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Permanent magnetic Motor

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LA MACCHINA DI DIO - ENERGIA PROIBITA: Ettore Majorana; l'energia libera esiste. How to Build a Free Energy Magnetic Motor. Many have tried building a free energy-producing magnetic motor.

How to Build a Free Energy Magnetic Motor

I am seeing a lot of in my daily quest through alternative energy news, but what I have learned is that energy is not free, perpetual motion machines do not exist, everything is taken from somewhere and put elsewhere. Free energy from magnets respects the same rule. There also is this so-called “free energy”, the zero-point energy, proven mathematically by many scientists.

My duty as a green optimistic is to collect everything I see someone has struggled explaining and demonstrating, put it in one place and let the people see and comment. Such is the example of this magnetic motor. But there are also “green pessimistic” websites. I took such an article today as an inspiration because it talks about a magnetic motor, one of my favorite free energy topics, about which I haven’t heard much lately. “Think of Two Powerful Magnets. Now there is another magnet at 30 angular distance on Rotating Disk on both side of the magnet M1. Zero Point Energy (ZPE) In a recent article in the popular press (The Economist, January 7, 1989, pp. 71-74) it was noted how many of this century's new technologies depend on the Alice-in-Wonderland physics of quantum mechanics, with all of its seeming absurdities.

Zero Point Energy (ZPE)

For starters, one begins with the observation that classical physics tells us that atoms, which can be likened to a miniature solar system with electron planets orbiting a nuclear sun, should not exist. The circling electrons should radiate away their energy like microscopic radio antennas and spiral into the nucleus. But atoms do exist, and multitudinous other phenomena which don't obey the rules do occur. To resolve this cognitive dissonance physicists introduced quantum mechanics, which is essentially a set of mathematical rules to describe what in fact does happen. Permanent Magnet Motors -

Print AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to FacebookShare to EmailShare to More Permanent Magnet Motors The permanent magnet motor range extends the effective nominal speed range of the rugged industry workhorses down to 100 – 850 r/min.

Permanent Magnet Motors -

The motors can simplify drive systems by effectively eliminating the need of speed reduction devices. Features Cast iron frame Rotor magnetization by permanent magnets IP55 as standard Air or liquid cooled Common Industries. 24 Magnets_12 Pole Rotor - Two configurations, One Negative and One Positive... Perendev And Bedini Magnetic Motors. Bedini Motors. Tesla Turbine With Magnetic Bearings II. The Tesla Turbine & How it works. Turbina di Tesla. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Turbina di Tesla

La turbina di Tesla è una turbina senza palette, inventata da Nikola Tesla nel 1913. Exotic Research: Magnetic Flux-Gating. Flux-Gating and its variants With the recent development and publicizing of Steorn’s Orbo and consecutive replication of the system and confirmation of ‘certain claims’ by well respected French researcher, Jean-Louis Naudin, people flock on to replicate Orbo and its variants in a phenomenal scale.

Exotic Research: Magnetic Flux-Gating

Abundance of information (or scarcity, on principles) both made it attractive, as well as repulsive due to the very fact that we all pop our eyes expecting “free energy” demonstration out of these units. As far as I know, nobody at this point of time made measurable free energy demonstrated so far with either Orbo or its variants (or with anything else, as a matter of fact). However, Orbo and its variants do exhibit fascinating effects worth exploring, than on wild goose chase on free energy. Proposition may not seems attractive than “free” counterpart, but it may eventually lead us to paying very less or insignificant amount, for the consumption of energy.

Steorn Liquidates. Ten years after introducing itself to the world with an ad in the economist that claimed they’d discovered a way to defy the laws of physics and provide unlimited free energy, Steorn has announced that they’ve laid off their staff, and are liquidating their assets and winding up the company.

Steorn Liquidates

This was reported in today’s issue of Ireland’s Sunday Business Post. The online article is behind a paywall but the print version can be viewed here: Sunday Business Post article on Steorn liquidation. Former CEO Shaun McCarthy said of Steorn’s investors, “We took their money. We raised their expectations and it fell flat on its fucking face. It looks like this may finally be the end of the road for Steorn and Orbo. Was Steorn a con? For now this seems to be the end of this long strange ride. 2013 il Motore Magnetico sottoposto a test ♥ IL M-IO PRIMO MINISTRO ♥

E’ veramente tempo di rivelazioni, sopratutto nel campo energetico.

2013 il Motore Magnetico sottoposto a test ♥ IL M-IO PRIMO MINISTRO ♥

E’ innegabile che ormai da ogni parte del mondo sicenziati-sperimentatori autonomi vengono alla ribalta e portano alla conoscenza del grande pubblico le loro straordinarie scoperte, specie attraverso il web e informatori indipendenti. Dal sito al momento il miglior portale mondiale sull’argomento Free-Energy e cioè energie gratis e libere per tutti, estraggo e traduco le notizie riguardo il motore magnetico realizzato dall’inventore e sperimentatore scienziato turco Muammer Yildiz, dopo 33 anni di studi sul magnetismo e 44 prototipi di motori funzionanti con la forza di soli magneti permanenti. Vari Esperimenti Free-Energy visibili cercando in rete Per i profani in assoluto, vuol dire che questo motore non usa nessun combustibile per girare, ma la forza attrattiva e repulsiva di semplici magneti.

Mr. Questo è un progetto umanitario. FREE ENERGY: si può realizzare? MACCHINA MAGNETICA A MOTO PERPETUO. Di La costruzione di una MACCHINA A MOTO PERPETUO è sempre stato un sogno fantastico. Ci sono stati molti tentativi di costruirla nella storia, ma sempre con la stessa fine: il MOTO PERPETUO continua ad essere una leggenda. D'altra parte, le affascinanti proprietà dei materiali magnetici hanno sempre stupito i ragazzi e gli uomini d'intuito. Essi vedono in questi materiali un misterioso segreto.Io penso che queste proprietà non vengano ancora utilizzate in maniera abbastanza adeguata... PMG-Permanent Magnet Generators. Permanent magnet synchronous generator - Wikipedia. VIDEO CENSURATO ENERGIA PULITA SEMPRE. GIANNI LORIGA - Automotore magnetico stellare.mpg. PDC060 - Ginfranco Oneroso - Motore Magnetico.

Motore Magnetico Italiano, il progetto c'è. Motore magnetico Perendev. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Motore magnetico Perendev