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Ada lovelace « Search Results. BLOG | Search results for “ada lovelace” (132 posts) January 27, 2014 AT 11:00 am.

ada lovelace « Search Results

Wearable Tech Roundup. This is has been quite a busy week for wearable technology filled with speculation around the future of wearable technology and ultimately the impact it will have on our lives and how we inhabit the world.

Wearable Tech Roundup

Manisha Mohan, a young woman studying aeronautical engineering at SRM University in Chennai, India has developed a product called SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment) in response to the recent escalation in female violence in India – most notably the Delhi gang rape of December 2012. The product, which is still in development stage, is designed to help other young women living in India fight against rape and violence in their country. Mixee Labs: make your own 3d printed model a reality! The Rise of the Female Hardware Entrepreneur #makerbusiness. The Rise of Feminist Hackerspaces and How to Make Your Own, by Liz Henry. Six months ago, we decided to make a feminist hackerspace in San Francisco.

The Rise of Feminist Hackerspaces and How to Make Your Own, by Liz Henry

What Does it Mean to be a Woman Hackerspace Member? At Mothership HackerMoms, the Freedom to Be Empowered. Mothership HackerMoms is the first-ever hackerspace devoted to mothers and their children.

At Mothership HackerMoms, the Freedom to Be Empowered

Going beyond computers and programming, this community taps into the basic philosophy of hacking, explains Lisha Sterling, a professional software programmer, specializing in education and technology, and activist for alternative and experimental education. Hacking means taking control, together, of our environment, our culture, and our lives. Ald. April 14, 2014 AT 6:00 pm.


Jeudi 15 novembre. Reagle. Despite the values of freedom and openness, the free culture movement’s gender balance is as skewed (or more so) as that of the computing culture from which it arose.


Based on the collection and analysis of discourse on gender and sexism within this movement over a six–year period. Mentoring Girls to Make: Lessons from Techbridge. Lyn Gomes, mechanical engineer and avid Maker, discusses how a hairdryer works with students in a Techbridge after-school program.

Mentoring Girls to Make: Lessons from Techbridge

Today we share a post by Linda Kekelis of Techbridge. Techbridge role model, Lyn Gomes, experienced the joy of tinkering from her early maker experiences. Lacking her own tool kit, she would “borrow” her father’s eyeglass screwdrivers to repair the answering machine. This gave her the confidence to work with larger tools and take on projects like repairing her first car and building a Motorized Barcalounger.

What she didn’t know is how they would shape the direction of her life. I'm Limor Fried, and This Is How I Work. Hi Limor!

I'm Limor Fried, and This Is How I Work

Thanks for coming by, I'm a big fan of your work with Adafruit. A couple of questions for you! Dans le berceau du hacking. Mothership HackerMoms est un hackerspace d'un genre nouveau : ils accueillent les mamans et enfants, y compris des bébés.

Dans le berceau du hacking

De quoi redonner du baume au cœur à celles qui se désespèrent à l'idée de mettre une croix sur leur vie créative les premières années de la vie de leur enfant. Ladies Learning Code. Weekends with Curious Jane! Parents– now you can sit and enjoy a coffee, visit 5 th Ave or take siblings to JJ Byrne Park, while your daughter gets creative. {*style:<i> Dones i noves tecnologies > codi lela. Geek Girl Camp. Lovelace– The Origin. This brief biographical sketch was done for Ada Lovelace Day, organized by my good buddy Suw Charman.

Lovelace– The Origin

I think I in was a pub at the time. There’s also the whole rest of this website, with several amusing episodes and assorted oddities. True: Most of it. Except for the inaccurate bits. It’s close enough for comics. Read More About Ada Lovelace. Blog de LelaCoders. 141550. Lauren Britton Smedley: practices spontaneous librarianship. Lover of web 2.0+ tech. Engaged in transliteracy development. What Does it Mean to be a Woman Hackerspace Member? I wasn’t sure what the answer to that question might be, so I interviewed seven female hackerspace members (actually, one is an ex-member) to get their take on what it’s like. Leave a comment with your (constructive) thoughts! Note: All photos in this article were taken by Anne Petersen at Pumping Station: One and used with permission.

These photos and others may be viewed at Anne’s PS: One Flickr set. Another Day with the Mobile FABLAB. Ald.  catarina's things. Becky Stern. Limor. LittleBits. Au coeur du site des hackers. recense les lieux physiques où se rencontrent de plus en plus les adeptes de la bidouille. Esther Schneeweisz, alias Astera, fait partie des fondateurs. Portrait berlinois d'une jeune femme emblématique de la dernière génération de hackers. Astera Schneeweisz à Berlin, novembre 2011 - (cc) Ophelia Noor Elle incarne cette nouvelle génération de hackers, ces adeptes de la bidouille : le nez dans la machine mais aussi dans les objets, habitué des hackerspaces, des lieux de rencontre physique.

Esther Schneeweisz, alias Astera, aime tellement les hackerspaces qu’elle fait partie de la petite bande aux contours flous qui a monté et prend soin de [en], un site qui liste les hackerspaces du monde entier, entre autres. MzTEK provides a learning community in technology and arts for women.