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Universal Digital Services Ltd

Universal Digital Services Ltd provides digital services tailored to the smaller businesses from experience gained working with national and international enterprises.

Tech Project Support - Universal Digital Services Ltd. Conventional project management is like building a house where everything has to happen in the right order, you cant put the roof on before the footings are laid!

Tech Project Support - Universal Digital Services Ltd

This is the Waterfall method. The problem with technical development is that, by the time the whole project is complete, situations have changed, new information discovered and what the management originally decided they wanted has been altered. An Agile Project Agile development is not like that. To a certain degree, the order things are done is not fixed. Waterfall projects fail 80% of the time, Agile projects succeed 80% of the time – because they’re able to respond faster to the inevitable brief changes that happen along the way. Changes Cost Less While there does need to be an overall plan, agile project management means that each part of the project is divided up into short-term deliverables. Business Software Development - Universal Digital Services Ltd. Every business has processes; they’re essential to being able to deliver consistent outcomes for your customers.

Business Software Development - Universal Digital Services Ltd

When you start a business, most processes are simple, but as the business grows there are more processes and they got more complex or simply take more time. For example: Order enquiries 100 customer orders a month with a 10% enquiry rate means 10 enquiries a month, which is a very a part-time task. 1000 Customer orders a month with the same 10% enquiry rate, means 100 enquiries a month (averaging 5 a day) Will seriously impact someone’s workday! Software allows processes to be automated – either totally or in part – and frees up your people to do the more interesting things.

The problem with bespoke software is that it goes out-of-date as the company gets busier and then it’s back to square one – new software is needed and that costs more money. To give you flexible software, we break down each process into small parts, then create software that does each part. Tech Team Mentoring - Universal Digital Services Ltd. When you’re managing a team of geeks, it can be challenging if your expertise is in management, rather than a technical specialism.

Tech Team Mentoring - Universal Digital Services Ltd

Techs are a breed apart and managing them effectively may require a different approach to get the best results. If your technical manager understands what’s possible and what isn’t it will enable more informed conversations resulting in higher levels of confidence in the tech department – and better relationships throughout the organisation. If your tech team needs a boost with technical knowledge or skills – or just to gain confidence with the latest technology – we can help. Technical staff who are behind with knowledge tools, best practice or skills can result in roadblocks and systems that simply don’t do what they’re capable of and cost more to develop and maintain.

More effective techies can support and empower innovation, aligning technical competence with reality. Technical Consultancy Services - Universal Digital Services. People power - Universal Digital Services Ltd. Every business depends on people.

People power - Universal Digital Services Ltd

The staff who make things happen and the customers who they serve. Some managers have been known to see staff as a cost, but I believe they should be seen more as an investment. And we all know that good investments pay dividends! It may seem odd for a geek (who focuses on weird squiggles and lots of brackets) to be concerned about people, but every system we develop is intended to make life easier for the people who will use it. That means we need to know what they want to do, what’s bugging them about their current system and why, what their colleagues in other departments get from them (and don’t) and how their activities impact on other parts of the organisation.

Customer focus Often technology is designed to help the customer. If you’re not serving the customer, you’d better be serving someone who is. Jan Carlzon. Software stories! - Universal Digital Services Ltd. Software is a term that covers pretty much anything and everything that requires programming.

Software stories! - Universal Digital Services Ltd

But all software developers don’t develop the same things. There are dozens of different programming languages and no developer can use all of them (even if they might try to get you to believe they can). However, it’s not the language that’s important – it’s what the developer can create in functionality. There are App developers (and different categories within those, from games apps to community engagement apps). There are CRM specialists, there are website builders, there are developers who work on back end programs for complex communications software – and those are just a few. Outsourced power Recently I was asked to work on a tool to assist in disaster impact analysis. Shooting blanks Another project I worked on was migrating the data from an 11-year-old Windows MS Access application to a native iMac system.

Technology Services for UK Businesses - Universal Digital Services.