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Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Salt - I can’t think of a better New Year’s Eve snack than this Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Salt.

Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Salt -

The rich golden colour adds that celebratory feel and the taste is just phenomenal. I adapted the recipe from the Spicy Salted Caramel Popcorn recipe I posted earlier this year from Sam Linsell’s book called Sweet. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the salted caramel craze (I find most combinations overdone with saltiness, thereby spoiling the caramel flavour), salt always adds a layer of depth to sweetness and there is an added layer of richness by adding some coffee to the mix. I have kept the coffee salt to a minimum in the recipe (it adds to the flavour rather than being a distinct flavour of its own) but suggest you double the salt & coffee mix and serve some of it on the side to satisfy the salt and coffee lovers. Caramel is one of those things that needs to have your full focus when making. Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Salt Ingredients Instructions My best wishes to all for 2016.

Heinx. Chickpea Tortilla Nachos - My New RootsMy New Roots. My husband and I come from two different worlds: a potato chip world and a tortilla chip world.

Chickpea Tortilla Nachos - My New RootsMy New Roots

I distinctly remember the moment we realized this, on our honeymoon, deep in a Whole Foods vortex deciding which chips to buy for our three-week road trip across California. We were undoubtedly surprised and perhaps a little dismayed that we had committed our lives to each other without discussing this one rather important preference, but in the spirit of everlasting love and compromise, we pretended like it was no big deal.

We bought two bags of chips and ate them separately. We remain happily married to this day. I guess growing up in North America has had a real influence on me (shocking, I know). This idea to make tortilla chips from chickpea flour literally came out of nowhere. Zucchini & Tomato Salsa with Tortilla Chips. Hi friends!

Zucchini & Tomato Salsa with Tortilla Chips

Well we just ticked over 10k followers on Instagram last week, very exciting! Also Pinterest has grown like crazy. I would have never imagined all the love and support I have received since launching the site 9 months ago, so thank you all! I do hope you have been loving the recipes and resources on the site so far. I’m super pumped for the exciting things ahead for G&F and I can’t wait to journey it with you all.

In other exciting news, Mike and I have been busy planning and designing the build of our new home. Anyway, on to this weeks delicious vegetarian, mexican recipe... Now we all know I love sharing meals while enjoying great company, and this recipe is a great sharing dish… the perfect addition to your next Mexican Fiesta… or dinner party, lunch, etc. We had this the other night as our main meal (while testing), but this dish would work better served as a starter to share or as a side. Talk soon! Ingredients 30 mins Zucchini & Tomato Salsa Guacamole Other Method. Sweet and spicy roasted chickpeas - Back to Her Roots.

For those of you that aren’t college basketball fans, you might not realize that right now is the most wonderful time of year for those of us that are.

sweet and spicy roasted chickpeas - Back to Her Roots

It is March, which means that, starting this week, you’re going to see lots of people freaking the hell out about basketball. This is the time of year when college basketball fans will tune into just about any game, regardless of who is playing, because chances are, something remarkable is going to happen. And our house is no exception. The NCAA Selection Show was last night and my beloved Indiana Hoosiers are going dancin’. Samoa Popcorn (Chocolate, Coconut and Caramel) - Izy Hossack. Totally Addictive Kale Crisps. Whew!

Totally Addictive Kale Crisps

I made it back to Canada in one piece and the first thing I did when I got here? I made kale crisps. There’s just something about the confines of a plane and watching my fellow passengers chow down on mystery meat that makes me want to run for the nearest bunch of leafy greens as fast as possible. Call me crazy. Although they may appear a little freaky (you try making baked kale look appetizing), I guarantee that these crisps are every bit as addictive as potato chips! Fine. And besides being SOOOOO healthy, kale actually does taste good when you know how to prepare it. Totally Addictive Kale CrispsIngredients:•1 bunch of kale•1/2 lemon•1 Tbsp. maple syrup•1 tsp. salt•1 tsp. tamari•2 Tbsp. olive oil•1/4 cup sesame seeds Directions:1.

This recipe is very flexible and you can use any “dressing” you like to change things up if you fancy. Copyright 2012 My New Roots at