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Patterns, Pictorals

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Cut-paper art based on patterns.

Your Life May Be a Little Confined ..., Hogret, 2013. 13 Total, Lance Letscher, 2013. Diamond Pattern in Neutral Shades, Marisa, Pretty Crafty Things, 2015. I've always been a bit intimidated by collage - great collages are really great, but not-so-great ones are more like visual clutter.

Diamond Pattern in Neutral Shades, Marisa, Pretty Crafty Things, 2015

Wanting the final product to be something that I wasn't embarrassed by has always stopped me in my tracks when it came to trying collage... but part of my year long doodle challenge is trying different mediums and learning not to be afraid of art... so I took a deep breath and convinced myself it was time to try. I love seeing collage pieces that cleverly use vintage images... but I don't love sourcing materials before I know if it's something I like doing. Test then invest, if you will. Blue ScallopPattern with a Touch of Hot Pink, Marisa & Elias, Pretty Crafty Things, 2016. Alumnes de 6è, Plastiquem. Flag Ship, Michael McGee. Work in Progress, Linda Frost, 2009. IMG_1471 - Deteriorating Patterns, Keren Rubinstein, 2016. Yellow Log Cabin, Keren Rubinstein, 2014. IMG_1342, Keren Rubinstein, 2015. Blue Walkers Detail, Keren Rubinstein, 2015. Excavating Jades, Keren Rubinstein, 2016. Eyes dance, Brandi Strickland, 2008.

Crazy Cut Paper, Virginia Pacer, 2010. Stock Photo Image, Trinette Monkel. Anonymous, Collage Sketch Travel, Public Domain shared image, no date. A great photo you can use for free for many different purposes: printing, wallpaper, publishing, commercial products ... etc.

Anonymous, Collage Sketch Travel, Public Domain shared image, no date

License use Creative Commons Zero - CC0. A referral link to Max Pixel (not required). China Bones, Patrick Bremer. Inspired by Derek Riggs Iron Maiden album covers and figurative painters such as Lucien Freud or Francis Bacon, the very talented Patrick Bremer was mainly known for his portraits paintings, but now his beautiful collages have also brought him recognition.

China Bones, Patrick Bremer

He received his BA in painting from Wimbledon School of Art in London and has been awarded the De Laszlo Foundation award for his portraiture by The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He works part time work as a secondary school teacher as helping children with artwork inspires and influences his work. He creates his extraordinary collage work with layers of collaged magazines and books on paper and chooses strips and chunks of paper that fit the image both visually but also textually. The Imagination Box, 2014. Pear, sommer21-all-was-well, 2011. Collaged Fruit, 5th Grade Class. Cut Paper Collage Still Life, Maureen Crosbie. Pay £3.50 per month.

Cut Paper Collage Still Life, Maureen Crosbie

You have two choices of payment method: Pay by Direct Debit Online (prefered) UK Only Ease of payment, Avoid failed payments, Cancel at any time Access to ALL the inspirational AccessArt resources Free PDF Downloads Inclusion in the Members Database of Artist Educators Receive discount on our distance learning courses Recurring: Payment leaves account on the 15th of every month. Nancy Egol Nikkal, Sample Collage, 2014.