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UGL Limited

UGL Limited is a diversified services company that delivers critical assets and essential services that sustain and enhance the environment around us.

Engineering Services Blog. Engineering Services Blog. SNC-Lavalin Lands Massive Engineering Services Agreement. Engineering Services that are Typically Outsourced & Why. Engineering can become extremely complicated.

Engineering Services that are Typically Outsourced & Why

That’s why it is typically a wise move to leave it up to the professionals and why most companies end up outsourcing engineering services for major projects. But engineering is a broad term. There are many different types of engineering, and within those types is a wide range of different services and capabilities each can provide. Here’s a list that highlights some of the most common forms of engineering and the various services each one can offer. Corporate Overview. Our Locations Parts & ProductsOrdering UGL Pty Limited is a member of the CIMIC Group Limited.

Corporate Overview

Company Resize. Our Projects. Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management in Malaysia - UGL Case Studies. A major New Zealand offshore gas platform powered by a comprehensive distribution solution - UGL Case Studies. The first large desalination plant for a resources project in Western Australia - UGL Case Studies. Clean Energy In New Zealand - UGL Case Studies. Alternative Power Source for Tamar Valley Power Station - UGL Case Studies. Defence Solutions. UGL is a proud Australian company and long-term partner to the Australian Defence Force offering comprehensive integrated solutions throughout the entire life cycle of defence assets including engineering design, manufacture, supply chain, maintenance and refurbishment capabilities.

Defence Solutions

From warship modernisation programs to innovative through-life support services for a broad range of naval ship classes, the maintenance of weapons systems, and electrical and instrumentation systems, UGL offers a complete range of sustainment solutions to support mission critical assets for its defence clients. Transport & Technology Systems. Our Locations Parts & ProductsOrdering Transport & Technology Systems Sectors.

Transport & Technology Systems

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Services. UGL is a leading provider of power generation, transmission and distribution solutions.

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Services

With a long history of construction and maintenance capability coupled with extensive engineering and design expertise, UGL has proven itself by delivering and maintaining highly technical and complex projects within the power sector. Clients benefit from solutions tailored to meet their specific needs and prevailing market conditions. From advanced power stations to smart grid technology integration, electrical substations and transmission lines, our offering is focused on delivering a highly reliable, efficient and flexible operational outcome for our clients.

UGL has developed long-term strategic partnerships with leading technology providers such as GE. We work closely with OEM partners to provide next generation technology to meet the higher efficiency, lower emissions energy needs of tomorrow. 018 OilGas Industry WEB100. 023 MineralsMetals Industry WEB. 028 Chemicals Industry WEB. 024 Municipal Wastewater Industry WEB. 024 Irrigation Water Industry WEB. 024 Industrial Water Industry WEB. 014 Power Substations Industry WEB. 014 Power Transmission Industry WEB. 014 Power Generation Industry WEB. 014 Power Distribution Industry WEB. 002 ServicesBroch WEB. Industrial Processing. UGL provides project delivery and asset services to a wide range of operations in the industrial sector.

Industrial Processing

Leveraging upon our experience in minerals and metals, oil and gas, water and power projects, our full EPC capability covers concept and engineering design through to detailed design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning. Our large in-house engineering team collaborates closely with clients throughout all phases of the project lifecycle to produce a fit for purpose solution that meets safety, quality, cost and schedule requirements. Oil & Gas. UGL has built long standing relationships with many major oil and gas companies through the innovative solutions we provide to the sector.

Oil & Gas

Our capabilities cover all aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream operations, including onshore and offshore processing, LNG plants, oil refineries, gas facilities and petrochemical plants. Our focus is to strengthen every link of the value chain for our clients. We find innovative ways to optimise equipment performance, improve environmental safety and provide reliable energy supply. Engineering design, cost effective materials, installation processes, controls and life cycle maintenance are all critical to success and key advantages of our comprehensive capabilities. The success of UGL is built on our culture of safety, dedication and commitment, partnered with the leading technical skills of our people.

EcoRun™ EcoRunTM is a locomotive performance system used to minimise energy consumption by advising the driver on the optimum power notch setting and live reporting of energy use.


EcoRunTM is an innovative product developed by UGL which is unique to the Australian rail market in its support of locomotive operator performance while improving both their cost and environmental performance. Developed by UGL engineers, EcoRunTM can be fitted to any class of locomotive to assist the driver in obtaining optimum efficiency on all routes across Australia. Historical run data and up-to-date track inputs are loaded into UGL’s patented simulation tool, Traper2TM, which defines and designs the driving path required to optimise the haulage task. This information is used by the EcoRunTM device to provide the driver with instructions to optimise the locomotive’s fuel consumption through a single ‘plug and play’ tablet.

FlexiCurve. Evolved from over 20 years of fabricated bogie design and manufacturing experience.


The FlexiCurve bogie is UGL’s premium locomotive bogie that provides unprecedented benefits in locomotive performance, reliability and maintainability.FlexiCurve is a family of bogies for applications ranging from 90t 1m Narrow Gauge through to 160t 1.7m Broad Gauge. Passenger. UGL has a distinguished portfolio of work in relation to the delivery of rail technology solutions for the passenger rail sector of Australia and South East Asia.


From 1977, UGL has delivered the majority of Sydney’s metropolitan rolling stock fleet. During this time we have initiated generational refinement in our designs and processes. Our award-winning Oscar Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) rail car is a standout of this period. Freight. At UGL we set the benchmark in performance, reliability, flexibility and profitability in freight rail products. We employ our strength as a leading supplier of diesel electric locomotives, freight wagons, bogies and other sub-assemblies to bring capability to a range of applications.

UGL's partnership with GE Transportation gives our clients access to a range of advanced locomotive technologies. This results in performance advantages through a reduction in fuel usage and emissions, an increase in haulage capacity and improvements in safety. Our locomotive product portfolio spans heavy haul, intermodal and passenger applications. Since 1953 we have delivered over 600 high performance GE locomotives to clients including Pacific National, QR National, Xstrata Coal, Centennial Coal, CFCLA, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group. Privacy Agreement. Use of This Web Portal This web portal has been provided for the benefit of UGL Limited (ACN 009 180 287) (“UGL”) and its subsidiaries and related bodies corporate (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) (these companies together the “UGL Group” or each individually a “UGL Group Company”). In order for any prospective employee, contractor or consultant: (a) to progress an application for a specific role with the UGL Group advertised on this web-site; and/or(b) to register his or her interest in working with the UGL Group, through this portal, UGL will request the provision of certain personal information.

Rss. Joint Ventures. Green Incorporated – The World’s Top Environmentally-Savvy Companies - Budget Business Plans. “Going green” is a growing trend that is effecting households, families, and now business corporations both large and small. Larger corporations are now starting to realize that environmentally friendly business practices and corporate responsibility are no longer nice suggestions—they are requirements if you want to be compliant with state and national regulations, and stay on good terms with your customers.

Some corporations are better at implementing environmentally friendly practices into their business plans, however there are some that proactively pursue the use of these methods. Here are 5 pioneers in the global business sphere revolutionizing business practices and helping the planet at the same time: Ikea: Total Approach To Promoting Sustainable Home Furnishing In 2012, Ikea, known as Ikea Group, had expanded to 44 countries with 298 stores. Ford: Industrial Era Giant Takes On Earth’s Water Crisis. Asset Management. Industrial Processing. How We Operate. Corporate Governance. NZ Hawera to Kupe Gas Plant 33kV Supply Line for Origin Energy Resources Ltd NZ.

NZ Hawera to Kupe Gas Plant 33kV Supply Line for Origin Energy Resources Ltd NZ Client Origin Energy Resources Ltd Contract Value Project Duration Commenced: 2007 Estimated Completion Location New Zealand The Kupe natural gas field is located 35 metres under the Tasman Sea, 30 km off the coast of the town Manaia in Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island. The field was discovered in 1986 and is being managed through the Joint Venture, Kupe Gas Project.

The project is operated by Origin Energy (Origin) and comprises an unmanned offshore platform with three production wells, a 30km raw gas pipeline running from the platform to the shore, an onshore production station near Hawera, near New Plymouth, and light crude storage and export facilities near Port Taranaki in New Plymouth. The project was officially opened by Prime Minister John Key on 18 March 2010 and cost NZ$1.3 billion. Joint Ventures. Media Centre. NZ Hawera to Kupe Gas Plant 33kV Supply Line for Origin Energy Resources Ltd NZ. Maintenance Services. Throughout its long term partnerships with blue chip oil and gas companies, UGL has delivered large scale high quality fabricated assets and also instigated and implemented a number of key maintenance improvement projects that have enhanced operational efficiencies and extended the life of assets. Major Shutdowns and TurnaroundsUGL’s refinery based multi-discipline team’s work closely with key client personnel in order to achieve site based operational objectives.

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