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Folk songs

Folk songs
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irish songs The WWW Virtual Library Rone And Filip Piskorzynski Continue The Story Of A Floating Woman In Their New Music Video Ever since his 2009 album Spanish Breakfast, Parisian musician Rone has taken the French dance music scene by storm, earning nods from artists like Laurent Garnier, Pantha du Prince, and Sasha. Rone’s music stands apart from standard club music fare thanks to his affinity for syncopated rhythms that take the four-to-the-floor format and build on it thoughtfully, ending up with a product that is as effective and engaging on a pair of headphones as it is on a packed dance floor. On his new album Tohu Bohu, out this November on InFiné, Rone furthers the sound he established with Spanish Breakfast with a new, restless vibe found. As Rone puts it, “Tohu Bohu is a representation of my own chaos, which I have harnessed, worked my way through, and committed to record.” We spoke to Rone and Piskorzynski to find out more about “Parade.” The Creators Project: Can you tell us about the creation of the video? Can you tell us a bit more about shooting the video? @CreatorsProject

Musicovery Reference, Facts, News - Free and Family-friendly Resources - Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music jazz albums If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times. Someone just getting into jazz ventures online looking for some music to start with, and is instantly inundated with about 500 different choices. Everyone has their own ideas about the best places to start a jazz music collection, and it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. So as a public service to all you new jazz lovers out there, here’s one man’s list of recordings that are essential for any new jazz collection. #10. To start a jazz collection with any artist other than Satchmo would be foolishness. I know that this style and sound (usually referred to as Traditional Jazz) is not for everyone, but it’s critical to hear where the music started in order to appreciate where it went. And hey, you never know, you may love it for more than its prime historical value. Buy This Album! #9. As World War II raged, a seismic shift was occurring in the jazz world. Buy This Album! #8. I must warn you about one thing, however. Buy This Album! #7. #6.

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