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A Beautiful Sketchnote on How Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development

A Beautiful Sketchnote on How Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Terrific Mini Guide to Help Students Think Critically December 26, 2014 Questioning is the key to critical thinking and through questions students get to explore the deep layers of meanings that would otherwise go unnoticed. Of course not all questions have this analytical ability. For instance, closed questions tend to limit the thinking choices available for students. The same with questions that promote factual recalling. In today's post, I am sharing with you this mini guide created by Foundation of Critical Thinking which you can use with your students to help them better comprehend and apply critical thinking in their learning. I learned about this great resource from a post shared by Education to Save The World. Image credit: Foundation of Critical Thinking

36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can't Live Without Are you wanting to create more visual content but don’t know where to start? I asked 19 visual social media experts about their favourite, go-to, can’t-live-without visual content tools. What follows is their best of the best picks, all wrapped up into a post for you. Our 19 experts don’t just “talk” about visual content online. They are in the trenches creating everything from images to infographics for their businesses, websites, blogs and social media channels. They know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to visual content creation tools. They know which “go-to” tools they use daily. They know which tools they simply can’t live without. When asking the Pros to contribute to this awesome list, I made it very clear that they should: These are the top 3 responses from each expert, along with their reasons for choosing each tool. These guys may be Pros but they have one thing in common – they all want to create visual content quickly and easily. Syed Balkhi, Online Entrepreneur #1 Canva

The 18 Best Infographics Of 2014 You could sift through piles of dense data sets in an attempt to understand the trends and discoveries that emerged in history, psychology, current events, and even fictional dragons in 2014. Or you could look at these infographics, which visualize otherwise overwhelming data as beautiful charts, graphs, and maps. Co.Design's Infographic of the Day series regularly showcases the best in data visualization, and this past year saw many stellar examples of the power of the well-designed visualization to illuminate information about nearly any subject, from the serious (the daily activities of Congress) to the frivolous (a visual compendium of the world's best dogs). We couldn't resist promoting Co.Design's own in-house data visualizations: the Great Wheel of Food Mashups and a map of each U.S. state's weirdest eating patterns (we're a bit food-fixated, apparently). Here, our favorite infographics from the past year. The Sleep Schedules Of 27 Of History's Greatest Minds Cats.

The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”) NOTE: First, Wallwisher, the popular virtual “corkboard” or “bulletin board” Web tool changed their name — they’re now known as Padlet (though all their old links using the Wallwisher name work fine). Now, Corkboard.Me, a similar tool, just announced they’re changing their name, too — they are now known as NoteApp. Wallwisher was the first online application that let you easily place virtual post-it notes on a virtual corkboard or bulletin board, and allow you to post text, images, and/or videos on them. This kinds of apps have many uses. I particularly like them for easy social bookmarking (my students, for example, post their favorite language-learning games on them so their classmates can try them out. I also have students use them to supplement inductive data sets (a series of pieces of information about a topic( they have categorized in the classroom. Here are my choices for The Best Online Virtual “Corkboards” (or “Bulletin Boards”): Corkboard Me is a Wallwisher-like tool.

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3 Simple Ways to Record iPad Screen and Create Educational Screencasts February 11, 2015 In today’s post, I am sharing with you some interesting tips I learned from Jonathan Wylie to help you record your iPad screen and create instructional screencasts and tutorials. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of creating a screencast on iPad are those popular apps such as Explain Everything and Educreations but the thing with these apps is that they do not allow you to record what you do on other apps. For instance, you can not open Explain Everything and go to Evernote app to record your screen there, once Explain Everything window is closed , recording stops. To be able to navigate your iPad and record this navigation, you will need to mirror your iPad screen to a bigger screen that is your computer. Once you can access your iPad screen from your computer, you can then use a screencasting tool to record your iPad screen. Here is how you can do it all: B- Air Server A- ScreencastO--Matic B- Camtasia C- Cam Studio D- Screencastify

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Best Simple Tools to Create Infographics for Your Class December 2, 2014 Infographics has been gaining in stature in education and several teachers are integrating them in their instruction. Some are using them to teach language and fine arts; others are using them to teach science and health. By definition, infograhics are visual representation of data. This representation can take multiple forms and based on the purposes for which we are creating them, infographics can be categorized into different types such as Timelines, visualized article, flowchart, statistical infographics, informational infographics and so on. There are actually a plethora of web tools to use for creating infgraphics but some of them are really complicated and hard to work with. What is an infographic by Cool Infographics 1- Piktochart This is definitely my favourite. 2- is another powerful tool for creating infographics. 3- Canva Canva is another good tool to create engaging infographics.

50 Free Animation Tools And Resources For Digital Learners 50 Animation Tools & Resources For Digital Learners by Lisa Chesser, A purple monster with wild curls spiraling out of control explains the economics of oil production in the Sudan to students in Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin, Jerusalem, and Riyadh. That is education and animation working together to teach students everywhere, everything they ever wanted to know. Educators need only utilize the tools available, most of them for free. Some of the animation links catalogued here will give educators very basic tools and histories of animation while others have the animation already created and set in motion, it’s just a matter of sharing it with students. Educators need to decide which tool is best for them. One of the easiest ways to animate, however, isn’t with your own camera and modeling clay, it’s with your links to sites that hand you everything within their own forums. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. For those who prefer to draw, there’s Make It Share It. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Nice Infographic: “Around the World in 80 Games” I’m adding this infographic to The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures: Embed the above image on your site Customize size Click to copy Thanks to Cape Portfolios 5 Best Online Presentation Tools for the Classroom Many-a bona fide teachers love creating the best online presentations for their students so as to get them hooked to their learning material. This isn’t easy for everyone since learning how to make a “wow” presentation requires a good amount of presentation, creativity, and maybe some designing skills. But what about the use of the latest cool-tools that technology has brought us? Not everyone has learned the art of design or has amazing presentation skills. However, many teachers and educationists do have an arduous desire to be the best in front of the classroom. The cool-tools of 21sttechnology can be of great help in this situation. Did you know about the best online presentation tools galore? Prezi Ditch PowerPoint and start creating beautiful slide-shows/presentations with Prezi. Prezi also offers discounts to students and teachers when they sign up with a school email address. Glogster Edu Animoto Looking for a more animated experience? Kizoa Kizoa is the best blend of everything.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – When NOT To Post On Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] | SocialTimes It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: to tweet. Since social media first opened its doors, folks have been obsessed with figuring out when they should be making their updates. You know, to guarantee the maximum possible engagement. Usually the focus has been on the right times to publish, but how about we turn that on its head? When is the worst time to update? Check out this visual from SumAll so you learn about the “dead zones” of social media and avoid updating at the wrong times on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+. * As usual, your mileage may vary. (Source: SumAll.

#FlipboardChat Summary: Using Flipboard With Students MagMaker / April 29, 2015 Every Wednesday evening, members of the Flipboard Club—an unofficial community of passionate evangelists—hold a Twitter chat about a Flipboard-centric topic and we summarize the discussion here. Tonight’s topic is “Brands on Flipboard.” Join in the chat Wednesday at 7pm PT / 10pm ET via the hashtag on Twitter. If the time zone doesn’t work for you, join their Facebook group to stay in the loop. Last week, participants chatted about how to use Flipboard with students. Q1. The internet means a teacher doesn’t have to be the deliverer of all knowledge.Students have more access than ever to just about everything. Q2. Q3. If students have trouble with a concept, educators can present it in many ways, with videos, infographics, GIFs. Q4. Absolutely! Q5. Parents can create family’s work/study magazines for their children. Q6. Yes!! Q7. Q8. Don’t forget to join this week: the topic is “Brands on Flipboard.” ~jdlv on behalf of the Flipboard Club /flipboard @flipboard