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Sovelluksia 1-2 -luokkalaisille

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First Grade Kids Math Lite. ***Many of our users have asked us for a fully free access to all the content in the App.

First Grade Kids Math Lite

This new version is 100% free and ad supported. If you prefer an ad-free experience, you can remove ads at any time through an optional in-app purchase in the app’s parameters.For teachers and schools, a dedicated ad-free version is available on the Google Play Store For Education.*** With more than 1,628 activities, iTooch 1st Grade Math is a fun way of practicing and learning Math for first graders.

It is, by far, the largest collection of educational worksheets based on the US National Common Core Standards on Google Play for elementary school. Used by more than 3,000,000 users, iTooch apps provide comprehensive learning solutions which help parents, teachers and students to identify and address learning needs in a fun and motivating way. ♫ PARENTS AND KIDS LOVE OUR APPS ♫ ‣ "This app has been everything I was looking for. . ‣ "My son is home schooled plus goes to a charter school.

Garden party ABC de Lola FREE. “Learning Shapes” is an educational game for young children.

Garden party ABC de Lola FREE

A portal to the color; shape world, the app helps to build the skills and knowledge of your child in a playful manner. The young player will be taught to distinguish between different shapes and apply that knowledge in real life. Features and Advantages of the Game: - The puzzle game presents seven different figures, including circle, rhombus, square, rectangular, oval, polygon, triangle, as well as shapes of heart, footprint and flower.- Bright and funny pictures provide for easy shape learning for kids. The name of each object is pronounced clearly and distinctly.- Three types of game activity are provided: learning shapes of everyday life objects, a shape shifter to consolidate the knowledge, and awesome shape puzzles for kids, showing how a complicatedly shaped object is often composed of simple parts.- The quest introduces all names in six languages.

How to play: - Learn the shapes. Les Maths de Lola 2 FREE. I Spy with Lola is a Word Puzzle game where the player's task is to find objects on the screen, based on hints that vary between the levels.

Les Maths de Lola 2 FREE

This game also lets the player get familiar with the World Map and some details of local cultures around the World. Join Lola Panda as she travels around the world in her first I Spy adventure app! Visit Lola’s friends in different countries to help her find hundreds of hidden objects along the way. I Spy With Lola, the 6th Lola Panda app, will provide an educational challenge for kids of all ages! ★★★★★ Editor’s Choice Award 2013 - Children's Technology Review★★★★★ Best Apps award finalist 2013 - Best App Ever Awards Start your journey in Hawaii, collecting souvenirs and coins from each completed task and use those to unlock additional exotic locations. WHAT DO THE PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE GAME? Get the full version of I Spy and begin solving more challenging tasks.

L'Alphabet de Lola FREE. Les Maths de Lola FREE. Meilleure application éducative pour les enfants de tous âges . 12 jeux en un :- En savoir professions et faire correspondre les relations .- Apprenez à reconnaître plus de 100 animaux, y compris leurs sons .- Résoudre des labyrinthes de difficultés croissantes .- Devinez le son des instruments de musique .- Résolvez des puzzles avec des images amusantes et de la musique stimulante .- Apprendre à dessiner en 4 étapes!

Les Maths de Lola FREE

Comme un professeur d'art personnelle , il va vous apprendre comment dessiner des dizaines d'objets différents et créer des images étonnantes .- Les enfants peuvent choisir leurs options par eux-mêmes- Plusieurs niveaux de difficulté , l'augmentation de la complexité et de lutte contre le temps .- Stimule l'intellect , surmonter les défis et difficultés . · Convient pour exercice de ce droit du cerveau, le graphisme activation du cerveau droit . La Fête ABC de Lola FREE. Êtes-vous sûr de savoir comment écrire l'alphabet?

La Fête ABC de Lola FREE

Qu'en est-il de votre enfant? "ABC123 lecture écriture pratique" vous aidera à apprendre comment écrire une anglais lettre et le numéro. Molla ABC. Kid ABC Letters, is a simple, easy to operate and fun method for preschool era little ones to practise and study the Alphabet… Be careful about your children’s confronts light as they discover new words and noises - every note in the alphabet includes a related an animation or persona which will come to life because you hint it… Kid ABC Letters aids youngsters with expressionreading and recognition, learning alphabets by name and audio (pronunciation) - each of the words, other and letters elements are interactive therefore they won’t you need to be mastering the alphabet , they will be having a great time!

Molla ABC

You’ll find that kids can play independently, but you’ll get in addition, they like providing expanded ups in conjunction with them, telling you what each note practising and it is the noises they are! Kid ABC Letters Game – Application Features 1. 26 alphabet objects and cartoon characters 2. 3. 4. 5.