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BiomedExperts: Scientific Social Networking

BiomedExperts: Scientific Social Networking

Scientific Commons | A Community for Scientific Information Expert Witnesses EXPERT DIRECTORIESExpert directories list individuals available for consultation and testimony. Directories provide varying amounts of information about the experts, but often include areas of expertise, qualifications, and contact information. ALM This online directory contains background and contact information for over 15,000 experts nationwide. The directory is organized by topic, and offers keyword searching capabilities. The Los Angeles County Bar Association maintains this online directory of experts.Users may browse experts by specialty, or search using keywords. This website provides free information about experts in a variety of fields, including contact information, brief biographies, and links to the experts' websites. Expert Witness Network free service helps locate legal experts with particular expertise or experience. | Streaming Knowledge, Advancing Careers | vide IME Expert Witness | Psychiatrist Expert Witness | Surgeon Expert Witness | Banking Expert Witness | Forensic Expert Witness Trusted by Trial Lawyers since 1974. Saponaro, Inc., is a nationwide group of consulting Experts offering attorneys an objective opinion on the merits of their case. We offer an efficient, dignified approach, and are noted for our integrity and candor. Dr. James N. In 1985, Guy R. Saponaro, Inc., offers a full line of services to attorneys, providing well-qualified experts and in-depth case evaluations, both in a timely and cost effective manner. Why Saponaro, Inc.? We save you time to do what you know best – practice law… with the confidence that your case requirements will be met.Our fee structure is more than competitive, and we do not invoice for our Experts.

Science of Collaboratories Home Alumni | Human Frontier Science Program Alumni HFSP Alumni are all members of the HFSP community: current and previous holders of HFSP awards, members of the review committees, Council of Scientists, Board of Trustees and the HFSP Secretariat. This section allows alumni to create personal profiles including research interests and techniques used, which are searchable by other alumni. HFSP Alumni are invited to register for the web site. You will be asked to input a user name when signing up. Unfortunately the alumni section on the website is separate from the HFSP internal database. Note that this is NOT the registration page for submitting applications for grants or fellowships.

Posts - Research Blogging A recently published report from the Cochrane Colloboration suggested that two drugs which are used in the treatment of human Influenza are not as effective as reported in clinical studies, so it is worth to pause a moment and recapitulate how these drugs work and take a closer look at the report before rushing to any judgment. ... Read more » Moscona, A. (2005) Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Influenza. New England Journal of Medicine, 353(13), 1363-1373. <a href=" Inhibitors for Influenza</a> McKimm-Breschkin JL. (2013) Influenza neuraminidase inhibitors: antiviral action and mechanisms of resistance. <a href=" neuraminidase inhibitors: antiviral action and mechanisms of resistance. Rossman JS, Jing X, Leser GP, Balannik V, Pinto LH, & Lamb RA. (2010) Influenza virus m2 ion channel protein is necessary for filamentous virion formation.

SciVee | Making Science Visible Server Maintenance Enseigner les sciences - Réseau social d'échange et de formation concernant l'enseignement des sciences Le Top 20 des réseaux sociaux scientifiques Pourquoi s’arrêter en – six – bon chemin, quand le succès est au rendez-vous ? Le Grand Mix organise le 6e apéro Sciences & Web au Polly Maggoo ce jeudi 16 juin. Rencontres, bonne humeur et échanges féconds : pas de changement de ce côté-là, mais une nouvelle thématique qui ravira les amateurs de sciences 2.0 : les réseaux scientifiques. L’occasion de présenter un petit top 20 de ces réseaux de passionnés. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Et bienvenue aux petits nouveaux (made in France) à qui l’on prédit de jolis succès : Chimie 2.0 : un espace d’échanges entre les scientifiques et le public, lancé par le CNRSMyScienceWork : le réseau social de la recherche scientifique multidisciplinaire (lancement sous peu) N’hésitez pas à apporter des précisions sur ces différents réseaux ou à nous en conseiller d’autres. >> Illustration : david.orban (Flickr, licence CC) EthicShare : discussion autour de l’éthique Discipline : éthique Membres : 1500 Langue : anglais