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The Nameless Stories. Archaia Entertainment. "mused" "a day at the park" by Kostas Kiriakakis. The inner ramblings of a Pornographic Connoisseur. A very deep chasm. Junji Ito - Thing That Drifted Ashore. Read right to left.

Junji Ito - Thing That Drifted Ashore

I was just listening to "You Are The Ocean And I'm Good At Drowning" by Phantogram and the lyrics eerily fit all too well with this story. Listen to it here, from the music blog The Burning Ear. I will be posting more Junji Ito in the next month or two, I've been sitting on a huge amount of his work for far too long and not shared it. While all of his work is equally fascinating and amazing, I suggest starting with Gyo. Chapter I: Page 1. Spectre.