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Secrets of Meditation [Video]

Secrets of Meditation [Video]
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Meditation: Guided Love Meditation [Article] Love Meditation Guided Love and Compassion Meditation meditation Love and Compassion Meditation Our Mind is constantly active. Love is Divine That is the extraordinary thing about love: it is the only quality that brings a total comprehension of the whole of existence... Krishnamurti Quotes on Love, 1980 Chemistry of Love and How to Train Unconditional Love Check Also Meditation Symbols Love and Training Virtues Training virtues through the development of qualities such as truthfulness, openness, love, honesty, compassion to all living beings is found as a spiritual tool of all the major religions. Do not Harm Do not harm yourself or others physically, mentally or emotionally. Living Love Chosing to love, chosing to be open, chosing to be happy in every single day situations we gain Freedom to Be. Freedom is Waiting, the Art of 4 Elements Poem Open the door of your inner prison and Liberate Freedom from Her chains Freedom of expression, thoughts, words Freedom of dreaming your-own Life Check also:

Mystics Magic and Ancient Spiritual Wisdom [Article] The Mystics Mystics Magic and their Spiritual Wisdom Spiritual Development, Symbols and Signs, meditation Mystics Magic The Guardians of the Oracle Mysteries The Mystics, the Magi initiates, the guardians of the oracle mysteries acquired deep knowledge of the laws of the spiritual world and their interaction with the sense world. The Mystics of India In ancient India the philosophers and the yogis observed the world as an illusion. Patanjali, within his Yoga Sutras, gives a foundation of the science of Yoga, or the ‘Kingly Science of the Soul’, mapping the step by step rules, and methods, to make a man perfect, leading him or her from an average person, through to initiates, to a master yogi. The Mystics of Greece For the philosophers of ancient Babylonia and Greece the sense world was not considered an illusion. In the search for Divine, they turned towards art, towards symbols and signs within myths and legends. The Mystics of China The I Ching starts with the hexagrams Qian and Kun.

Best 'How to Properly Meditate' Quotes by Gurus and Sages [Article] How to Properly Meditate Quotes Spiritual Meditation Quotes Spiritual Quotes, meditation Meditation Quotes: How to Properly Meditate How to Meditate Properly ‘It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you judge you have lost the pure witness. 'It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. And this process of watching is the very alchemy of real religion. That’s the moment of enlightenment. Osho Rajneesh about Meditation and Observing Thoughts ‘You exist in time, but you belong to eternity. Krishnamurti about Meditation and Soul ‘We carry about us the burden of what thousands of people have said and the memories of all our misfortunes. Krishnamurti about Mind that is Innocent and Pure ‘The soil in which the meditative mind can begin is the soil of everyday life, the strife, the pain, and the fleeting joy. Krishnamurti about Meditation and Life ‘I meditate

Love Mindfulness? Is Mindfulness for You? [Article] Love Mindfulness Is Mindfulness for You? Self-Development, Conscious Parenting, Relationships, Spiritual Development, Alchemy of Love, Mindfulness Links, Mindfulness Articles, Conscious Mind, meditation An Honest Look into a Mindfulness Journey Why do you think this magic word ‘mindfulness’ lights up so many fires? Promises of Mindfulness The conscious relationships, change of diets, conscious or mindful living, the balance with ourselves and Nature that creates the transformation within the body, mind and soul live as the highest potential promise within all of us. Is it our love for God or the question: How does the mind heal the body? The road to mindfulness promises practitioners that they can finally live their lives ‘enlightened’ without ‘worries’, ‘troubles’, or ‘struggles’. Researching Mindfulness Mindfulness and meditation has become a subject of many studies. Mindfulness and Religions Does Mindfulness belong to a religion? Mindfulness Journey as a Self-Development Journey

Spiritual not Religious: In Search of Perfection [Article] Spiritual not Religious Alchemy of Soul Self-Development, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Poems, Spiritual Quotes, Alchemy of Love Spiritual not Religious: In Search of Perfection The purpose of life is the evolution of consciousness. Spiritual Awakening offers life in the state of joy. In Search of Perfection God created Nature that is full of Chaos Where no two things are equal Where no sound, no colour, no shape is repeated Man copied God and created Symmetry, Mathematics, Music, Straight Lines Man copied God and created Perfection Together Man-made Perfect Eelements create an Absolute Disorder Together God-made Imperfections result in an Ultimate Harmony Alchemy of Soul ‘We train ourselves all through our life to waste energy following our inner narratives. Mindful Being by Nuit about Mindfulness Self Development Journey is a most amazing Journey we will ever embark on. Many have done this journey before us following their Gurus, or Sages. Alchemy of Soul Poem by Nuit Until…

Schumann Resonance Meditation Ancient Sound Healing [Article] Schumann Resonance Meditation Healing Schumann Resonance 7.8Hz and What is 528Hz Divine Frequency Symbols and Signs, meditation Schumann Resonance Earth Breathing and Alpha Brainwaves The earth is surrounded by air, and the ionosphere, and it is a wonderfully resonant system. Alfa Brainwaves and Meditative States When a person is meditating, praying or deeply relaxed his brain resonates within Alpha and Theta rhythms range of 4-8 Hz. Schumann Resonance and Healers For a decade, Dr Robert Beck from US researched the brain wave activity of healers from various backgrounds. Schumann Resonance and Spiritual Practices Various spiritual practices and spiritual_paths and rituals are designed to allow this magic meditative Alpha range to rain. Alpha to Delta Brainwaves Alpha waves (7-13 cycles per second) are present during dreaming, deep relaxation, and meditation. Beta is a 'fast' activity, present when we are alert while Gamma relates to integrated thoughts, information rich task processing. Dr.

What is Creativity and How to Improve Creative Thinking, Mindfulness Training [Article] What is Creativity Creative Thinking as Divine Inspiration or Human Trait Self-Development, Conscious Parenting, Mindfulness Articles, Conscious Mind Creative Thinking as Divine Inspiration or Human Trait It took some time for the humanity to accept ‘creativity’ as a possible human ‘trait’. It was during the Renaissance that creativity was first seen, not as a matter of divine inspiration, but as a gift of a great learned man to imitate God’s ability to create. Creative Thinking and Learning the Skill of Creativity Creativity refers to the invention of any new thing that has value. To be creative we have to choose to be different from everyone else. Moving from imitating and copying, to innovating and using our talents can take time. How to Improve Creative Thinking and Challenge Existing Beliefs Challenging the beliefs about the world and the machinery that makes it work is an essential step within the creative process. Creativity and Left and Right Brain Development Video by Nuit

What is Alchemy? Alchemy Symbols and Their Meaning [Article] What is Alchemy Alchemy Symbols and Signs Spiritual Development, Symbols and Signs, meditation What is Alchemy? Alchemy Symbols and Meanings Secret Art of the Land of Khem 'Khem is an ancient name for the land of Egypt, and alchemy is one of the two oldest sciences known to the world. Manly P. According to an old Rabbi legend, an angel gave Adam the mysteries and secrets of Kabbalah and of Alchemy, promising that when the human race understand these inspired arts, the curse of the forbidden fruit would be removed and man will again enter into the Garden of Eden. Alchemy Symbols, Alchemy Signs The earthly body of alchemy symbols is chemistry. The Phoenicians, and Babylonians were familiar with alchemy. What is Alchemy and Nature Alchemy is based upon the natural phenomenon of growth. Alchemy Symbols and Kabbalistic Tarot painted by Oswald Wirth: Read More within Symbolism of Numbers The Tarot cards are an Alchemical Formula of manifestation. What is Alchemy Q&A What is intelligence? Chinese Alchemy

Most Important Short and Long Term Benefits of Meditation [Article] Meditation Benefits Most Important Short and Long Term Meditation Benefits Self-Development, Spiritual Development, meditation Main Benefits of Meditation Why do we meditate? Through the practice of meditation, we enter a world of soul and spirit, and with patience and training we start yielding results. Meditation Benefits: Short Term So, why do we meditate? Is it for the bliss we feel during an amazing meditation or for the results that we experience after some years of training? Benefits of Meditation and Thinking Process Have you noticed that within the thinking process, a thought weaves into another thought, seeking the other. It is as though the thoughts are already present when our soul surrenders to their flow and re-create them anew within. Some thoughts that are inspiring, or moving, act within us like living entities. Long Term Benefits of Meditation Through a proper self development training of: We awake amazing capacities of our Soul: Benefits of Meditation: Strong Willpower

How to Exercise Mindfulness and How to Be Mindful [Article] by Nuit How to Exercise Mindfulness How to be mindful Self-Development, Mindful Eating, Spiritual Development, Alchemy of Love, Mindfulness Articles, Conscious Mind How to Be Mindful, How to Exercise Mindfulness Mindfulness works with continuous awareness of body, breath; feelings, thoughts, intentions. What is Mindfulness? Live in the Present Moment Mindfulness is continuous undisturbed awareness of the present moment. Silence Your Mind Our mind is constantly busy with thoughts and feeling about our past, present and future. Mindfulness Meditation Sit and meditate mindfulness meditation. Zen meditation, zazen, or sitting starts by focusing the awareness on the breath. Try our Free Guided Mindfulness Meditations Be Mindful of Your Actions We train ourselves all through our life to waste energy following our inner narratives. Mindfulness and Self Remembering Self-remembering is an attempt to be more conscious, and more aware. Mindful Walking. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts Be Mindful of Your Feelings

Art of 4 Elements Youtube Channel Exploring the Alchemy of Human Being and Alchemy of Love we examine the ways to achieve Free Mind... From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, all across centuries, all across the planet, covering ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus, the Free Alchemy of Love Self Development Course is inspired by Life, Love, Tantra, God. The alchemy of this mixture is there to inspire you to further create, going back to Life re-newed, shining Love.... Artof4elements Self Development Course Alchemy of Love works with Self Development tools from various Spiritual traditions: Will Power Exercises, various Meditations, Mindfulness Exercises, Soul's Diary, Spiritual Diary, Personal Development Plan, Setting True Goals, Listening to the Soul... To Download Free Online Self Development Course please go to:

Meditation Symbols and their Meaning [Article] Meditation Symbols Symbols for Meditation and their Meanings Symbols and Signs, meditation Meditation Spiritual and Occult Symbols During the spiritual training a meditator can use visual images, mantras or words, or feelings and sensations (such as compassion, love, peace) as a focus of a meditation. Thousands of years of spiritual practice short-listed a number of sacred occult symbols of meditation that affect the soul in a special way when it withdraws all attention from the outer world, and focusses on an image, mantra or a feeling. How to Meditate on Symbols During the Meditation on Symbols, one focus on a symbol allowing different ideas and impressions into the mind. During the meditation, helped by Rythmical Breathing, we silence the mind and allow our soul to become one with the symbol within the silence. Meditation Symbols in Buddhism Buddha Eyes or Wisdom Eyes According to Buddhism all beings have the Buddha nature. Dharma Wheel Meditation on Buddha Hindu Meditations and Yantras