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Revolucion que viene o no viene

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Amazon. Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped (I Should Know, I Do It For a Living) Autodesk : mythes et réalités de l'impression 3D. Carl Bass, président d’Autodesk, a publié une longue tribune sur le site de Wired pour donner son point de vue sur l’impression 3D.

Autodesk : mythes et réalités de l'impression 3D

Un avis de poids, alors qu’Autodesk se penche de plus en plus sur cette technologie pour revitaliser sa gamme de logiciels de modélisation. (Pour accéder à l'article original en anglais, cliquez ici) L’impression 3D n’a rien d’une nouvelle technologie. Les premiers brevets correspondants remontent au début des années 80, et les progrès n’ont cessé depuis de perfectionner ce nouvel outil de fabrication s'inscrivant dans une chaîne numérique. Si l’impression 3D bénéficie d’un regain de popularité depuis plusieurs années, c’est avant tout parce qu’elle a été rendue plus accessible et plus abordable financièrement.

Carl Bass, président d'Autodesk, un des principaux éditeurs de logiciels de modélisation 3D. Seven Things You Must Know About 3D Printing. Many Fabbaloo readers are new to the idea of 3D printing.

Seven Things You Must Know About 3D Printing

You may have been attracted to the technology because you've seen it on the web, or perhaps someone told you about it. FabLab. La nouvelle révolution industrielle. Future of Digital Fabrication Blows 3D Printing Out of the Water. Just when I thought I’d heard it all in the latest 3D Printing news, I went to a meeting last week at MIT on Digital Fabrication that just blew 3D Printing out of the water.

Future of Digital Fabrication Blows 3D Printing Out of the Water

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy [OSTP] asked Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT, to organize a meeting that allowed the digital fabrication community to voice their needs for policy and programs to the Executive Branch. Tom Kalil, the OSTP Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation, made clear “the President believes manufacturing is important to the future of the nation. 8 Hackerspaces Changing the Arab World. Open source hardware meets the p2p economy. We are at this moment in history when we can say with certainty that open source hardware (OSHW) is economically viable.

Open source hardware meets the p2p economy

The video below tells the success story of Adafruit Industries. Barely formed, this business model relying on OSHW might already be obsolete. A new model, the open value network, is already threatening to transform the landscape of the open source economy. This article explains why. Most people find it counter-intuitive that companies can survive in a highly competitive capitalistic environment, designing and distributing high tech products, giving away their recipes, AND allowing (even encouraging) everyone else to copy them, WITH THE RIGHT TO MAKE COMMERCIAL USE. A 3-D Printer For Every Home! (Yeah, Right) There are a few Holy Grails on the Internet--things that thou shalt not touch because the Internet is still pretty much run by geeks.

A 3-D Printer For Every Home! (Yeah, Right)

You can’t criticize the hilarity and hive mind intelligence of memes, even when they’re, you know, really stupid. You can’t discuss the potential reasoning behind DRM, even when, to be a little fair, the web is a fantasy land of copyright infringement. Why a DIY Pioneer Dislikes 3D Printing. NEW YORK — The DIY enthusiasts involved in today's "maker movement" love experimenting with 3D printers to turn digital designs into real-life objects made of plastic, metal, even chocolate.

Why a DIY Pioneer Dislikes 3D Printing

Creating open source soil for joint development. How 3D printers change the rules of manufacturing. Telkom and Korea's KT Corp are edging steadily nearer to a deal.

How 3D printers change the rules of manufacturing

Now they need shareholder support. Telkom is inching closer to a deal with Korea’s KT Corp, the JSE-listed fixed-line operator told shareholders on Wednesday. The operator once again renewed a cautionary notice to shareholders about the talks, which it first revealed in October 2011. Redesigning Reality: How 3-D Printing Is Shaping the Future of Art, Engineering, and Everything Else.

Two interesting things happened this year.

Redesigning Reality: How 3-D Printing Is Shaping the Future of Art, Engineering, and Everything Else

First, doctors in Belgium performed the country's first face transplant. Second, Asher Levine, a young avant-garde fashion designer for the likes of Lady Gaga, produced a pair of radical sunglasses on-site during his New York Fashion Week show. Fabrication and manufacturing: The future of African hardware innovation. Across Africa there is a vibrant culture of people creating things.

Fabrication and manufacturing: The future of African hardware innovation

Hardware products. It’s rarely glamorous as our inventors and micro-entrepreneurs innovate on products due to necessity — there simply aren’t enough jobs and they need to feed their families. Why 3-D Printing Isn't Like Virtual Reality  Why 3-D Printing Will Go the Way of Virtual Reality.

Update: Tim Maly has published an excellent counterpoint to this post over at the Tech Review Guest blog.

Why 3-D Printing Will Go the Way of Virtual Reality

There is a species of magical thinking practiced by geeks whose experience is computers and electronics—realms of infinite possibility that are purposely constrained from the messiness of the physical world—that is typical of Singularitarianism, mid-90s missives about the promise of virtual reality, and now, 3-D printing. Disruptions: The 3-D Printing Free-For-All. Big DIY: The Year the Maker Movement Broke. Will 3D printing revolutionise manufacturing?

28 July 2011Last updated at 00:09 By Peter Day Presenter, In Business Loughborough University's machines can even print larger structures such as building materials With the creation of many products - including building materials - now possible at the touch of a button, will 3D printing sound the death knell for mass production? Makers » Download for Free. There's a dangerous group of anti-copyright activists out there who pose a clear and present danger to the future of authors and publishing. They have no respect for property or laws. What's more, they're powerful and organized, and have the ears of lawmakers and the press. I'm speaking, of course, of the legal departments at ebook publishers. "Makers", le roman qui prône la révolution par le bricolage. Extrait du film « Fight Club » (David Fincher, 1999) .MGX opens world's first store dedicated to 3D printed goods.

Design And The New Industrial Revolution  If you hadn’t heard, there’s a new industrial revolution sweeping the world. This revolution, say the champions of this new kind of making, is the result of three factors that together change the nature and economics of manufacturing. The first is free software for designing complex 3D objects; the best known example being Google Sketchup.

The second is 3D printing in which computerised machines turn virtual designs into physical models that you can prod, fondle and squeeze. Finally, there is the precipitous drop in the cost of 3D printers and other rapid prototyping techniques. 3-D printers will be your next home accessory - Jun. 6. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Imagine being able to print your own shoes or keys. Some top engineers are betting that home fabrication machines could soon be as common in the household as toaster ovens. Impresoras 3D: la próxima revolución digital. Open source hardware. Fabulous Fab(Labs) Dans Tintin et le lac aux requins, le professeur Tournesol invente un engin révolutionnaire: le photocopieur en trois dimensions. On met un objet d'un côté, un peu de pâte de l'autre et en un tournemain l'original est reproduit à l'identique. Une telle machine existe depuis quelques années sur un principe pas très éloigné de ce qu'avait imaginé Hergé. The Future of Manufacturing is Local. Think manufacturing, and most likely your brain defaults to abandoned factories, outsourcing and economically devastated regions like the Rust Belt.

So strong is our tendency to focus on American manufacturing as something that’s been lost that a chorus has risen up to decry the prevalence of “ruin porn” — those aestheticized versions of the decidedly un-pretty, with a particular focus on the once-triumphant automotive center of the universe, Detroit. But there are many parts of this country where manufacturing is very much alive, albeit in a different form. The monolithic industry model — steel, oil, lumber, cars — has evolved into something more nimble and diversified. MakerBot Is a New 3-D Printer. La prochaine r?volution ? Faites-la vous m?me ! ? Article ? OWNI, Digital Journalism.

Les hackers ne s'intéressent pas qu'aux logiciels, mais font aussi dans le "Do It Yourself". Et quand ils s'en prennent aux objets, le résultat est souvent étonnant. Petit tour du monde du DIY. Mark Suppes, l’homme qui fusionne des atomes dans son garage » Article. Le chercheur Mark Suppes s'adonne à un loisir bien particulier, qui pose in fine la question de l'alternative à la technique utilisée actuellement dans les centrales. Rassurez-vous, ce n'est pas un savant fou. Mark Suppes et son Fusor. Musique, voyages et fusion nucléaire. L'impression 3D ? port?e de tous ? Technology: Print me a Stradivarius.

In the Next Industrial Revolution, Atoms Are the New Bits.