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7 Ways Students Use Diigo To Do Research and Collaborative Project Work

7 Ways Students Use Diigo To Do Research and Collaborative Project Work
January 14, 2015 Diigo is an excellent social bookmarking tool that enable you to save, annotate, and share bookmarks. The power of Diigo lies in the distinctive features that it offers to teachers and educators. There is a special account for K-12 and higher-ed educators that empower registered teachers with a variety of tools and features. Here are some of the ways they can use Diigo group to conduct research in and out of class: Here are some very good video tutorials and screencasts to help you better use Diigo: 1- How to Create a Diigo group for your class by Mark Barnes 2- How to use Diigo to annotate, organize and research 3- How to autopost Diigo bookmarks to your class blog by Cool Cat Teacher 4- Explore social bookmarking with Diigo by Lynda 5- Organize your research with Diigo by Cult of Pedagogy Here some other relevant resources to learn more about how to use Diigo with your students: Related:  Apps and other ToolsICT 2Research Help

10 Twitter Classroom Ideas for Exciting Learning In today’s digital world, we need to embrace technology in the classroom to get kids excited about learning. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and can be an exceptional learning tool. It’s important to take note however, that Twitter’s Policy Towards Children suggests that the website is geared towards users age 13 and older. Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015 | edutechchick Technology Evolves Quickly! When I started teaching in 2004, I used any/all available technology. I had an overhead projector and a CD player. Then I scored an InFocus machine and a laptop because no one else in the social studies department had use for it. Teachers have wonderful tech tools to choose from these days. All of the tech tools featured in this post are free, user friendly, and (likely) will be available on your school’s network. So, here are my top 25 picks for digital tools for the upcoming school year! For creating lessons to digitally share with students: 1. 2. 3. Instant polling: perfect for quickly checking for student understanding, collecting quick data, and engaging students. 4. 5. 6. Current Events: why not promote reading and a global perspective in any class you teach? 7. 8. Connecting Home and School 9. 10. Videos and Resources for Video Watching: 11. 12, 13. 14. 15. 16-20 Core APPS: 21-23 Productivity tools: Zipgrade– instantly grade assessment and get data quick! 24.

quick_start_guide [Zotero Documentation] Translations of this page: Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Read on for an overview of Zotero's features and capabilities. How do I install Zotero? How do I open Zotero? Zotero can be opened from your operating system's dock or file manager like any other program. What does Zotero do? Zotero is, at the most basic level, a reference manager. What kind of items are there? Every item contains different metadata, depending on what type it is. What can I do with items? Items appear in Zotero's center pane. Collections The left pane includes My Library, which contains all the items in your library. above the left pane to create a new collection, a folder into which items relating to a specific project or topic can be placed. Items can be assigned tags. Searches Quick searches show items whose metadata, tags, or fulltext content match the search terms and are performed from the Zotero toolbar. Saved Searches Attachments

Favorite Tech Tools For Social Studies Classes Educators are looking for ways to help students participate in a digital world, but the choices for digital engagement in the classroom can be overwhelming. Many teachers have little to no money to pay for premium versions of apps and are looking for quick and easy ways to determine how an app works. They must also consider why it might be useful for their teaching practice. Rachel Langenhorst helps teachers in her district find solutions for those issues. She put together a list of favorite digital tools for the social studies classroom and shared them during an edWeb webinar. “Really be cognizant of the digital tools you’re picking and why you are picking them,” Langenhorst said. Every educator in the digital world needs a bookmarking tool to help keep track of resources, ideas and sources for students. Explee is a video scribing tool that simulates the effect of sketchnoting and allows students to find and add images, text, video clips or audio to a workspace.

4 Tools that Help in Flipped Classes 4 Tools that Help in Flipped Classes Flipped classroom , a pedagogical model, is known to flip the lecture and homework elements of a typical learning environment. Flipped classes are essentially a part of the blended learning environment where students devote most of their in-class time towards discussions and projects based learning. A blended cum flipped classroom requires certain basic tools to make it a success. Here’s a list of such tools that I feel will complete learning in such classrooms Learning Management System A good learning management system is an important tool for a successful flipped classroom. Digital Media Creation What works with students when dealing with flipped classrooms? Content Creation & Sharing It is important to create and deliver content that is effective within a flipped classroom. Collaboration and Social Media It is important for students and teachers to collaborate and learn from each other.

Google Web - A Scholar's Guide to Google Advanced SearchingTips on conducting advanced web searches using Google, including using operators not readily available from the Advanced Search Page. Google users can conduct advanced searches in two ways: 1. By using the search engine's dedicated Advanced Search page 2. By integrating Advanced Search Operators into their search. Advanced Search Page Google's Advanced Search screen (shown below) allows researchers an easy way to refine a query by filling in special fields or using a series of pull-down menus. Google also allows users to automatically filter explicit sexual content from their results list by using SafeSearch Filtering. Alternate Query Types Some special queries NOT readily available through the Advanced Search Page are listed below. cache: The query [cache:] will show the version of the web page that Google has in its cache. For instance, the search above will show Google's cache of Harvard's main homepage. is the same as 1. 2. 3. Google searches are not case sensitive. 4.

New Research Reports on What Tools Help Teachers Use Games in Class The A-GAMES project, which released a national survey of teachers’ use of games in the classroom last year is now out with a report that offers deeper insights into what tools help teachers incorporate games into the classroom The report, published late last week, examined how a range of different features – from dashboards for teachers to lesson plan options – affected the usefulness of the games as a teaching tool. “Our report is a call to the game development community about where they might focus next to make educational games even more useful,” said Barry Fishman, a professor in the U-M School of Information and the School of Education. Fishman and his fellow researchers Michelle Riconscente of GlassLab Games and Jan Plass of New York University reported on in-depth interviews and observations of 30 teachers in the New York area and found some surprising results. Barry Fishman: We were a bit surprised by this finding ourselves, but upon reflection is started to make more sense to us.

Las 33 Competencias Digitales que todo profesor(a) del siglo XXI debiera tener El docente del siglo XXI ha de ser capaz de: 1 - Crear y editar audio digital 2 - Utilizar marcadores sociales para compartir los recursos con/entre los estudiantes 3 - Usar blogs y wikis para generar plataformas de aprendizaje en línea dirigdas a sus estudiantes 4 - Aprovechar las imágenes digitales para su uso en el aula 5 - Usar contenidos contenidos audiovisuales y vídeos para involucrar a los estudiantes 6 - Utilizar infografías para estimular visualmente a los estudiantes 7 - Utilizar las redes sociales para conectarse con colegas y crecer profesionalmente 8 - Crear y entregar presentaciones y sesiones de capacitación 9 - Compilar un e-portafolio para su autodesarrollo 10 - Tener un conocimiento sobre seguridad online 11 - Ser capaz de detectar el plagio en los trabajos de sus estudiantes 12 - Crear videos con capturas de pantalla y vídeo-tutoriales 13 - Recopilar contenido Web apto para el aprendizaje en el aula 17 - Aprovechar los juegos de ordenador y videoconsola con fines pedagógicos

10 Great Search Engines for History Teachers Use the LUNA Browser to check out David Rumsey’s Map Collection with more than 30,000 images, searchable by keyword. Find excellent sources for women’s history with the Genesis dataset and extensive list of web resources. Get access to historical military records through Fold3, the web’s premier collection of original military records and memorials. Use the Internet Modern History Sourcebook to find thousands of sources in modern history. Browse and search to find full texts, multimedia, and more. Use the history guide from the Library of Anglo-American Culture and History for a subject catalog of recommended websites for historians, with about 11,000 to choose from. History Buff offers an online newspaper archive, reference library, and even a historical panoramas section in their free primary source material collection. University of Houston’s Digital History database offers a wealth of links to textbook, primary sources, and educational materials in digital history.

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