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riots - Affordable wireless IoT microcontrollers and sensors by Riots Instruments Inc. Riots™ utilizes an innovative combination of plug-and-play hardware, software and cloud-based technology to create smart, energy efficient homes and businesses of the twenty-first century. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding which reward will best suit your needs! The product configuration (e.g., Riots Gyro™, Riots Light™, Riots Air™) will be able to be selected at the end of the campaign. It all began when our propellerhead, Samuli, fearlessly went to battle against the jumble of wires connecting and controlling his things. Samuli wondered: Is there a way to control and monitor our environment and devices remotely with a cost effective, minimalistic, and practical solution? The Riots Platform™ consists of the Riots Mama™ internet gateway and a variety of Riots Babies™ network nodes (e.g., Riots Gyro™, Riots Light™, Riots Air™). In addition to secure monitoring and control, Riots Cloud™ supports remote development, over-the-air updates and debugging. Riots. Examples:

CaptoGlove. Wearable Gaming, VR, AR, PC & Mobile Controller. by CaptoGlove LLC Risks and challenges CaptoGlove has been under development for over 5 years by a tremendous team of diverse professionals including: Virtual Reality Experts, IT Developers, Hardware Engineers, Senior Executives, and Operations Managers. This collective expertise has built a reliable product and company. We have planned and procured production agreements from component suppliers to manufacturers (Reusch for instance). Software is inherently trickier. A single bug can wreak havoc on even a stable library and cause disruption. By leveraging research, we have been able to create comprehensive manufacturing plan for the proper roll-out of CaptoGloves needed in left/right and large or medium sizes. We won't promise you amazing discounts or features that are only possible in fantasy. Lastly, as previously stated, due to manufacturing constraints, only right-hand in size Large will be received by One CaptoGlove Super Early Bird & Early Bird backers in May.

MUWI: The Ultra Compact Dolly for Smartphones & Cameras by MUWI Risks and challenges We know very well how to prepare for the product development process and how to deal with problems that may occur in any stage. We made our business plan perfectly. Designing, prototyping, and testing were finally finished after many MUWI iterations. However, developing an innovative product always carries risks in the production stage that might not be foreseeable. We’ve worked really hard and are still pushing harder and harder. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Tinkamo | Smart Building Blocks by Tinkamo Tinkamo is a set of wireless programmable smart building blocks that teach your children to learn how to code and unleash their potentials to invent ! They are as cute as candies and it is as easy as ABC. Have LEGO® collections at home? Let’s bring them to life! All it takes is 15 minutes and endless imagination. Tinkamo is compatible with LEGO® and LEGO® Technic. Kids think differently about their world. With Tinkamo’s wireless connectivity and super easy drag'n'drop coding app, kids can see instant results. To get add-ons, just add the price ($19 for each) to your original pledge, we will ask you for details when our project ends. Tinkamo has lowered the age of maker and coding education to 5, before kids can use Arduino. Although Tinkamo team has over 10 years of experience of product research and development, manufacturing, and education, building an electronic product is always a big challenge. Shenzhen is the world factory with no question.