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How to Prepare for A Tech Conference: A Checklist. Are you attending your first tech conference this year?

How to Prepare for A Tech Conference: A Checklist

Don’t forget the first rule of survival: Be prepared! What to bring A Notebook - Chances are you will be bringing your laptop, cell phone and maybe even an iPad. These devices all run on batteries, wifi and cellular service. Without one or the other you are up a creek without a paddle! Two Pens - I stress bringing two pens for two reasons: 1. Business cards – Speaking of networking, don not leave home without business cards!

Protein-Rich Snacks - Stock up on a few power bars and a small bag of nuts before the tech conference. A small power strip - Share the one random outlet you find near the bathrooms of the conference center and you are guaranteed to start a conversation with others who share the same power-drained plight. Gum or Mints – This is another conversation starter that is a hygienic bonus for you. Tide To Go - Nothing is worse spilling coffee on your shirt at 8 AM before the first session even begins.


Content Marketing. Pinterest. HR and Social Media: Beyond Recruiting. Social Media Benefits for Human Resources - HRM Guide. The modern organization with the smart, social media strategy can hugely benefit from usage of the social media.

Social Media Benefits for Human Resources - HRM Guide

The social media can increase the speed of the recruitment, can help to reduce the costs of hiring talents and graduates and can increase the internal awareness. The social media can support the corporate culture and open communication. The social media give a chance to employees as they can provide HR with the useful and positive feedback. The social media benefits include inclusiveness of the online community, instant and quick feedback on different HR issues, finding new talents on the job market and reducing the communication and marketing costs for Human Resources. Social Media supporting Corporate Culture The modern organization has the open corporate culture which supports feedback, honesty and high performance. The modern corporate culture supports innovations, honest approach to issues, courage to risk and quick feedback and fixes.

Social Media for Human Resources - Hire, Retain and Leverage Employees. Social Media for HR. Cómo hacer un Plan de Comunicación 2.0. El PECI (Plan Estrategico de Comunicación Integral) es una herramienta fundamental para cualquier empresa o negocio ya que en él se detallan, reflejan y describen no sólo las comunicaciones, la forma de comunicar y su estrategia, sino los protocolos de comportamiento tanto internos como externos, de ahí su valor esencial en las estrategias 2.0 y de Medios Sociales.

Cómo hacer un Plan de Comunicación 2.0

El Dircom es, en “teoría” y a priori la persona encargada de diseñar y ejecutar el Plan de Comunicación, dependiente o no de un Departamento de Comunicación, y esto lo digo porque no es poco habitual que el Dept. de Comunicación se integre con el de Marketing, aunque ambos sean dos áreas diferentes, pero por economía, comodidad o simplemente proximidad y colaboración a la hora de trabajar, suelen estar unificados en uno en muchas empresas, especialmente pymes. ¿Necesita un pequeño negocio un PECI? La comunicaciones dentro de una empresa se dividen en tres ámbitos fundamentalmente: Las tareas: Es decir… Artículos Relacionados: Empleados, amigos o enemigos en Redes Sociales. Sin excepción, todas las empresas que entran en Redes Sociales enfrentan en mayor o menor medida el dilema de cómo manejar a sus empleados en torno a éstas.

Empleados, amigos o enemigos en Redes Sociales

Algunas han enfrentado verdaderas batallas en torno a este tema, por lo que implica en cuanto a límites, permisos y libertades. Por lo general una empresa no piensa en lo que publican sus empleados hasta que alguno comete alguna indiscreción o filtración, y en ese momento todas las alertas se activan buscando casi linchar a la persona que cometió la falta. Ethos Business Law. Business Agreement Form Pitfalls May 22nd, 2012 When was the last time you looked at your company’s standard form documents.

Ethos Business Law

Whether it is a Nondisclosure Agreement, Offer Letter, Employee Agreement, Purchase Order, Terms and Conditions, Product Agreement or any other document you regularly use with customers, suppliers, contractors or employees, today is a good time to take a look at what you are sending. If it has been a while, you should look at the following items: Does your form agreement still match your business purpose? For more information on reviewing or preparing business forms, please contact attorney David Baer at or 612.767.3311. For more information, please contact attorney David Baer at or 612.767.3311. What is a Legal Hold? January 24th, 2012 A Legal Hold is the process an organization uses to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated.

Survey Reveals: The Top 5 Social Media Channels Companies Are Using. I recently posted an article on my Blog on “How Many Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Be Using?”

Survey Reveals: The Top 5 Social Media Channels Companies Are Using

And it came to my notice this survey conducted by Minneapolis-based Russell Herder and Ethos Business Law in July 2009 and it highlighted the most popular “Social Media Channels” that corporate USA are using. (They surveyed a total of 438 randomly selected management, marketing and human resources executives within companies across the United States that completed the online survey, providing a statistical reliability of plus or minus 4.8 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.) So what were some of the findings? They revealed the most popular ”Social Media Channels” being used included: Facebook (80%),Twitter (66%),YouTube (55%),LinkedIn (49%) andBlogs (43%).

La Agencia EFE prohíbe a sus periodistas comentar noticias en Twitter. Social Media Policy - 5 questions you need to ask.