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Toast with cheese, apples and caramelised onions -... August 07, 2017 There are meals that will always make me think of my childhood and home. Apple pancakes that my grandma used to make for me when I was a kid, tomato soup with noodles, crepes with homemade jam and so many more. I make them quite often myself and somehow Mia loves them as well (or maybe she knows that she doesn’t have a choice). What I make crazy often are cheese toasts. For once it’s breakfast and I kind of am a big fan of breakfasts, secondly, it’s delicious and I can never be tired of it. I got a bit wild and I will not write how many toasts I had for the past weeks, I’ll just say that I liked each one of them. Toast with cheese, apples and caramelised onions reminds me of my home country - Poland, as we love apples over there. There are more regional Toast & Burger creations available, so check it out!

You’ll need for 2: Let’s start with caramelised onion. Enjoy, Marta. Sweet Potato Skillet Hash. Rituals. With the holidays coming up, I can’t help but think about them, the role they play in all of our lives, and how grateful I am for them. Every month (or as often as our schedules allow) my little family and two others get together for brunch. It’s pretty much like a scene from Thirty Something (remember that show?!) , babies crawling around under the table, toddlers walking into walls and disintegrating into fits of hysteria, but somewhere in between diaper changes and breastfeeding, the grown-ups feast. We always do this potluck style, that way the couple who is hosting doesn’t have to sacrifice their entire week planning and cooking for Sunday, because that is laughably unrealistic.

The first time we got together, I made this dish. The dish opens with caramelized onions, so right off the bat, you know it’s gonna be good. Although it’s a fabulous thing to serve at a brunch, this hash also makes a pretty delicious weeknight dinner. But what the heck is this stuff? Directions: 1. French toasts with caramelised pears with walnuts,... September 15, 2015 Do you remember my last post? I wrote about getting wild when my kid was away. This time I went a bit further - I flew to Vienna, magical, beautiful city, full of history, amazing architecture and my beloved schnitzel. I spent two and a half day without Mia. Wow. It was a long time without my sweetest, cutest, funniest girl. But there was another advantage as well. You will need for french toasts: 2 bread rolls3 eggs2/3 cup milkpinch of salt2 tbsp of coconut oil For caramelised pears with walnuts: 1 tbsp butter2 tbsp palm sugar2 pearshandful of hazelnuts To serve: arugulaComembert Cut each bread roll into slices and soak for about 3-4 minutes it in a mixture of eggs, milk and salt.

On a frying pan, heat butter, add sugar and mix. Serve toasts with arugula, Camambert and caramelised pears. Enjoy, Marta.