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Funny Visual Studio bug. Joe Pruitt - PowerShell ABCs. SyntaxHighlighter.all(); iControl isn’t just SOAP anymore… No, iControl isn’t getting lazy.

Joe Pruitt - PowerShell ABCs

While taking it easy is an important part of life, I’m talking about the other kind of REST. REST, or “REpresentational State Transfer” for you technically inclined, is a style of architectural principals with which you can design web services that focus on a system’s resources. It also defines how resource states are address... Note: As of 11.4, WebAccelerator is now a part of BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager.

This is article nine of ten in a series on DevCentral’s implementation of WebAccelerator. 101 LINQ Samples. Introducing WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4 - The .NET Endpoint. This is a great series and gave me a great jump start on building a WCF REST service. I just wanted to post a few gotchas that I encountered when deploying to IIS 6. These mostly pertain to using routes (no svc file) so if you're using a svc these may not apply. 1. If you use routes you won't have an extension so you need to use a wildcard application map. - IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the 4 version of the aspnet_isapi.dll.


Hate Add-Member? (PowerShell's Adaptive Type System to the Rescue) - Windows PowerShell Blog. Do you hate Add-Member as much as I do?

Hate Add-Member? (PowerShell's Adaptive Type System to the Rescue) - Windows PowerShell Blog

Wait - maybe you aren't familiar with Add-Member or the glory of PowerShell's Adaptive Type System. (ATS). When I looked at the .NET type system, my reaction was "....almost". Pinvoke.net: the interop wiki! Tf Command-Line Utility Commands. Threading in C# - Free E-book. Threading in C# Joseph Albahari Last updated: 2011-4-27 Translations: Chinese | Czech | Persian | Russian | Japanese.

Threading in C# - Free E-book