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100 Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

100 Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands
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phrasal verbs vs. nouns Phrasal verbs make up a huge category of expressions in English that careless users often misspell by substituting one-word noun forms for the standard two-word phrasal verb; for instance: it would have been a mistake for me to have written “Phrasal verbs makeup a huge category.” It is fine to write “I didn’t want to put on my makeup” (“makeup” is a noun) or “I had to take the makeup exam.” (In this example “makeup” is a noun acting like an adjective modifying another noun—“exam”. What kind of exam was it? A makeup exam.) Such nouns are often hyphenated, at least early in their history (it used to be common to write “make-up exam,” and that is still fine); but there is a strong tendency for such hyphenated forms to evolve into single words. Most phrasal verbs consist of a verb and adverb combined. All of this is of little use if you’re not clear about what a noun is and what a verb or an adverb is. Note: What follows is not meant to be exhaustive. go by vs. go-byHow time does go by.

50-common-English-phrasal-verbs 100 Useful Expressions, Dialogs and Phrasal Verbs for SHOPPING! Here is what you will find in this article. Click on any topic you want to read more about! Whether you love shopping, or just shop when you need to, you can practice your English at the same time! Shopping is a great way to communicate with lots of different people, and it really helps to boost your confidence in speaking English! You might hesitate or make mistakes to begin with, if you’re a bit nervous, but that’s completely normal. If you familiarise yourself with the phrases and vocabulary in this blog, then you’ll know what you should expect to hear from the people you talk to on your shopping spree. The more you do it, the easier it will get, and the more natural it will feel! image source People: CustomerCashier / clerkAttendant / assistantManager Shopping: Wallet (male)Purse (female)ScaleTill / CounterBarcodeReceiptGift receiptAisleShelf / shelvesTrolley / sBasket / sLift / sEscalator / sBag / sFitting rooms / changing rooms Ways to Pay: Where to Buy: 1. Questions: Responses: 2. 3. 4. 5.

MED Magazine by Jonathan Marks • Popular wisdom • Some facts and figures • Phrasal verbs in academic writing • Phrasal verbs in fiction • A word of warning • To recapitulate, or sum up • Further reading • Acknowledgement • Next in the series Widespread popular wisdom about phrasal verbs among learners and teachers is that they are: ... and perhaps even: Although there is some basis for at least the first four of these beliefs, the reality is more complicated. top Some facts and figures According to one source, the Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English, 'phrasal verbs' (verb + adverb, e.g. The proportions are similar to those for lexical verbs in general, except that the figure for academic writing is disproportionately low. However, individual phrasal verbs can have distributions that go against the grain of this generalisation. According to the same source, 'prepositional verbs' (verb + preposition, e.g. Phrasal verbs in academic writing Phrasal verbs in fiction A word of warning Further reading

Phrasal Verbs Machine on the App Store English Phrasal Verbs with Multiple Meanings Download the text (PDF) Phrasal Verbs Course >> Phrasal verbs in English can be confusing because not only are they very similar to each other (take off, take out, take away, take over, etc.) but also each phrasal verb can have two, three, four, or more definitions. Look at the example of take off: In today’s class, you’ll learn ten very common phrasal verbs with multiple meanings. And if you’d like to learn 500 phrasal verbs in the context of conversations, check out the Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course: A – “The teacher passed out the tests to the students.” Pass out = give, distribute Ex) flyers, coupons, free samples B – “It was so hot in the classroom that I felt like I was going to pass out.” Pass out = faint, lose consciousness Ex) from shock, fear, nervousness, medical problems When there’s an impact – when you get hit on the head and lose consciousness – we say you are knocked out. A – “Her parents died when she was very young, so her grandparents brought her up.” Take out = borrow

Phrasal verbs: Teaching phrasal verbs using a literary text – tips and activities By Lindsay Clandfield Tips and activities for teaching phrasal verbs using a literary text. Introduction Using authentic texts can be a motivating way to teach phrasal verbs. The relationship between phrasal verbs is more natural and can often be deduced from the surrounding context. The lesson plan at the bottom of the pagepresents eight new phrasal verbs using a literary text as a starting point. Lesson aim: To present 4 to 8 phrasal verbs. Level: Intermediate and above. One of the advantages of this approach is its authenticity. Stage one Ask learners to make a list in English of all the things that come into their mailbox in an average week. Stage two Distribute the worksheet and ask learners to look at exercise A. Answers: a letter from the acting school; no, the letter didn’t arrive Stage three Now let them re-read the text. Answers: Stage fourTell students to look at the phrasal verbs highlighted in the text. Answers: open up; scrunched it up; fell upon; dawned on Stage five Stage six

The Phrasal Verbs Machine - Android app on AppBrain - That's why we decided to reach out to The Amazing Phraso, our phrasal verb expert, to see if he could help us with the visual part. In this application, we can find animated illustrations of 100 phrasal verbs set in the circus world of our main character Phraso and his friends. - Frequently, phrasal verbs can have more than one meaning. - We hope that the Phrasal Verbs Machine will help you lose your fear of phrasal verbs and show you that, with the right tools, using them is easier than it looks. - At Cambridge University Press, we know that Phrasal verbs are complicated for non-native English speakers to learn and use. Phrasal Verb Flashcards, phrasal verb printables, and phrasal verbs game cards come in, get in, get out, pick up, put down, put on, take out, put away, run away, put in, come out, turn over, sit down, stand up, wake up, turn on, turn off, look for, go to bed, throw away get 'em game cards, small game cards, handout same cards with b/w backings: get 'em game cards, small game cards the large flash cards are 5mb! Phrasal Verb PowerPoint flashcards Tools for Educators is a website developed by MES with worksheet generators to make vocabulary and language building teaching materials, using the images from these flashcards. word serach generator crossword maker board gamespicture dictionary bingo boards 123 Listening is a website developed by MES with Dream English. listening worksheet makers listening test audio MES Games is an online ESL games site for students. ESL games Phrasal Verbs 2: get in trouble, give away, go on a date, go out, hand in, hand out, grow up, hang out, laugh at, put out, put up, take down, take off, come off, break up the large flash cards are 4mb!

Your English 41 Phrasal Verbs 1 These oral exercises are intended to help you practice phrasal verbs. By learning the basic phrasal verbs, i.e. verbs with specific postpositions by heart through poems, you will take a big step towards sounding like a real English-speaking person. And you will understand spoken English much better. There are interactive drills that require you to speak according to the models proposed—and even poems with the vocabulary being practiced. Recording: Transcript in PDF: The transcript in DOC} is to be found in QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book (the DVD or downloadable versions)} and in the downloadable packs of "Your English" Podcasts} that we offer at a minimal fee. Kind regards, Marianne Your English 41 "Phrasal Verbs 1" Recording Your English 41 Phrasal Verbs 1 And here is the script in PDF. To get the scripts of the all the recordings of the "Your English" Series} go to DVDs (Book-Podcasts-Film). Back to the main list of "Your English" podcasts.

Phrasalstein Tablet - Android app on AppBrain This time around, our star is Doctor Phrasalstein who, with the help of his friends, will teach us 100 phrasal verbs using animations inspired by the classic “horror movie” genre, with a touch of humour and irony. You can find 60 of the 100 total animations in this first version of the App. The rest will be along soon in the next update and the App will, of course, continue to be free. Frequently, phrasal verbs have more than one meaning. For the examples we’ve selected, we’ve used the most common and well-known meaning for some while going with the more obscure meaning for others. If you liked The Phrasal Verbs Machine, we’re sure you’re going to love Phrasalstein. If you have a 7-inch screen tablet, we recommend you to download the smartphone version. After the successful launch of The Phrasal Verb Machine, comes Phrasalstein, the definitive app to help you lose your fear of the horrifying phrasal verbs once and for all.