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12 Signs of the Zodiac - Your Star Sign Explained in Detail

12 Signs of the Zodiac - Your Star Sign Explained in Detail

Main Page How to Protect Yourself Against Demonic Spirits—The Complete Idiot’s Quick Guide Where there is light, there is also darkness. In the realm of the spiritual and paranormal, agents of darkness and evil are referred to as demons. These wicked spirits seek the ruination of all humankind. Protection Prayers to ward off evil or demonic forces or entities, protection prayers are recited. Paranormal investigators and professional exorcists often use the repetitive recitation of protection prayers as a chant to shield themselves from harm or fear whenever engaging malevolent spirits or demons. When demons jump, they shift from a currently possessed individual or space to a new one. The Circle of Light The “Circle of Light” prayer is a very good, spiritually universal, nondenominational protection prayer. Some alternate versions of the prayer are available (some only recite the first four or five lines), but the majority of them are similar to the following: The light of God surrounds us (me). The Prayer to the Archangel Michael The Twenty-Third Psalm Jabez’s Prayer St. 25 Most Common Symbols The 25 Most Common Images appearing in People's Dreams Compiled by the faculty of the School of Metaphysics, sponsor of the annual National Dream Hotline® Published by School of Metaphysics (SOM) Publishing, National Headquarters, Windyville, Missouri 65783 U.S.A For thousands of years mankind has been captivated and perplexed by memories of experiences arising when his physical consciousness is at rest. The idea that dreams are a communication from beyond the physical experience is not new. Mankind is now on the threshold of profound evolution and spiritual revelation. The Dreamer's Dictionary is a reference book published by the School of Metaphysics for understanding and interpreting universal symbology. 1) the word/symbol and its meaning in the Universal Language of Mind, 2) more in-depth meaning in the language of mind and possible contexts of the symbol, 3) the physical derivation of the word 4) thoughts to consider. The following are sample entries. 1. 1. 3.

How to Make Your Own Holy Water (with Benediction) Edit Article Edited by Teresa, Axiom, Lucky7, BR and 18 others Three Methods:Consecration HelpCatholic Holy WaterPagan Holy Water Many religions use holy water for cleansing, protection, and blessing. It is usually sanctified by a priest or similar position in a church and is only holy water if it is sanctified. Holy means to be sanctified, so by sanctifying it yourself, it is not necessarily holy. Ad Steps Method 1 of 2: Catholic Holy Water 1Gather and consecrate your salt. 8Use your holy water. Method 2 of 2: Pagan Holy Water 1Choose your type of water. Tips Kosher salt is typically preferred, or another natural salt (sea salt, rock salt)You must maintain intense focus during the procedure.

Beltane: A Pagan Point of View Three AROMATHERAPY OIL BLENDS for Beltane from WILLOW Bone Mother Readings from Find them Here.or visit Willow's Angela Jeffreys. Find them Aromatherapy Page HERE Here. Beltane! It is Beltane! Discover the magic of the ancient festival of Beltane - Maypoles, Sacred Union, Bel-fires and fertility - celebrate the Rites of Spring The meaning of Beltane is bel-fire and one of the nine sacred woods used within those flames is the mighty oak. Also known as May Eve, May Day, and Walpurgis Night, happens at the beginning of May. Prepare a May basket by filling it with flowers and goodwill and then give it to someone in need of healing and caring, such as a shut-in or elderly friend. Going A-Maying & Bringing in the May - Merry-making and Nature communion. * Midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. * In Pagan Rome, Floralia, from April 27-May 3 was the festival of the Flower Goddess Flora and the flowering of springtime. ... ... ... ... ... Collected By Willow

Amulets and Symbols of Protection Arrow Wear an arrow head amulet on a silver chain for protection from illness and to guard against the evil eye. In ancient times, it was believed sleeping with an arrow pulled from a human body worked as a love charm. American Indians believed that wearing a highly polished arrowhead as a talisman was a symbol of male strength. It would deflect negative energy, protect them from their enemies and absorb their power.. It would also defend them when they entered the happy hunting grounds after death. Italian Horn or Unicorn’s Horn and Leprechaun’s Staff Introduced by the Druids; the horn is associated with good luck and good fortune. Cat’s Eye This gemstone removes obstacles and hindrances from your life, and will ward off the evil forces of Black Magic, spirits, and protect you from the Evil Eye. Hands In just about every Mediterranean country, charms in the shape of human hands have been powerful symbols of good luck. Sapphires Use these gems to encourage harmony, peace, and contentment.

What Are the Essentials of Buddhism? The workings of the mind are examined with great precision in these teachings of the Buddha that originated in India over 2000 years back. However the way to freedom lies not in a scholarly study of these teachings, but instead in practicing meditation and mindfulness. The reality of suffering draws many to Buddha's teachings; the teachings are not about suffering though. Instead they are about ultimate freedom, and the exuberance that this freedom is accessible to all. Strive to be a Buddha, not a Buddhist! Four Noble Truths 1. Noble Eightfold Path Three Characteristics of Existence 1. Hindrances Unwholesome mental states that impede progress towards enlightenment. 1. Factors of Enlightenment 1. COURTESY OF:

Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fourteen year old Greek demigod son of Hades and the mortal Maria di Angelo. He is also the younger brother of the late Bianca di Angelo and the half brother of Hazel Levesque. He is known in the Underworld as the "Ghost King" after taking the title from King Minos. History Nico di Angelo was born sometime in the early 1930's in Venice, Italy[1] before Hades and his brothers took an oath to have no more children. After what the siblings thought was a month in the Lotus Hotel (which was actually approximately seventy years), they were taken out by a lawyer. Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Titan's Curse Nico first appears with his sister, in a military school called Westover Hall, in Bar Harbor, Maine. The Battle of the Labyrinth Nico is first seen through the Iris message that Bianca sent to Percy. Nico decides to find the soul of someone who cheated death and trade it for Bianca's. Percy still saves Nico, and convinces him to try and summon Bianca's spirit again.

by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance A fresh news item impacting religion. This column is updated more or less weekly: 2014-APR-02: About natural and human-made disasters: Major natural or human-made disasters continue to happen, like the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, mass murders, tsunamis, hurricanes, 9/11, etc. Many people ask if God can do anything, then why does he not prevent such tragedies? That question has a whole area of study associated with it, called Theodicy. If God is omniscient and omnipresent, then he would know about these disasters long before they happened. Rabbi Kushner has suggested that we drop belief in one of the four attributes of God. None of these options are particularly acceptable to most believers in God.

Minor Gods from Greek Mythology Hearth and Home Witchery Imbolg Crafts and Activities for Children There are so many activities to do with your young ones at Oimelc, many of which can also be done at the Spring Equinox. Older children can help make candles (there are lots of kits out there to make it easier) and candle holders. If you choose to start your Spring Cleaning, a small brush broom and dustpan, a clean cloth to help wipe down cabinet doors or dust tables or child size cleaning equipment for those little "can I help?" Make a Priapic Wand ~Reading~ Meagan's Imbolc by Kathryn Dyer The Story of Imbolc by Rachel Walker Making Butter In a clean jar with a screw on top pour in heavy or whipping cream. Paper Brigid's Crown An Imbolc Project By Wendy Sheridan (This is especially appropriate for young girls, since this is the holiday for the return of the maiden). You will need: Construction paper in your child's favorite colors, and yellow and/or red, for the flames Pencil, crayon, or marker Scissors Glue (white glue or glue stick) Source:unknown

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient India Gods and Goddesses of Ancient India Within Hinduism a large number of personal gods are worshipped as murtis. These beings are either aspects of the supreme Brahman, avatars of the supreme being, or significantly powerful entities known as devas. The exact nature of belief in regards to each deity varies between differing Hindu denominations and philosophies. Often these beings are depicted in humanoid, or partially humanoid forms, complete with a set of unique and complex iconography in each case. Similarities between Kama and Cupid, Vishwakarma and Vulcan and Indra and Zeus do lead many to hastily conclude that Hindu mythology is similar to Greek mythology. The gods of Greek mythology became masters of the universe by allegedly overthrowing the Titans, an earlier race of powerful beings, who in turn had become powerful by overcoming Giants. Gods who came in chariots from the sky take us to Ancient Alien Theory. Kali Kali is considered the goddess of time and change. Kali Yuga Trimurti

The Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary Remus Michigan Blessings and hello friends, family and neighbors. Listen closely to the sounds of the wind through the trees and over the fields. Do you hear it? It is the spirit of the Wolf calling you home. Wolves are protectors, teachers or pathfinders and have a strong sense of family. Events / Gatherings Each year Wolf Run host several free* events throughout the year that are visited by hundreds of people. In honor of Mother Earth and Earthday, another one of our events is our Earth Day Road Cleanup and Tree Planting Day. Be sure to visit our Events section to learn more about these and our other events. Programs At WRWSS, one of our primary goals is the elimination of prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs. At Wolf Run we are continually working to be as environmentally friendly as we can and through our Environmental Awareness Program we hope to pass what we learn on to others. Calendar of Events at WRWSS Click HERE to open our full Calendar of Events page.