wross on March 26, 2008 in Uncategorized A colleague of mine wrote a nice piece about how to give a good mathematics colloquium talk. It is definitely worth a read. Paul Halmos also has a few words about giving talks. Like colloquium talks, many twenty minute talks are terrible. This is rather unfortunate and does real damage to mathematics. Before the talk: Prepare. Practice. E4MA. How we "feel' numbers. 8 math talks to blow your mind. Mathematics gets down to work in these talks, breathing life and logic into everyday problems.

Prepare for math puzzlers both solved and unsolvable, and even some still waiting for solutions. Ron Eglash: The fractals at the heart of African designs When Ron Eglash first saw an aerial photo of an African village, he couldn’t rest until he knew — were the fractals in the layout of the village a coincidence, or were the forces of mathematics and culture colliding in unexpected ways? Here, he tells of his travels around the continent in search of an answer. How big is infinity? Mathematical Moments from the AMS. Quintilian — Institutio Oratoria — Book I, Chapters 7‑12. (Vol. I) Quintilian Institutio Oratoria Book I Chapters 7‑12. Infallible Proofs: Math Knowledge and Religion in the Medieva. Greek geometry from Thales to Euclid. (Part 1) History of Mathematics in 50 Minutes. The Hindu-Arabic Numerals.