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Atomic Learning: Blackboard Collaborate Training. Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to login Beginning of dialog content User Settings End of dialog content Log In opens form dialog Help FAQ Blackboard Collaborate Training Description In this online training series, you'll learn about a more collaborative and interactive experience that constantly evolves, Blackboard® Collaborate™.

Atomic Learning: Blackboard Collaborate Training

Try out the unlocked free sample tutorials below, or learn more about subscription options. A. B. C. D. E. Blackboard Collaborate Getting Started Guide. Blackboard Collaborate Tutorials. Blackboard YouTube Channel. Learning is perhaps our most human trait.

Blackboard YouTube Channel

Learning is acquiring knowledge through experience. Understanding the world around us through context and communication. It starts in the womb and ends with our last breath. As human beings, we are first and foremost, learners. But the world can be a harsh teacher — natural learning is chaotic, random at best; the knowledge we acquire, only a coincidence of time and space. Now technology has given us the opportunity to reimagine education. To make it personal. Support Portal: Common issues encountered by web conferencing users.

Troubleshooting. Support Portal: Known Issues. Support Portal: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Known Issues. University of Alaska Anchorage. Blackboard Collaborate Launcher - June 15, 2014 The way Collaborate sessions and recordings are accessed has changed.

University of Alaska Anchorage

Previously, launching a new meeting would download a file named 'meeting.jnlp' which was ran by the local systems default Java installation. All new sessions will instead download a file named 'meeting.collab' which will require the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to run. The new launcher is a vetted version of Java provided by Blackboard specifically for running Collaborate. Collaborate meetings and recordings accessed after June 14th will require Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to be installed. Downloads For questions or concerns, please contact the UAA ITS CallCenter at 907-786-4646 or CampusPack Decommission - May 9, 2014 UAA's license for CampusPack, the suite of blog and wiki tools provided by Learning Objects for Blackboard, will not be renewed for future semesters.

Internet Explorer 11 Crashes in Blackboard - Feb 14, 2014 MAC OS X Java Repair. Ask The Doctors. Support Portal. Blackboard Collaborate FAQ - We Collaborate! We crowd-sourced some advice on Blackboard Collaborate troubleshooting.

Blackboard Collaborate FAQ - We Collaborate!

Thanks to all who have contributed. Additional notes can be made in the comments below. Basic Set Up Test your computer's compatibility at (sometimes have to click twice to get to the "Checking System Requirements" page--not sure why). Be sure to go on to Step 2 and check your audio in the "Configuration Room. " Important Note for MAC Users If you are using a Mac running Mountain Lion v10.8.4, Blackboard has released a special app called the "Collaborate Launcher for Mac" which is now required for Mountain Lion v10.8.4 and later. Launching Student Instructions in Detail (.docx) for BbC 11 from Susan Goldstein at Harvard Division of Continuing Education Mobile Users. Support Portal: System Requirements. Blackboard Services Status. EduTip: Getting Students Ready to use Bb Collaborate Web Conferencing.

EduTip: Blackboard Collaborate ~ Teleconference Set Up. Blackboard Collaborate has will automatically generate a long distance phone number with PIN access each time a new session is created.

EduTip: Blackboard Collaborate ~ Teleconference Set Up

The default numbers are through the Blackboard home office and are long distance for UAA students. There is an option in Default Settings that allows an instructor to enter their Department Audio Conference number and pin information to allow students to call in and the department covers the audio conference costs. In the Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager > Select: Select Defaults In the new window > Select: Teleconference Options Have the following Department Audio Conference information available. EduTip: Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for MAC & PC. EduTip: Instructor Tips for Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate. Getting Ready Steps: Works best if you set up your session well before the the first online meeting: On the computer you will be using for the meeting, complete the system check: Click this Collaborate Setup link from the computer you will be using to attend the online class meetings Your computer is ready if you get the two green check marksIf you get the red X follow the instructions to enable your computer, if you are on a MAC follow the instructions belowIf needed call IT Services at 907-786-4646 for assistance.

EduTip: Instructor Tips for Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate

EduTip: Converting old eLive Recordings using Collaborate Publish. EduTip: Quick Save items from your Bb Collaborate Web Session. Blackboard Collaborate is a robust tool for meeting with your class live and online.

EduTip: Quick Save items from your Bb Collaborate Web Session

With so many features running at once, it can be hard to gauge participation from your students in this arena. This is a quick tip on how to use Collaborate’s built in features for a “quick save” so you can review your attendance, chat log, and whiteboard slides at a later time. Use your time in-session to focus on your discussions and your content. Edutip: Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Group Exercises and Learning Materials. Infusing Cultural considerations in your classroom, training or community group event can provide your group a rich and comfortable atmosphere to open up about topics of culture and diversity.

Edutip: Cultural & Linguistic Competence: Group Exercises and Learning Materials

Breaking the ice with hooks and prompts can help provide context and meaningful discussion. This CLC Icebreakers and Exercises resource provides icebreakers, exercises, videos and movies that can be used when working with communities to facilitate interaction and active participation on relevant topics that are meant to promote learning as you train in cultural and linguistic competence. This and many other resources on this subject can be found through the Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Mental Health.

In Practice: translating activities to an online format One exercise I tried from this resource in my online Guidance 150 online course was the “Cultural Iceberg” exercise. The students were very comfortable sharing with each other by this week (week 12) of our online course. Outcomes. EduTip: Digital Detours. Digital Detours is a subcommittee of the UAA E-Learning Workgroup, revised Spring 2014: Cindy Trussell and Kathleen Voge This list contains proactive solutions for keeping distance courses running when the LMS (Blackboard Learn), web conferencing (Blackboard Collaborate),or university email are not functioning properly.

EduTip: Digital Detours

Outages seldom happen for any length of time, but here are some great ideas to consider as you plan your next course. Collect external contact information from students at the beginning of the semester Create local spreadsheet or email contact group to save your students’ contact info.Create a content folder or menu item in Blackboard Learn (e.g. Start Here or Pre-Course Activity) that might include: An activity for students to update their contact information in the Personal Information tab of UAOnline (phone/email primarily) so you will be able to utilize the Email Class feature in the Faculty section of UAOnline.A Blackboard quiz or form (e.g. Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing : UAA Instructor Resources. “Fall 2014 Bootcamp: Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate” Recorded Webinar. Best Practices. Web Conferencing Accessibility. Blackboard Collaborate - RMIT University.