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Plug ‘n’ play cloud-based time clocks & employee time attendance. Add an affordable web based time tracking software system to your business.

The Unexpected Benefits of having an Employee Tracking Software - uAttend Australia. Tracking software for employee attendance is beyond doubt making the work of managing the time employees spend out of the office easier and faster.The obvious benefits include vacation request and approval automation as well as automatic addition and deduction of vacation days as the employees use the days or earn.

The Unexpected Benefits of having an Employee Tracking Software - uAttend Australia

There are many advantages of tracking the employee’s attendance that boost businesses in many ways and these are some of the unexpected benefits the attendance tracking software brings: It makes the payroll automatic In the world that we are living in today,employees do not need to fill out an attendance and time sheet.Supervisors and managers do not need to push the attendance sheets around anymore for them to calculate how many hours each employee has worked or has spent on vacation or leave for been sick.

It’s environmentally-friendly and good for your desk Tax Issues Prevention. Home. Behance. Top 3 Ways Time and Attendance Systems will save you Money. Top ways in which employees could be scamming your time clocks. 5 Reasons you should have a Time Clock Software for your Business. Which is better biometric time clock? Face scan or fingerprint scan - uAttend Australia. A biometric time and attendance system is a kind of time management software which takes into account the unique physical characteristics of employees to clock them in and out of the workplace and hence help calculating the attendance and the payroll.

Which is better biometric time clock? Face scan or fingerprint scan - uAttend Australia

Some of the attributes that can be utilized by such systems include iris pattern, face scanning, hand print, fingerprint scan and others. There is often a debate whether the face scan time clock is better or the fingerprint scan. Well the following given points will help you find out which one of these is a better option for you. As the name suggests fingerprint time clocks are those which scan the unique fingerprints of employees and match them with existing and already recorded prints to give them entry. They are impossible to cheat and hence prevent buddy punching etc. face scan time clocks on the other hand record the facial features of employees and too are hard to cheat.

Share: Are you using the right time management software at your workplace? - Are you using the right time management software at your workplace? There is no workplace in the world that is totally satisfied with the number of hours that they give to work and there is always a need for ‘a little more’.

Are you using the right time management software at your workplace? - Are you using the right time management software at your workplace?

Managing time with the gamut of activities and tasks can be tough and this is why there is need for a proper time management system or software. If you are someone who is following a well charted out time management strategy and using a software, then you must ask yourself if it is the most suitable one for you and if it is really proving useful. The following are some ways in which you will be able to find out the answer to this question. Ask yourself if employees are able to give more time to work? The first thing you must ask yourself to assess your time management software is whether employees are performing better than before and if you are able to squeeze in all their work hours in the most productive way. uAttend Australia. Reasons why a time clock is the best time management solution for a wo - uAttend Australia. When it comes to finding time management solutions for your workplace, you will come across many ideas, softwares and systems but none of them will prove better than a time clock.

Reasons why a time clock is the best time management solution for a wo - uAttend Australia

A time clock is that system which helps you clock in and clock out your employees, while calculating their total working hours and hence their payroll. These systems are a must for any kind of workplace or office set up and have more qualities than all other kinds of management solutions. If you are not convinced about the same, then the following given points are a must-read for you: Clocking in systems offer the ease of calculation of work hours of employees and since they work automatically, you don’t need to employee any person for the job. This helps you save a big chunk of your expenditure each month. So now that you know the various reasons why time clocks are a must and better than any other time management product for your workplace, you too must consider getting one as soon as possible. Share: Home 5 common questions about time management and attendance software.

Ways in which cloud based time attendance helps protect payroll data. 5 things to need to know about facial recognition time clocks - uAttend Australia. In a world where biometric technology has been helping workplace owners and employees a great deal, facial recognition system are considered to be at the epitome.

5 things to need to know about facial recognition time clocks - uAttend Australia

Not only do such systems make way for accuracy in payroll calculation but also make things at work extremely transparent. Facial recognition time and attendance calculation systems are being increasingly installed by employers all around the world since they scan the face, hence making way for full proof clocking in and clocking out of the employees. If you are someone who wants to install one and wishes to know more about such software, you can go through the following given 5 important points about the same. The first and most important thing you need to know about facial recognition time clocks is that this kind of technology is non intrusive. This means that you don’t have to provide your fingerprints or go for retina scan. Share: How to improve your payroll practices in simple ways - uAttend Australia : powered by Doodlekit.

5 reasons to move time attendance to a cloud server - uAttend Australia. Cloud computing has taken the world by a storm and can be heard everywhere these days.

5 reasons to move time attendance to a cloud server - uAttend Australia

Cloud computing is basically a technology in which an application runs on a third party server and this in turn offers the users an access over a secured internet connection. There are plenty of cloud based applications these days and one which has really been benefiting businesses across the world is cloud based time clocks. uAttend Australia: What is buddy punching and how to prevent it? Buddy punching is a common practice in workplaces wherein employees punch in or clock in for their colleagues and hence help them secure their attendance and hence their pay.

uAttend Australia: What is buddy punching and how to prevent it?

This practice is not just related to dishonesty but also forces workplaces across the globe to pay more than they need to pay their employees and hence means huge losses. To curb it or check it, many methods are tried by workplace owners since if left unchecked; it can mean great disorder and less work efficiency. If you wish to know the ways to prevent it, you can go through the following given information: The top methods to improve workplace productivity - Home. Myths about biometric time clock technology debunked - uAttend Australia. In this modern day and date of technology, a lot of businesses and workplaces have started making use of biometric time and attendance technology.

Myths about biometric time clock technology debunked - uAttend Australia

This technology is basically used to note down the clock in and out time of employees so that their payroll can easily be calculated and paid. This technology has been around for quite some time but there are still several myths and misconceptions that surround it. To help you clear your knowledge about the same, we have come up with a list of the common myths about biometric time clocks with the real facts. Biometric systems store fingerprints This is a common myth which most people have about biometric attendance systems but the fact is that they do not actually store the fingerprints but rather rely on multi spectral biometric capturing technology which captures the fingerprint characteristics at and under the skin and records this as a numeric string.

uAttend Australia — How to deal with indiscipline in a corporate... Control overtime at work using employee time clocks - uAttend Australia. Handling mid sized or large businesses can be a tough task for business owners and administrators since there are many small things which one tends to look over or let go.

Control overtime at work using employee time clocks - uAttend Australia

But these small things can make a huge difference in the long run and are important to be checked. A business has both fixed expenditures and fluctuating ones. For example, monthly rent etc come in the category of fixed bills but payrolls can fluctuate every month. Several employees tend to get higher pay than they deserve by working unauthorized hours. Does My Small Business Need a Time Tracking Software?

Various types of time clocks for employee attendance keeping. Time clocks or employee attendance calculation devices are available in various types and forms and differ mainly on the basis of the functions they fulfill.

Various types of time clocks for employee attendance keeping

As we are moving ahead with time and as newer technologies are entering the market, time clocks are getting more advanced. Different work place environments require different types of time clocks depending upon many factors like the size of the workplace, budget and others. These days the main categories available are mechanical, electronic, computer based and attendance systems. To know more about the types of time clocks, you can go through the following list:

5 important reasons you need to replace punch clocks at workplace - uAttend Australia. It is rather surprising to know that the first employee punch clock was invented back in 1888 and its main use was to record the timings of entry and exit of employees. But in today’s time, punch clocks have changed in form and the purposes that they fulfill. Punch clocks these days are not just difficult to maintain but also inefficient. There are many newer methods and devices these days which have replaced punch clocks and prove much better. If you still use a punch clock at your workplace, then the following given 5 reasons will surely convince you to replace them: Time tracking software aids a growing and developing business - uAttend Australia. Modern day technology and gadgets have helped not just the common man but the world economy and businesses as a whole. Science has truly benefited the entire globe and makes tasks easier, much more efficient and definitely more profitable.

One such gifts of technology that businesses these days can take help from is a time tracking software. A time tracking software is basically a device which automatically calculates the working hours of employees by entering their entry and exit times from the workplace. Such software can be both biometric and non biometric in nature and help reduce manual workload from workplaces around the world. Such systems are a must these days for growing businesses and to find out how, you can go through the following given information. Automating the process of manual time tracking with time clocks - As most of the things in the world are switching from manual to machines, so are work hour calculating methods at workplaces. Gone are the days when offices and business owners used to have individuals hired especially for noting down entry and exit timings of employees to calculate their work hours and hence their payroll.

Times have changed and the process has been automated. Futuristic way to calculate employee work hours: Face scans time clock - uAttend Australia. We live in a world where technology is advancing with each passing day and in such a scenario it is important for us also to move forward with changing times. If you are an office owner who has a staff base then you must install time clocks or time attendance systems in your workplace.

These systems help calculate attendance in a simpler manner than manual counting and provide payroll related benefits as well. Will fingerprint time attendance system work for you? Find out. How fingerprint time attendance can reduce business operational costs. Tips to select an online employee attendance system - uAttend Australia. Time attendance systems are the kinds of systems which help to calculate the attendance of employees of organizations or workplaces. There are many benefits of installing such systems in offices since they help to create transparency, labour tracking and estimating. There are many kinds of web based time clocks and other time attendance systems available in the market these days and hence selecting the perfect one can be a tricky task.

The following given tips will help selecting an online employee attendance system for your workplace: Consider security aspect It is important to consider the security aspect since security is of paramount importance in this world led by technology. Consider Biometric features One negative related to online employee attendance systems is that they can easily be cheated and the method of buddy punching can be applied. What is a Web-Based Time Tracking Software? - uAttend Australia. Top reasons to try time tracking software before buying. How to get started with using an employee time tracking software - uAttend Australia.

Running a business can be a really challenging task but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that employees need to be managed as well. Keeping a track on the activities of all the employees can be tough, especially when you have a large work space. For every workplace, it is very important to keep a tab on the employees’ attendance as well as working hours so that they can be made more punctual and so that their payroll can be easily calculated. uAttend Australia — Fantastic tips for managing your payroll. Importance of discipline and punctuality at workplaces - uAttend Australia. Discipline and punctuality are two of the most important skills for any person. Not only do these skills help one through his/her educational years but also at work. In-fact both these personal skills are the most sought after as far as workplaces are concerned and most employers consider them to be highly important in their employees.

Where on one hand, discipline ensures that a person behaves in an acceptable manner at the workplace and also adheres to the rules, punctuality ensures that he/she attends work regularly and meet his/her work hour requirements. The following given points will throw more light on why these two skills are utmost important at workplaces. Employers may have several expectations from their employees but not every employee may be able to meet them all. Organizations around the world are trying to find more methods and in-fact new technologies to ensure discipline at workplaces.

Share: 5 smart ways to improve employee productivity at workplace - uAttend Australia. The success of any workplace depends upon not just the overall productivity of workforce but also on individual productivity of each employee. Employees need to be at their best to deliver the best outcomes at work and this is the reason why employers and workplace owners are always looking for new ways to ensure that employees remain at their best performance level throughout the year.

The good news is that there are many methods and tools to ensure this and employees can find many clever ways to boost individual productivity levels. The following is a list of the top 5 smart ways you too as an employer can raise employee productivity at your workplace: 1. Effective ways to measure employee performance and productivity. Comparison between face scan and fingerprint time clocks. There are a variety of time clocks available in the market since the demand for automatic attendance systems has increased. Importance of uAttend online employee attendance systems - uAttend Australia. Whether you are a big business owner or an owner of a small workspace, you need a proper employee tracking and attendance system installed. The two models of fingerprint time clocks available at uAttend - uAttend Australia. Uses and benefits of facial recognition time clocks - uAttend Australia. Differences between card system time clocks and biometric time clocks - uAttend Australia.

Workplaces these days have become more concerned and aware of the attendance of employees because upon it depends their total daily and hence monthly pay. Unlike earlier days, employers pay special attention and focus on how attentive and regular the employees are because the total workplace output depends upon this. This is why they have started adopting new technologies and techniques to calculate the attendance of employees. Uattendaustralia - Time Attendance Systems. Time Keeping Software - An Ultimate Need of Workplace. The best fingerprint time attendance systems in town - uAttend Australia. uAttend is your one stop destination for all biometric systems in Australia. The company is the favorite among offices and workspaces who are ditching the dated manual time attendance systems and switching to high on technology devices. 5 advantages of using time clock and attendance software. Why Time Tracking Software is Integral Part of Business Management - uAttend Australia.

Why Time Tracking Software Is Unavoidable. Importance and benefits of fingerprint time attendance at workplaces - Importance and benefits of fingerprint time attendance at workplaces. uAttend Australia: Everything you need to know about time and attendance software. Importance of proximity time clock in workspaces - uAttend Australia. 5 ways to establish discipline at workplace - uAttend Australia. Punctuality plays a vital role in shaping up professional career. Our New Infographic - uAttend Australia. How to control time theft and buddy punching using cloud based time attendance software. How Information Technology Can Help Small Businesses Cut Costs Down. Tips for Choosing the Right Time Attendance Software - uAttend Australia - Blog. Why Cloud-Based Time Attendance is Better Than Conventional methods. 6 Ways to Clock in and Clock out - uAttend Australia. uAttend AU — Employee Time Theft and How It Hurts Your Business. How can you save with time attendance software systems?

Five Benefits of Using Time and Attendance Tracking Software - uAttend Australia.