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Un nouvel hôtel-restaurant investit l’Abbaye de Fontevraud par l’Agence Jouin Manku. Après la remarquable réhabilition des Haras de Strasbourg (Lire l’article), l’Agence Jouin Manku investit un nouveau lieu chargé d’histoire en s’étant vu confier la réouverture d’un ho?

Un nouvel hôtel-restaurant investit l’Abbaye de Fontevraud par l’Agence Jouin Manku

Tel et d’un restaurant dans le prieuré Saint-Lazare. Un projet qui s’inscrit dans celui plus global de la Cité contemporaine de l’abbaye de Fontevraud, l’une des plus vastes citées monastiques héritées du Moyen-âge, située au coeur des Pays de la Loire. De la simplicité monastique a? L’austérité carcérale, le duo a tenté de saisir l’essence des lieux, de retrouver l’intelligence et la philosophie de ceux qui l’ont construit et habité, de respecter l’histoire tout en y insufflant leur vision contemporaine. Les contraintes fortes liées à la protection du ba? Une expérience forcément d’unique. Loughloughan Barn / McGarry-Moon Architects. Architects Location Broughshane, Northern Ireland, UK Design Team Jessica McGarry, Steven Moon & Adam Currie Contractor Alan Moon Joinery and Building Contractor Area 110.0 sqm Project Year 2013 Photographs Adam Currie, Courtesy of McGarry-Moon Architects From the architect.

Loughloughan Barn / McGarry-Moon Architects

This unassuming residence is a responsive configuration of skilfully contained views from the interior the manipulation of natural light combined with fluid, informal spaces allowing us to create architecture that has some dramatic moments but does not overly dominate the character of the existing stone barn. Estate In Extremadura / Ábaton Arquitectura. Architects Location Guijo de Santa Bárbara, Cáceres 10459, Spain Architect Ábaton Architects Interior Design Project And Furnishing ÁBATON and BATAVIA Gross External Area 5 ha Area 322.0 sqm Project Year 2010 Photographs Courtesy of Ábaton architects From the architect.

Estate In Extremadura / Ábaton Arquitectura

Towncenter St. Martin in Passeier by Andreas Flora. The project appears in two different work levels; first, as the creation of a construction which works as a multifunctional space for events and second, as the redesign of the main square of the town and its associated transport system.

Towncenter St. Martin in Passeier by Andreas Flora.

About the towncenter, we find out a discreet construction, quite well integrated in the surroundings through the use of local materials, as stone and untreated wood, as well as the appearance of the gable roof. Besides, in an intelligence decision, the building height is carefully measured in order to be less than the parsonage one, allowing that the parsonage gets the attracting attention.

Munarq: Artist studio renovation, Can valls 2015. Tasked with creating a painting studio for an artist in rural Mallorca, we have overhauled a crumbling farmhouse and added a stone-walled extension.

Munarq: Artist studio renovation, Can valls 2015

Her main requirements were for two large spaces – a exhibition gallery and a workshop – as well as high ceilings, natural north light, and some areas of visual privacy where she can work undisturbed. We have chosen to preserve and extend the existing structure, but to rework the interior to create more light and visibility. The old building was in a bad condition and was overgrown with plants, and numerous repairs had to be made to make it usable again. Firstly, the walls of the building were stripped back to their construction materials – a mix of earth and straw that had previously been concealed behind layers of render. An extension was then added to create an L-shaped plan with a total area of 230 square metres.

MMMMMS House / Anna & Eugeni Bach. Architects Location 17465 Camallera, Girona, Spain Area 300.0 sqm Project Year 2014 Photographs Quantity Surveyor Eulàlia Cudolà Collaborators Architects Carina Silva, Sara Matías, Albert Cabrer Structure Masala consultors Constructor Calam-Tapias Construccions From the architect.

MMMMMS House / Anna & Eugeni Bach

The MMMMMS house is placed at the outskirts of Camallera, in a recent development area facing the village. Due to the location, the house is openly visible from the village. The local building regulations are straightforward, specifying mere general characteristics for the new houses, such as stone cladding, or sloped roofs with “arab” tiles. Compact Karst House / dekleva gregorič arhitekti. Compact Karst House / dekleva gregorič arhitekti Architects Location Project Team Aljoša Dekleva u.d.i.a., M.Arch.

Compact Karst House / dekleva gregorič arhitekti

(AA Dist),Tina Gregorič u.d.i.a., M.Arch. Torispardon reinterprets farm buildings as a modern home. A modern timber and glass structure connects the more traditional stone-walled buildings at either end of this house in the Scottish highlands, designed by architects Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko (+ slideshow).

Torispardon reinterprets farm buildings as a modern home

The property for a single occupant replaces a derelict cottage and farm building on a hillside site within a conservation area in the Spey Valley. The Gaelic word Tor – meaning a rock or piles of rocks on top of a hill – gave the project its name, Torispardon. The footprint, massing and materials of the original buildings were recreated in the two new stone-walled structures, while the linking middle section offers a contemporary counterpoint. "Farmer's crofts in the highlands often have several outbuildings within their boundaries; as a farm expands or requires new facilities, a new outbuilding is constructed," explained Archer and Marinko. "Instead of creating a new singular house it was felt that this additive approach was more appropriate. " Photography is by David Barbour. Mies van der Rohe Emerging Architect Award 2015 to "Casa Luz" by Arquitectura-G - BMIAA.