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Kodi Addons - SuperRepo has them all

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5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16 - Best for Kodi Are you looking for the must have Addons. Check out these 5 New Kodi addons you must have. 5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16. Good afternoon guys and gals with Christmas well out of the way and already a distant memory , i thought i would write up a blog on the 5 New Kodi Must Have Addons on the Scene as of 28/01/2016. This is a follow up blog to my previous one’s HERE which has been read by over 150000 people.Thanks for all the support and Hope you are all still enjoying reading our site. How to Integrate Genesis with XBMC Library Share this post This easy to follow guide will show you every step you need to integrate Genesis with your Kodi TV and Movie Library. I will be showing you how to integrate the TV Shows section.

[How To] Backup Raspbmc manually There are many threads out there in regards to backing up or making images of your SD card. The limitation with images is that they rely on the size of the SD card. So going to a smaller or larger card can be a hassle. Here is a simple way to manually back up your .xbmc folder which holds all of your settings, addons and library info. Using Putty, log into the pi and change your directory to /home/pi. The command is While in the directory, type Code:tar -czf backup.tar.gz .xbmc/Transfer that file to another machine. Keyboard controls - Kodi 1 Default keyboard controls The default keymap can be found at 2 Mouse controls 3 Picture slide show controls Install OpenELEC to USB (for ALL models of Raspberry Pi) What are the benefits of installing to USB rather than SD?Installing to an SD card will result in a painfully slow XBMC setup, you can speed this up by enabling overclocking but you must be very careful as SD cards really aren't designed for running operating systems on and too high an overclock (or the wrong power supply) can easily corrupt your card. A corrupt card cannot be fixed and it will have to be thrown away. What Do I need?SD Card: You'll need a basic SD card, really doesn't matter what it is - just get the cheapest one you can find. You'll see a lot of instructions out there recommending a class 10 card, if using an SD card install then yes this is recommended but for a USB install it's really not necessary.

Library of XBMC Addons GOtv Author:lambdaVersion: 1.3.6Released: 2014-04-09Repository:lambda’s XBMC Addons Description: Watch tv shows from various sources How to Listen to Google Play Music on XBMC Kodi Share this post Here is a quick and easy guide to have your Google Play Music account playing from XBMC. Download the Google Music plugin. Save to a location you can easily accessOpen XBMCSelect SYSTEM > Settings Select Add-Ons itunes airplay to raspbmc Quote:UM, it's on the second page of the forum, you must not have looked too hard. This is why I hate fgorums, people asking the same question every day when the answer is in front of them. ...yeah see, that is what we in the professional realm call a non-answer...that thread is not an answer, just a kick of the ball into the other teams court. the same question is asked i'll give you that, but the response is "AFAIK it's a problem with XBMC itself as appose to raspbmc" this is the problem i have. if I don't outline every single thread that I have already looked at then I must not have searched myself. and, lo and behold, my google search results in this: "

Tutorial How to Install Setup Categories for Add-Ons Kodi XBMC Here is a guide for assigning categories for each of your add-ons using the Categories add-on by AddonScriptorDE. If you have a lot of add-ons this is a great way of organising them. When you have created categories you can also then favourite a category which is ideal for then adding as a main menu item or as a sub menu item giving you quick and easy access to different add-ons depending on what type of add-on you want to use. In this guide I will show you how to install the add-on, how to setup categories and how you can add as a favourite to then use as a main menu or sub-menu item.

Basic playlists XBMC supports both basic playlists and smart playlists. A basic playlist is a normal text file that lists one or more media files (Audio or Video), and plays them in succession. You can either create your own or use existing playlists from other sources, such as a playlist generated from Winamp, iTunes, or other sources.

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