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Team8 - Graphisme et Web Design

Team8 - Graphisme et Web Design

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Pseudo HDR In this tutorial I will show to how to transform any JPG photo in a HDR type of photo. End result: Author: Views: 51319 Creating Imaginative Art Start by opening an image of an open book. 1. CREATING THE BASECreate page shape using pen tool. Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown. Similarly create the facing page. Create Beautiful Surreal Photo Effect via Cloud, Star and Vexel Hair in Photoshop Step 1 Create a new document sized 800px * 1100px, fill the background with black colour. On the background layer, render some fibre texture via Filter > Render > Fibre with the following settings: Reduce the layer opacity to around 30%, you will have the following effect: Step 2

5 Online Logo Makers & Generators to Design Your Brand You have a product that will fly off the shelves, but are struggling with your branding. You need a logo but don’t have any idea about how to design a great one. You could hire a designer, but you don’t want to spend all of your startup costs on your logo. This is a side project for you after all. What do you do? We’ve got you covered. 100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results Photoshop tutorials are one of the most popular subjects on the web, as the digital art community continues to grow and new designers bring their unique skills. However, quality Photoshop tutorials that teach you a useful effect, have a quality finished result and are well explained are harder to find, and with the large number of tutorial sites available, it can be hard to sort the quality from the mundane. In this massive roundup, we’ve collected the top 100 best Photoshop tutorials that have ever been created, that yield professional results, teach you a useful effect, are well explained, and will have you designing like a pro in no time. These tutorials are collected from niche tutorial sites around the web, and range in age from creation in 2008 to a few tutorials that were created just last week.

35 Fresh and Detailed Photoshop Tutorials To Enhance Your Skills(2011) It is time to bring together brand new photoshop tutorials.To be honest,We don’t see really quality photoshop tutorials every single day with new techniques and new tips so it was good to wait for a few months for a fresh round up. It is always good to see and learn new techniques for graphic designers,especially for photoshop users.I personally learnt a few things while collecting the below photoshop tutorials so i definetely advice you to look over them. Create a Packet of Potato Chips in Photoshop Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials I’ve selected various Photoshop tutorials that I’m liking at the moment for light effects, some have quite cool techniques on how to achieve the end result that can be applied to a million different designs (try and experiment with them), check them out below. You might also enjoy: Design a Vista Styled Wallpaper Windows Vista Aurora Effect

Charcoal Drawing with Photoshop Here’s a tutorial on how you can apply charcoal drawing effect to your photos using photoshop; Step 1. Open your image in photoshop (ctrl-o). Affinity Designer - Liste complète des fonctionnalités OSX/macOS System Requirements Hardware Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini Processor

Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch Continued from the Previous Page Tim Shelbourne writes... (10) Now you can begin sketching... Use Cases for Fixed Backgrounds in CSS File this into a category of personal "CSS Ah-Ha Moments". The background-attachment property has never seemed all that useful to me. I have always looked at it as some sort of old school design trick from the GeoCities days to get a repeating background to stay in place during scroll. Turns out a background with a fixed position can be much more useful than that. In this category we want to give you an advice to other great sites, where you can get a lot of very useful information, inspirations and materials. Here I collected 12 great Photoshop tutorials, which can help you to expand your skills. Create a Dramatic and Surreal Apocalyptic Scene Photoshop Tutorial Create Surreal Human Face with Flame Hair and Disintegration Effect in Photoshop

Parallax Scrolling Templates If you remember, a while back I provided a roundup on parallax scrolling websites (10 Awesome Parallax Scrolling Templates). Developing a parallax scrolling website can be rather complex and requires a fair amount of coding in jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Well that was the case until, so let’s take a look at a few parallax scrolling themes and templates that are out there for us to work with. Slide One Match Color Effects by Creating Your Own Color Lookup Tables in Photoshop CC 2014 If you’re like me, you frequently use your camera to shoot both photos and videos but it’s hard to match the color effect on both. Photoshop CS6 tried to solve this by introducing the Color Lookup adjustment but it was rarely used because it depended on LUTs created by others. New in Photoshop CC 2014 is the ability to create your own 3D LUTs using any adjustment layer which means you can now create your own custom color effect and match it in other software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. Read this tutorial and learn how you can create your own 3D LUTs in Photoshop CC 2014! What are 3D LUTs 3D LUTs are a type of lookup table that lets you match color effects from one photo/video to another.