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"Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way."

"Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way."
I found a long and ultimately very disturbing account of Mlle Lenormand, written only a month after her death in the summer of 1843, and by someone who seems bent on portraying the great fortune-teller in the worst possible light for purposes of entertainment and as a warning against the perils of prophecy. It begins well enough. It is said that out of the myriad thousands of esprits forts in Paris, but few could be named who have not at one epoch or another of their lives sought aid and counsel of Mademoiselle Lenormand. Though quite a girl at the time of the first revolution, yet had she already acquired such celebrity in the art of divination, that many of the poor trembling marquises of the ancient regime flew to consult her upon their place of refuge, ere they dared take wing like frightened birds at the approach of night. . . .

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Women's Red Drum workshop – Red Moon Designs “The tree birthed the drum so that we and spirit could speak with common tongue.” E Bonnie Devlin- Huntogi Drum master. NIkiah's Red Drum workshops run twice a year so that women interested have the chance both save up, and to plan ahead.{Upcoming dates below-classes are limited to 6 woman per workshop} In many ancient cultures around the world sacred drumming was one of the primary skills that women learned, making their own drums among them. Home Catalog Buy Tarot Cards, Tarot Decks, Futhark Runes, and Tarot Bags First impressions count. Have you been keeping your tarot cards inside a tattered box, plastic bag, or simply wrapped in a rubber band? Are you creating a 5 of pentacles/coins impression of yourself for your clients rather than a 9 of pentacles/coins one? If so, isn't it about time that you made some changes? Begin your readings with a beautiful presentation.

Tarot card meanings & divinatory definitions Study the definitions of all 78 Tarot cards from a range of sources! Click on the cards below for the full meanings of each card, Compare the meanings of the tarot cards between the main versions. The definition section has been expanded to give you probably the most comprehensive list of meanings to choose from: My definitions based upon years of reading the tarot Rider-Waite by A.E. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot: Part III: The Outer Method of the Oracles: Section 7: An Ancient Celtic Method of Divination Sacred Texts Tarot Tarot Reading Index Previous Next Buy this Book at The Pictorial Key to the Tarot , by A.E. Waite, ill. by Pamela Colman Smith [1911], at This mode of divination is the most suitable for obtaining an answer to a definite question. The Diviner first selects a card to represent the person or, matter about which inquiry is made.

The Book of Shadows Here you will find one of the largest online Book of Shadows. This page may seem a bit unorganized but I can't think of any other way to do it and I would hate to have a bunch of links for you to have to click on to get to the information you are looking for. So check back often for more items. If you would like to have a spell or information posted here, e-mail me!

Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society The purpose of these conferences and gatherings is to bring together the Shamanic community & family of all traditions, and to invite the clans, tribes, and families of other countries to come together as one community. We call to everyone to join the gathering and celebrate the earth, the stars, the spirits and the magic of each other. It is in this community we come to share our wisdom, our experience, our spirit, our blessings, and our healing. British Columbia Gatherings: 2014: Walking on 4 Legs – 5th BC Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

Make a Tarot Card Bag Once you've found the Tarot deck that's right for you, it's a real treat to have something special to keep them in. Sure, you could leave them in the original box, but many people prefer to use a drawstring pouch. You can sew one in just a few minutes with supplies you probably have laying around the house. Three-Card Daily Reading While browsing the net for spreads I came across many, but for a three card spread, which is my favorite, and a favorite of many on this forum, I find the following ones quite a refreshing variety. I am not sure these spreads were addressed on this form, but I will put them here anyway. In fact I had already tried a couple of them myself, and I am thrilled with the results Three cards may be laid down vertically, horizontally, or in a triangle ( one up, two down, or vice versa ) Here goes:

Internet Archive Search: subject:"Tarot" The seeds for the hard-to-define Rock band Tarot were sewn as early as 1984 when three highschool friends-- Gary Dunn, Chris Pipkins, and Kenny Shipman-- discovered that their musical tastes often set them apart from their contemporaries. One of the few things they had in common was that they had all been musicians from as early as 4 years old, and that contributed to their respect for bands established as early as the late sixties, such as Tangerine Dream, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Yes, and Pink... Topic: Tarot

THE TYLDWICK TAROT The Tyldwick Tarot includes original designs for the full 78 Major and Minor Arcana, all of which can be seen on this site. The site also incorporates a spread simulator, allowing you to see how the deck looks in action within a number of popular spreads. I first started designing this deck in 2006. After several false starts (!), many technical setbacks, and a certain amount of redesign, the deck has now been printed in a limited edition of 2000 and is available for purchase here. You can read about the creation of the deck, and how it developed over time, via this link. Best spots for sky-gazing at night Warm summer nights are meant for lying under the stars and watching celestial phenomena like meteor showers and moonrises. Over the next three months, mark your calendars to catch the Buck (July 14), Sturgeon (August 13), and Harvest (September 12) full moons, so named by Native Americans, as well as the Southern Delta Aquarids (peak, July 28-29) and Perseids (peak, August 12-13) meteor showers, first identified by astronomers in the 1800s. There’s only one catch: find the right spot with a superb sightline unaffected by artificial illumination. Here are four such places best suited to sky-gazing at night.

The Key of Solomon Index Sacred Texts Grimoires Title PagePrefaceList of PlatesPreliminary DiscourseIntroduction (from Add. MSS. 10862)Introduction from Landsdowne MSS. 1203 Book I Chapter I.