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Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls

Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls
*Update–Many of you have had questions about how to “twist” the paper. I have made a quick video showing you how. You can find the video for how to make tissue flowers here: How to Make Tissue Flowers Video Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments about my last Valentine’s day project…the “Be Mine” Framed Art. Many of you will remember that I have made these before and have them hanging in my daughter’s room. First off you will need a couple of rolls of tissue paper streamers. Start by cutting the paper into strips about 24 inches long. Now take your strip and start on one end and begin rolling it up between your fingers. After you have a few rolls, continue to roll it up but now twist the paper. Now just continue to roll and twist until you have reached the end of the strip. After you have a few rosettes made, start gluing {I used a glue gun} them onto a round styrofoam ball. On this particular rosette ball, I did not twist the paper. The fun thing is to just try different things.

Whirl-it lampshade - free DIY tutorial We really needed a new lamp, and we´ve planned to make one for months. This week we finally got around to it. It takes a bit of different materials, but it´s really easy when you´ve started. We planned to make the lamp using the yarn Garnstudio Ice, but it ran out really quickly, and we had to improvise by using a thinner yarn to complete it. What we used One big, round balloon. How we did itGather all the materials.Put the yarn into the glue and mix properly. Fill the balloon to a desireable size. Hang it and start whirling. Whirl pretty tightly.

t-shirt latch hook rug tutorial I really love flokati rugs. I have two that are safely tucked away in my parents basement awaiting our reunion. When I learned that I would be having a child and building a nursery for him, I wanted a flokati. A gray one. I’m going to show you how it’s done, but let me warn you- while this rug was super inexpensive to make with the resource of money- it was very costly in the resource of time. And now, this is how to make your very own latch hook rug. Supplies: Latch hook canvas latch hook tool old t-shirts scissors or rotary cutting tool/mat seam binding masking tape dye (optional) All of these things should be available at your local craft store, with the exception of the old t-shirts. On to the making! Once you’ve gathered all of your shirts, use a rotary cutting tool and mat (you can certainly use scissors but the results are less precise) to cut the shirts into 1 inch strips. Once you have all of the strips cut, it’s time to dye them if you’d like. Now you’re ready to hook! xo elle

Offbeat Home | This jewelry tree makes necklaces ART Aryll of the sweet Nerf gun displays ALSO posted her elegant jewelry storage solution to the Offbeat Home Flickr group. It took me a bit to understand how this all worked. You too? It's shiny silver tacks + long necklaces + a tree limb vinyl decal + ROCKING wall color = fantastique!. Dig it. » Creativity is essential for me as an individual, spouse, mom & friend. However, with five kiddos running crazy in the house I don’t have lots of time for projects that can’t be finished during nap time. Below you will find some of the diy posts I’ve done in the past.

Heather Bullard: {DIY} Mason Jar Soap Dispenser I made this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser to use on my potting bench. I'm always needing to wash my hands after working in the garden and this sturdy jar should last me a lifetime of hand scrubbing. I think it would look just as great in a bath or kitchen and I thought some of you might want to make one too. Gather your supplies...old plastic soap bottle, mason jar, 2 part epoxy, drill, scissors and marker. Cut off the top of the soap bottle leaving the screw threading intact. Mix the epoxy according to the package directions and apply to lower rim of bottle top. Lastly, insert the pump through the hole and screw tightly to secure. UPDATE: For those of you who can't seem to understand humor or sarcasm the "find a man" reference is a joke.

Lovely Spaces - Craft room | How Joyful Hello my lovely readers! This past weekend was so crazy! We lost our power Thursday night – I’m so glad I schedule my draft post – The bad part I spend days without power in our house, when you work in your computer that’s kind of a vital ingredient hehe. This past storm was pretty big and brought a lot of snow and that caused a lot of trees fall down =[ It was my first time in a storm like this and it was pretty surprising to see a lot of street closed, cars stuck and not being able to cook or have heater (the bad part about having electric stove!) So now that you are all updated in my weekend, I want to share some of my favorite Craft room/Office images, all of them collected via Pinterest! [source] [source] Don’t you just love the closet desk idea? [source] [source] [source] I also love the contrast and pops of color And I could not stop myself from sharing my latest obsession and next Project, an awesome Studio table =] here my inspiration [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source]

DIY TUTORIAL and a giveaway! Happy Monday everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make this necklace and introduce my first giveaway! Below are the steps to make this tulle necklace. And to win this necklace, just leave me a comment below! Good luck! Step 1: Pick out your fabric and beads. Step 2: Measure the fabric around a bead and then add an inch, this is where you will cut. Step 3: Cut the fabric the long way. Step 4: You should now have a long strip of fabric. Step 5: Sew the folded fabric at the open end. Step 6: You should now have a tube. Step 7: In order to turn the tube right side out, attach a safety pin to one end. Step 8: Feed the safety pin through the tube. Step 9: Once the tube is right side out, put a bead in the tube and center it. Step 10: Make a knot at each end of the bead. Step 11: Feed another bead into the tube and knot after the bead. Step 12: Sew the ends shut. Step 13: Add flower by gathering strips of the fabric together and sewing the center together. Finished Necklace!

Heart Wine Cork Wall Decor and Bulletin Board by LizzieJoeDesigns D*S diy projects for ladies’ home journal A few months ago, we were asked to contribute some holiday gift DIY projects to the December/January issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. The magazine has just hit stands, and our projects are now available to view on their website! Some of these are variations on past projects, while others — like the vintage book tablet case and the coiled rope bowls — are brand spankin’ new. If you have any free time over the holiday weekend, you should definitely consider these projects for getting a jump start on your holiday gift-making. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday everyone! Image above: A trio of coiled rope nesting bowls in gold and neutrals make a chic, easy hostess gift. Image above: Make a vintage book iPad or e-reader case with a linen lining. Image above: A variation on our popular cat scratch pad tutorial, this time in a fun goldfish shape. Image above: Dress up simple white mugs with hand-painted botanicals or images of your choice to create personalized gift set.

Perfect Summer Bangle - StumbleUpon Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof. Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle. Used in this tutorial: Inkodye Red Prepare. Transcribe. Perfect. Pour. Brush. Wipe. Wrap. Tape. Expose. Develop. Cut. Reveal. Wash. Enjoy. Build a Laundry Basket Dresser | Free and Easy DIY Project and... The free content provicded by this website is made possible by the following current sponsors. Thank you!

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