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Offres d'emploi - - Trouver un emploi, un job, un travail

Offres d'emploi - - Trouver un emploi, un job, un travail

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Cuentos modernos – ¿Recuerdas los cuentos que leías cuando eras niño/a? ¿Por qué te gustaban? Existen muchos cuentos tradicionales como Caperucita Roja o Cenicienta que se siguen contando a los niños en las escuelas o en las casas. Pero quizá esos cuentos ya no se adapten a nuestra realidad y necesiten un cambio, quizá necesiten ser más modernos, con objetos y situaciones más actuales. Moderna de Pueblo se lo ha imaginado así: En esta entrada vamos a jugar con los cuentos tradicionales y adaptarlos a nuestro gusto o desde la perspectiva de otros personajes, no los principales.

Jobs: Find current vacancies in XING Jobs! Handy tips, search features and filters help you to find the perfect job. Horoscopes, Celebrity Horoscopes, Chinese Astrology, Compatibility Tools, and Gift Guides on Shine Stop, look and listen! The universe appears to be on a crash course to test your mettle across the board, and no area of your life is safe. As mentioned in yesterday's calendar entry, the Sun and Juno make waves by forming a rare conjunction at 22 degrees of Aries (12:17AM). Be sensitive to dear ones and avoid ego battles of any kind. Cámaras de Seguridad - Publicidad Coca Cola Tapping into the hidden job market By Robert Mandelberg, CPRW When you learn how to tap into the unadvertised job market, your job-search will be much more productive and rewarding. In the career-services community, it is a well accepted fact that approximately 80% of job openings are unadvertised. When I mentioned this to a colleague recently, she said this number is way off: It’s closer to 85-90%. One thing is for sure: More than ever, it is essential to be “at the right place at the right time” to achieve success in this increasingly competitive job market.

P.A.Q Gubbio: Meet, Ian Purkayastha, 19-year-old “Truffle Dealer” In the digital age, most of today's young, hot-shot entrepreneurs are working in the world of high tech, specifically in social networking. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams come to mind. Then there's Ian Purkayastha, a 19-year old international businessman who's "networking" the old-fashioned way — face to face -- and making a big splash selling and promoting one of the world's most ancient and low-tech products: Truffles. To be sure, there aren't billions to be made in truffles, at least not yet. But truffles are by far the most-expensive ingredient in the culinary world, fetching up to $5000 per pound for the most desired varieties. 9 Tech Tips for Job-Hunting Grads Recently graduated and looking for a job? A few simple tips about writing better cover letters and resumes or choosing the right words when networking, can enormously affect your life for the better. Graduates usually know they should clean up their Facebook profiles and join LinkedIn, but there's a lot more to having a savvy online presence and positioning yourself for the job you want. Here are nine tips related to technology, job search sites, and networking online, that will steer you toward greater success in your jobs search, at a new job, and hopefully through your professional life.

Widgets - Blog As you may or may not have seen by now, we’ve released the new Yahoo! Widgets/Konfabulator 4.5. This version was a major undertaking, and there are four particularly cool and important features in it for developers. HTML Flash Full W3C DOM Fine-grained Security HTM… something or other How to Hide the Dumb Stuff You Did Online From Employers Greetings, recent grads! Congrats on your recent accomplishment! Now that the graduation parties have ended and you prepare to jump face first into the job market, let's take a moment to talk about poor decisions—particularly those that have been documented on the Internet. Everybody thinks, says, and does dumb things in their youth. Your parents did dumb things, your teachers did dumb things, I've done dumb things—even the President did dumb things.

13 Best Firefox Job Search Add-ons Here are the job search add-ons that make Firefox the only browser for job seekers. I’m not just saying that. Google Chrome only has a few extensions for searching job boards, while Internet Explorer has no specific job search add-ons at all. How to use this guide All the add-ons mentioned here can be found in the Best Job Search Add-ons collection I created on Search plugins 200+ Resources and Tips To Help Manage Your Reputation Online Everything you need to manage your reputation online and get to any nasty Web surprises before they get to you. Photo Credit: Michael Coghlan Did you expect to find less than 200 reputation tools, resources and tips? This list is being updated all the time as I discover more links for you.

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