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24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy

24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy
1. For fruit-ophiles. Photos by Grace Hitchcock for PopSugar / Via Some diets require precision. Yes, even fruit portions. 2. Women’s Health / Via For more information on what makes these meals so easy: What Nutritionists Eat When They Only Have 5 Minutes to Prep a Meal, via Women’s Health. 3. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Via This food guide will help you maneuver the Paleo way of life. 4. Northwest Edible Life / Via Look, ma! 5. Lexi / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen / Via Smoothies should be considered cheat food: they’re so easy to make, super healthy, and also taste amazing! 6. Daily Burn / Via It will almost be like you’re not even trying. 7. Beth / Eat Within Your Means / Via You can check out the recipe here. 8. What’s a coffee? 9. Shape / Via Impress your mom without batting an eyelash: these soups are all just different twists to the same basic recipe. 10.

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Southwest Chicken Skillet So, you remember how much you love those Taco Chicken Bowls? And how they’re so easy because you just pour everything into the slow cooker and press go? Well guess what… You can do it in a skillet, too! Except this Southwest Chicken Skillet only takes about 30 minutes! Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix Newsflash for ranch lovers! Did you know that it is super duper easy to make delicious ranch seasoning mix homemade? Healthy Food Diet: 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge Do you feel like your diet needs a fresh start? When life happens and you abandon healthy food in favor of whatever is nearby or comes out of a packet or pouch, it's time for a "clean" break. That's why we're bringing you SHAPE's 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge.

How to Make Any Marinara Sauce in 5 Steps (and 20 Minutes) Here at Food52, we love recipes -- but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don't always need a recipe, you'll make your favorite dishes a lot more often. Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup Omgnesssss… This is my new all-time favorite soup! I’ve already eaten two bowls since I made it today at lunch and I don’t think I’ll even need to freeze any because it will be gone fast. This super flavorful and hearty soup is a vegetarian take on the old classic Lentil & Sausage Stew from way back in 2010. Top 10 Low Point Weight Watchers Snacks Not all of you may know this but-after having my son (about 2 years ago) I began a weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. I loved the program and lost 70 lbs! However, the warm weather, busy days, endless get-togethers and BBQ’s leave a gal with a creeping scale (I know you know what I’m sayin’).

Day 2 - 5-Day Clean Eating Detox Meal Plan After the Holidays The holidays are all about family, community, and sharing—and indulging in those glorious pies or buttery side dishes are offered at the holiday table. Being present and partaking in the festivities is actually a boon for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. So, this year, let your health-foodie-hair down and relish each bite, knowing that this balanced five-day plan can get you back on track. During the next five days, focus on the following five principles: 1.

Smashed Avocado, Black Bean + Roasted Tomato Toasts I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent the majority of mine recuperating from a nasty cold that entered my life late last week. By Friday, it had quite the grip on my energy levels, and I ended up spending the entire day snuggled up in bed. When I finally woke up, Jack had apparently become quite concerned and had his little cat face just inches from mine with a paw nestled against my cheek. Pets always seem to know when we’re in need of some extra love. Something about this cold held my appetite captive for most of Friday; however, after finally emerging from an 18-hour slumber late that afternoon, I was starving.