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Why Do Former High-School Athletes Make More Money? This project was a slam dunk, that one was a home run, and it’s just the way the ball bounces—the last thing the business world needs to catalogue its accomplishments is another facile sports metaphor. But it’s not just athletic metaphors that proliferate in the business world—it’s also athletes themselves. A recent study documented just how much the labor market smiles upon people who played sports as children: Former high-school athletes generally go on to have higher-status careers than those who didn’t play a sport. On top of that, former athletes’ wages are between 5 and 15 percent higher than those of the poor trombonists and Yearbook Club presidents.

It’s fast, global, engaged and influential – so why isn’t Twitter flying? How many tech companies are saddled with the problem of enjoying global fame but struggling with lacklustre performance? Not Facebook, which revealed in its results that it has nearly 1.5 billion users logging in each month around the world. Twitter, however, is an example where participation is lagging behind reputation. The company built around text-message-length “tweets” announced in its own quarterly results last week that it has 304 million monthly active users (MAUs), who logged in at least once a month in the past quarter. That figure was up only 0.7% from the previous quarter, while the figure for MAUs in the US stayed stubbornly at 65 million. Yet it is Twitter that is so often cited in news stories, TV coverage and even TV adverts, as established media businesses scramble to generate engagement with a tech-savvy mass of viewers, readers and listeners.

7 Steps For Writing a Blog Post That People Will Read Why is it so hard to write something people will actually READ? It’s one thing to share your thoughts and feelings on a topic, but it’s an entirely different thing to do it in a way that makes a difference to your readers and your business. There are plenty of copywriting tips out there that will help you boost conversions, but sometimes you need to see the process as a whole. Here are seven steps for writing a blog post that people will actually read:

You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much Recently, the New York Times ran a front-page story about the conditions for white-collar workers at Amazon. It revealed a workplace where abrupt firings are common, grown men and women cry at their desks, and people are scolded for not responding to e-mails after midnight. The story made clear how much things have changed in the American workforce. Once upon a time, it was taken for granted that the wealthier classes enjoyed a life of leisure on the backs of the proletariat. Today it is people in skilled trades who can most find reasonable hours coupled with good pay; the American professional is among those subject to humiliation and driven like a beast of burden.

Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook: Optimal Image Sizes To Share On Social Media Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media Cheat Sheet When it comes to social media, it’s a pretty well-known fact that images automatically do well. Users are attracted to visuals much more than they are plain text. However, sharing an image that isn’t the right size can be terrible for you or your brand. Jeb Bush, a Rich Politician with the Balls to Act Like It: The Q: GQ We now know Jeb Bush can multitask. In the midst of the grueling work of running (though not yet officially running) for president, Bush has also launched another campaign: He's building a new vacation home. As The Boston Globe's Matt Viser reports, construction is underway on what planning documents call a "cottage" for Jeb on the Bush family's ancestral compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. Of course, one man's cottage is another man's manse, and the 4-bedroom, 4.5-bath, 3,000-square-foot "Jeb Bush House" would seem to be the latter. Which, Viser notes, could pose a problem for its owner: "[A]s he tries to appeal to middle-class Americans in his likely Republican presidential campaign—and distinguish himself as his own man, distinct from the legacies of his father and brother—having a vacation home erected on a spit of land in coastal Maine" is a bit off-message.

Racing to Reach the Sky GENEVA — One morning in late June, 1,200 runners snaked up the south side of the Chamonix Valley before dawn in southeastern France. They were participating in the Mont Blanc 80 KM, a grueling running race in which participants would cover 50 miles on foot. The distance, though, might have been the easy part. They would also climb a total of 20,000 feet in ascents over the terrain, dip into Switzerland and cross a glacier before dashing across the finish line — all in less than 24 hours, the race’s time cap. (Alex Nichols of the United States went on to win the race in 10 hours, 31 minutes.) The Most Common Sources of Food Poisoning A new FDA report looks at where foodborne illnesses come from. A late-night roiling stomach is cause for frenzied reflection. After wondering if you’re getting sick, your thoughts will likely wander to your most recent meal, prompting that anxiety-inducing question: “Was it something I ate?” If it was, you’d be among the 48 million people who get foodborne illnesses in the United States each year. And a new report by the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration offers some insight on what these 48 million people are likely to have eaten before getting sick.

Italians are emotional, the Swiss are punctual: This shopping site is making billions by tailoring its services to European stereotypes Geography is hard. Even for those of us who grew up eating every meal over a Rand McNally world map placemat, there are a lot of terms to remember. And confuse. Often, it seems people may not be aware they are using a specific term incorrectly—hence the overwhelmingly positive reception to Terry Blas’s recent illustration explaining the difference between “Hispanic” and “Latino.” As such, Quartz has compiled this handy dictionary of commonly misused and mixed-up geographical terms. Never get caught confusing “Guyana” and “Guinea” again!

Shop the best footwear and accessories at the best price with Drjays coupon 20% Shop the best footwear and accessories at the best price with Drjays coupon 20% 517 views This article is copyright free and is published in Fashion » Shopping Joined: May 02, 2012 63 articles ‘Positionless Basketball’ Reigns Supreme — The Cauldron It was May 8, and the Cleveland Cavaliers had just suffered a devastating loss in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Chicago Bulls. They were down 2–1, suddenly fearing for their elimination. The immediate cause of their loss that Friday night was obvious: Derrick Rose had hit a ridiculous game-winning shot, a desperate, off-balance banker that somehow went in to break a 96–96 deadlock. The underlying cause was similarly easy to suss out: the Cavs’ defense allowed the Bulls to score 99 points in just 88 possessions, including 30 from Rose and 20 from Jimmy Butler. Chicago went to the free throw line 29 times and converted 25 tries. And yet the most memorable question from that night’s Cavs postgame presser had nothing to do with any of the above.

Swatch Co-Inventor: Apple Will Succeed and an Ice Age Is Coming for Swiss Watches - Bloomberg Business (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. may soon sell as many timepieces as all of Switzerland, threatening the country’s four-century-old industry, the co-inventor of the Swatch predicted. The Apple Watch may reach sales of 20 million to 30 million units annually in the first few years, Elmar Mock said by phone on Tuesday. Switzerland exported 28.6 million watches in 2014. The Apple Watch will be available next month starting at $349 for a Sport model, $549 for a midrange version, and $10,000 for the high-end Apple Watch Edition. “Apple will succeed quickly,” said the 61-year-old, who helped create the low-price Swatch in the 1980s. A local SEO checklist: tips and tricks for success - Knowledge For many small business categories, such as tradesmen, photographers or consultancies, local SEO is the single most important area of marketing to get right. Why? Because your customers are predominantly in your local vicinity.