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Google Books Search ! Google Ultimate Interface About Google In 1996-1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with an algorithm to rank web pages, called PageRank. Realizing the potential to improve search engines, they tried and failed to sell the technology to any. So they founded Google, which in an incredibly short period of time has become one of the world’s most powerful companies. While primarily known as a search engine, Google now makes a wide variety of web-based and other software and is known for investing in wide-ranging projects outside their core such as through their philanthropic arm, Google’s enourmously successful advertising business accounts for almost all of their revenue and allows Google to subsidize many other ideas. Google is a market and quality leader in web search, online maps, online video (through YouTube), and areas. Alternatives to Google Why not use nothing but Google all the time? Try out the Bing search engine, for instance, for web, image, and other searches.

Web 2.0 Directory : 907 Web 2.0 Sites in 50+ categories : eConsultant الفطير باللحم الحار وصفات | موقع «نستله الشرق الأوسط» للعائلة طريقة التحضير في مقلاة متوسطة الحجم، تسخن نصف قالب الزبدة ونصف كمية الزيت ويُقلى لحم الغنم إلى أن يصبح لونه ذهبياً مائلاً إلى البنيّ. يُرفع اللحم ويوضع جانباً ويُقلى البصل والثوم والزنجبيل في المقلاة ذاتها إلى أن يصبح المزيج لزجاً. يُعاد اللحم إلى المقلاة وتُضاف مرقة الدجاج ماجي والماء واللبن ويُترك على نار خفيفة بدون غطاء لمدة 20 دقيقة. يُرفع القدر عن النار ويُضاف إليه البازيلا وعصير الليمون الحامض وأوراق الكزبرة ويُترك المزيج ليبرد ويبلغ حرارة معتدلة تُدهن الزبدة على قعر صينية قطرها 20 سم و على أطرافها (أو تُرش المقلاة برذاذ نباتي أم رذاذ من الدقيق لعدم الالتصاق) ثم توضع جانباً. يُرقّ عجين الرقائق الهشة ويقطع إلى دائرتين الأولى قطرها 35 سم لتغطي قعر الصينية وأطرافها والثانية قطرها 25 سم لتغطي أعلاها. توضع العجينة الأكبر في قعر الصينية المغلفة بالزبدة ويتم التأكد من أنها تغطي الأطراف كلها. يُحمى الفرن مسبقاً على حرارة 180 درجة مئوية وتتوضع الصفيحة المشبّكة على المستوى الأدنى. تُدهن العجينة بالبيض المخفوق وتُخبز لمدة 35-40 دقيقة أو إلى أن يصبح لون السطح ذهبيّاً مائلاً إلى البني.

Search Google Anonymously While Logged Into Google In Firefox One of the things that keeps some users from using Google Search is the certainty that everything that is done on the site is being logged and analyzed by Google. While it is possible to overcome this, for instance by launching searches only in the browser's private browsing mode, or using search engines such as Startpage that use Google search results but do not track you, you may prefer an automated solution that just works in the background without you doing anything. You could try and use Google while you are not signed in to your Google Account, but that too means some form of tracking as there are other means besides tracking a user by account. Plus, it means that you cannot use other Google Services such as Gmail properly without signing in first again. Another option would be to use two different web browsers, one for Google searches, the other for all other activities. The new Firefox add-on Searchonymous introduces a solution that resolves this issue.

14 Special Google Searches With Instant Answers Google can do more than display lists of websites – Google will give you quick answers to many special searches. While Google isn’t quite as advanced as Wolfram Alpha, it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. We’ve also covered searching Google like a pro by learning the Google search operators – if you want to master Google, be sure to learn those. Calculator You can use Google as a calculator – just type in a quick calculation and Google will provide an answer. Unit Conversions Google can also convert between a variety of units. As with the calculator, the unit conversion tool is clickable. You can also combine unit conversations and math. Currency Conversions Google can also do currency conversions for you. Your IP Address You can determine your current public IP address by typing what is my ip into Google – or just search for my ip. Weather Sunrise and Sunset You can also view the sunrise or sunset times for a location by typing sunrise location or sunset location. Times Package Tracking Data

10 Important Google URLs That Every Google User Should Know Which websites and apps have background access to my Google account? What does Google know about me? Where can I see all the ads that I’ve clicked on Google search? What does Google know about the places I’ve visited recently? Here are some of the most important links that every Google user should know about. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bonus: For Google Apps Administrators This is important but undocumented URL for Google Apps users.

100 Google Docs Tips November 9th, 2009 Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online. Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all your study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection. The Google Docs collection provides a streamlined, collaborative solution to writing papers, organizing presentations and putting together spreadsheets and reports. But besides the basic features, there are lots of little tricks and hacks you can use to make your Google Docs experience even more productive. Here are 100 great tips for using the documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Google Docs. Keyboard Shortcuts Navigate your documents and screen a lot faster when you use these keyboard shortcuts for formatting and more. Productivity Hacks These hacks will make your Google Docs experience even more efficient and streamlined. Features and Tools Collaboration Files, Folders and Filters Organization Edits Search

صالونة لحم الغنم بالبطاطا وعجينة الجزر وصفات | موقع «نستله الشرق الأوسط» للعائلة طريقة التحضير يُذوّب مكعبا مرقة الدجاج ماجي في 200 مل من الماء الساخن ويوضع المزيج جانباً. توضع قطع لحم الغنم في قدر كبير وتُغمر بالماء وتُغلى في حين تُقشد الرغوة كلما ظهرت. يُحمى الفرن مسبقاً على حرارة 180 درجة مئويّة وتوضع الصفيحة المشبّكة على المستوى الأدنى. يُحمّى الزّيت في قدر كبير ويُضاف البصل ويُطهى إلى أن يصبح لونه ذهبياً مائلاً إلى البني. يُضاف الكوسا إلى مرقة اللحم ويوضع على النار حتى يغلي. يُضاف حامض اللّيم والفلفل الأخضر ومرقة الدجاج والفليفلة الحلوة والكزيرة الطازجة ويُحرّك المزيج. توضع قطع اللحم فوق اليخنة وتُغرف البطاطا المبشورة والجزر المبشور ويوضعان في الطبقة العليا. البيانات الغذائية

How To Use Google Search As An Online Timer Learn about a simple search command that will let you use Google as an online timer to help you remind of any upcoming tasks. Use Google as an Online Timer Do you need a simple timer to remind you of upcoming tasks like picking up the laundary, making that phone call to your client or for sticking to the Pomodoro technique. There are good web apps, for example, that let you create countdown timers in the browser quickly but you probably don’t need them anymore. That’s because you can now setup online timers inside Google itself by entering the timer command in the search box in the following format (the word “set” is optional): timer for <time> OR set timer for <time> The <time> can use a combination of hours, minutes and seconds. One more thing. This tip is courtesy Lifehacker.

How to Search Google Like a Pro: 11 Tricks You Have to Know Google is a powerful tool, but you’re missing out on a lot of that power if you just type words into it. Master Google and find the best results faster with these search tricks. Whether you’re an inexperienced user or a seasoned professional, you’ll probably find at least one search operator you weren’t aware of here. Many of Google’s search operators aren’t very well-known. Exact Words and Phrases One of the most basic and widely known search tricks is using quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. “Hello World” This same method now works for exact-word queries. “mining” Excluding a Word The minus sign allows you to specify words that shouldn’t appear in your results. linux distributions -ubuntu Site Search The site: operator allows you to perform a search in a specific site. windows 7 You can also use the site: operator to specify a domain. Related Words ~geek Apparently, “Linux” is the most similar word to geek, followed by “Greek.” The Wildcard Time Ranges File Type

Power Google Welcome to Power Google, By Robert Harris, a practical, how-to book about using Google to locate information on the Internet. Below you will find a brief description of each chapter’s content along with two formats in which they can be viewed (Adobe® or HTML). If you do not have an Adobe® Acrobat® reader or would like to update your current reader to the latest version, click on the Adobe® icon below for a free download. Please note: Download times will depend on the Internet connection. Chapter 1: Why use Google? (41.0K) | or |HTML| Chapter 2: Developing a Search StrategyIf you want only a quick take on a common idea, you can simply type in the appropriate phrase into Google’s search box and quickly find your answer. (41.0K) | or |HTML| Chapter 3: Building a QueryOne of the advantages of Google’s effective method of finding and ordering pages for you is that even a simple search, such as typing in a couple of words, can produce excellent results. (42.0K) | or |HTML|

100+ Alternative Search Engines You Should Know If someone asks you, off the top of your head, what search engines you use or know off, chances are you’ll be naming the regulars: Google, Bing, Yahoo. The Internet however is a really big place and there are plenty more search engines out there that can cater to very specific requirements. General Search Engines We’re skipping the search engines that everyone know about so you won’t be seeing Google, Yahoo or Bing in this list. <img src=" width="800" height="400" alt="ecosia">Pin itMyWebSearch – MyWebSearch is search engine that shows results from Google. Regional Search Engines <img src=" width="800" height="400" alt="najdi">Pin itSearch Nigeria – Search Nigeria is a web based portal and search engine. Kid-Safe Search Engines Social Media Search Engines Image & Icon Search Engines Knowledge Search Engines


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