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The Butterfly Project...

The Butterfly Project...
A few weeks ago I shared a pic of some butterfly punch-outs I had done from a Pottery Barn catalog (it was a really colorful picture of some towels all stacked together). I had seen a picture that Ali Edwards made of butterflies all lined up and punched from many different colors of paper (which gave me some serious inspiration in the butterfly department). I decided that I wanted to do something similar but with a different spin! I started working on this little project Saturday afternoon. I seem to have loads ideas that do not always turn out as I had envisioned them... so I figured I had better test carefully to make sure this was going to work out! In my day job I get a lot of really fine paper samples in the mail. Cougar paper had sent me sample called Ode to the Earth. I knew this was just the project for it! Picking the piece to use was the hardest part of this whole thing! You can faintly see pencil marks in 4 spots on the paper. Here is a side view of the finished piece... P.S.

How to Make a Snowstorm November 25th, 2013 Email 355 users recommend sunburst mirror DIY It has been soooo long since this first post went up and I thought it would be fun to include some updated photos of this mirror and show you how it has been used over the years. Still using it and loving it! Where ol' girl currently lives in our Houston house. Check out my tutorial below so you can make one of your own!

christmas ornament: paper snowflake tutorial Christmas ornament: Paper Snowflake Tutorial Here is a tutorial for a stunning paper snowflake that is approx. 20 inches in diameter. It’s a real show stopper! The tutorial might seem a bit daunting, but it’s really easy and quick to make. Reader Question: How Do You Make Your Newspaper Roses? Recently, I've received a few emails asking exactly how I made the roses for my newspaper rose wreath. First, I have to say: darn nifty that people are showing interest in this project since it was one of my very very very very very first blog posts. Second, I have to thank Pinterest for that... Thank you ever so much Pinterest. Credit was given in that earlier post to the brilliant Alisa Burke whose wreath inspired mine. She shows how she made her flowers and wreath here.

Big-Ass Book Of Crafts I was sent a review copy* of The Big-Ass Book Of Crafts from the publisher. This is the point where I have to admit that I'm TV illiterate ... even more than I usually am since we canceled our cable almost a year ago. So, when I got an email from Mark Montano himself, I wasn't star-struck until I wikipedia'd him. Could he be on more shows? Even though I haven't seen his design-y exploits in action, after reading this book, I have a great sense of his infectious enthusiasm. Although you've gotta question using "Big-Ass" in the title of a book marketed to women ... tee hee .. the book really *is* big-ass. One Lucky Day: From inspiration to manifestation! Remember a couple of posts back (posted on November 30th) I commented that I had a fixation over a certain lamp from the Pottery Barn catalog? It was suggested that I try using the 7gypsies "ATC/Photo display" to create a mini version of the original. Instead of having the 3 rings on the stand go from smallest on top to largest ring on the bottom as shown above, I reversed that and put the largest ring on the top (shown below).

Susie Harris: Inspiration...pass it on! *** Because someone asked..yes! I have one in my Etsy if you would like...smiles~*** Oh have I got a good one for you today {I hope}. What I want most out of this blog is to connect with you girls. DIY Photo Light Box // Take Better Photos! One thing I've learned during my blogging adventures: You eat with your eyes first! Photography is everything when trying to capture a tutorial for your readers, or make your products look desirable on And what's the most important part? Lighting! Follow this little tutorial to make your own Photo Light Box for the perfect lighting. Cut a border of 2 inches on each side of the tri-fold display board (the two sides and the back).

Haul Out The Holly: Petite Purse Ornament Today I'm Haul-ing Out The Holly with Gwenny Penny! Have you heard of this special event? Well, let me tell you. Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Easter Geodes can be grown without using egg dye. The resulting crystals are clear to milky white, like quartz. While large chicken eggshells are suggested in this process, larger eggshells can be used.