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SEI Digital Library. WRiSE - Report Writing. Home. OpenMaterials. College Open Textbooks - College Open Textbooks. Materials Science and Engineering. Structure-Property Relationships Of Polyisobutylene-Block-Polyamide Thermoplastic Elastomers, Morgan Dunn Heskett 2016 University of Southern Mississippi Structure-Property Relationships Of Polyisobutylene-Block-Polyamide Thermoplastic Elastomers, Morgan Dunn Heskett Master's Theses Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are a class of polymer fit for a wide variety of applications due to their customizability.

Materials Science and Engineering

In the synthesis of these types of materials, an elastically-performing polymer, deemed the “soft block,” is combined with a stiffer “hard block” polymer, each of which can be selected based on their own specific properties in order to achieve desired material behavior in the final copolymer. Nanostructured Morphologies In Glassy Polymer Networks, Brian Greenhoe 2016 Nanostructured Morphologies In Glassy Polymer Networks, Brian Greenhoe Dissertations Stress Singularity Study Of Functionally Graded Material Based On Coherent Gradient Sensing Method, Jinjun Zhang 2016 Arizona State University. Free full-text scholarly articles. DSpace@MIT: Home. Advanced Search. Works. Skip to main content ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst.


Theses and Dissertations. Theses from 2013 2013 A Pulsed Jet for Generation of Turbulent Spots in a Mach 6 Boundary Layer, Andrew Daniel Abney The Influence of the Tibetan Plateau Elevation on the Global and Asian Monsoons, Rene Paul Acosta A Framework for Coordinating Water Distribution System and Pavement Infrastructure M&R Based on LCCA, Majed Fedhi Alinizzi Statistical And Visual Analysis Of Spatio-Temporal Dynamics Of Dengue Fever Epidemic, Amana Arshad Decision Support for Reducing 30-Day Readmissions: General Medicine Patients in Community Hospitals, Ramez Labib Ayoub.

Theses and Dissertations

University of Connecticut Graduate School. Follow index Submissions from 2014 2014 Prescription Opioid Abuse: A Gateway to Abuse of Other Prescription Medications?

University of Connecticut Graduate School

, CHRISTIAN ACHARTE WMOST Case Study for UConn’s Storrs Campus to Optimize Water Purchases from Connecticut Water Company, Joseph D. Experimental Investigations of the Combination of a Heat Pipe with Metal Foam or Foils for Enhancing Heat Transfer during the Melting and Solidification of a Phase Change Material (PCM) for Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Applications, Michael J. College of Engineering. URI: The College of Engineering at Boston University is a community of students, faculty, and staff focused on advancing science and technology through research and discovery, and preparing students to be technology leaders in the 21st century.

College of Engineering

Undergraduate students participate in a comprehensive core curriculum that sets the foundation for their engineering studies while delivering a breadth of education across the humanities, mathematics, and social and natural sciences. Works. SDSU Theses and Dissertations. OAIster. Access to OAIster A freely accessible site for searching only OAIster records is available at Additionally, OAIster records are fully accessible through, and appear as search results along with records from thousands of libraries worldwide.


The OAIster database is searchable on the OCLC FirstSearch service, providing another valuable access point for this rich database and a complement to other FirstSearch databases. Contributing to OAIster The OAIster database is included in WorldCat and metadata harvesting goes through the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway. These services offer several advantages for repository managers: Additionally, OCLC has integrated OAIster with other open access digital resources. To begin contributing your metadata, and to increase the Web visibility of your unique, open access materials, go to Getting Started with the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway.

A worldwide repository providing integrated access and increased visibility. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine): Basic Search. OpenStax CNX. Open Learning Initiative. Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering. About the Course The course covers basic concepts of biomedical engineering and their connection with the spectrum of human activity.

Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering

It serves as an introduction to the fundamental science and engineering on which biomedical engineering is based. Case studies of drugs and medical products illustrate the product development-product testing cycle, patent protection, and FDA approval. It is designed for science and non-science majors. View class sessions » Course Structure This Yale College course, taught on campus twice per week for 50 minutes, was recorded for Open Yale Courses in Spring 2008.

Course Materials Download all course pages [zip - 10MB] Video and audio elements from this course are also available on: About Professor W. W. Syllabus Professor W. Description Texts Enderle, John D., Susan M. Norman Wildberger (University of New South Wales, Kensington) on ResearchGate - Expertise: Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, Analysis, Geometry and Topology. Welcome to LORO - LORO. OpenGrey. Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books. CiteSeerX. "Matrix Structural Analysis, 2nd Edition" by William McGuire, Richard H. Gallagher et al. Four platforms for electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences: OpenEdition Books,, Hypotheses, Calenda.

OpenEdition Books is giving pride of place to Brazil at the 2015 Salon du Livre de Paris by presenting a selection of humanities and social science titles about the country.

four platforms for electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences: OpenEdition Books,, Hypotheses, Calenda

Environmental issues, urbanism, economic and technological development, political movements, cultural and academic cooperat... South America is heterogeneous. This heterogeneity is, of course, partly due to the vast geographical, social and cultural area covered by the term. But heterogeneity also cuts across the South American continent because of the numerous forms of hybridity, cross-fertilisation and mixing that exis... A major political and social upheaval is happening in Syria. Offene Vorlesungen und Vorträge der TU Darmstadt. Journal of Academic Writing. OpenSpires. Highlights of Calculus.