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My Vocation is my Vacation: Resources, Materials and Ideas

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Lost Masterpiece Painting Found in the Background of 1999 Film 'Stuart Little' Hugh Laurie, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Geena Davis in 1999’s Stuart Little, with the mysterious missing painting in the background Though it only received lukewarm reviews from critics upon its 1999 release, it turns out that the children’s movie Stuart Little did contain at least one masterpiece. Gergely Barki, a researcher at the Hungarian national gallery, was watching Rob Minkoff’s family comedy with his daughter in 2009 when he noticed what appeared to be, remarkably, a famous missing painting by the Hungarian avant-garde artist Róbert Berény on the wall of the Little family home. Barki couldn’t be sure, having only seen the painting in an old black and white photograph.

joanna malefaki-My ELT rambles Fun tasks and the 1st conditionalA bit about conditionals In student grammar books, conditionals are usually divided into zero, first, second, third and mixed conditionals. This post is part of a series of posts related to conditionals. Today, I am going to write about fun activities you can use with your learners when teaching what is known as the 1st conditional. 1st conditional But first, what do I mean by first conditional? My focus is on the form that appears in most ntermediate/ upper intermediate grammar books. Go PRO! Unlimited Daily Sessions Audio Storage Distribution Embedded Player Multiple Shows Oxford University Press Home Stretch Competition Welcome Welcome to the Stretch Presenting Skills Competition 2014-15! One of your students could win a two week scholarship to Regent Oxford, an English language school in Oxford. The Stretch Presenting Skills Competition encourages students to present in English.

Wonderful World MAIN ACTIVITIES Listening, discussion, vocabulary of animals and geographical features. SUITABLE FOR Teens and adults, Intermediate (B1) and above TEACHER’S NOTES (Click here for a pdf of the Teacher’s Notes.) Display this word cloud or make your own at Tell students that it contains the lyrics of a well-known song. Links – Classroom Chef Click here to see the handout to guide your students. Stuck on how to start? Start asking these questions during any math class. 3-Act Math Tech Integration Musical Cues Networking - Life Skills Resources Social Networking: Infographic Do you know how many people use Facebook? Or what the most retweeted tweet is? ESL BLOGGERS: Pre-Intermediate Megan is the main female character in the book "Two Lives", by Helen Naylor. She was a sixteen-year-old girl, a pretty teenager who fell in love for the first time with her childhood friend , Huw. However, perhaps their love wasn't meant to be, because all sorts of difficulties seemed to stand in their way. Are you the sort of person who thinks love can conquer all ?

Five Movement Strategies in the High School Classroom – Kenny C. McKee Each day more research confirms the link between movement and learning. Brain researcher David Sousa claims that physical activity increases the amount of oxygen in our blood, and this oxygen is related to enhanced learning and memory. A recent Washington Post article suggests that many student behaviors we associate with ADHD may stem from an overall lack of physical movement — both in and out of school. However, many high school teachers still struggle to integrate movement into the classroom. I know that as a former English teacher, movement found its way into many of my “special” lessons, but it was often a missing ingredient of daily instruction. For example, when students worked on creating commercials integrating persuasive techniques, searched for books in the library, or carried out debates, movement was inevitable.

Engelska och idrottsundervisning- Maries Klassrum Vocabulary Below are the sentences in which the vocabulary words appear in the text. Read the sentences. Use clues you can find in the sentence combined with your prior knowledge, or google translate to find the Swedish word. Write down the word+ the Swedish translation in your notebook.

The Life Skills Day - Macmillan English Thanks to everyone who joined us for our 2014 Life Skills Day! Watch the entire day of talks and workshops again and visit our current webinars schedule for more Macmillan online events. Workshops: Critical thinking, time management, and organisation are just a few of the life skills educationalists and employers claim today's students are lacking. How will acquiring these skills benefit the students? 5 great writing warm up activities... and what they lead to I think you might want to download these activities so you can use them later… so here’s a handy PDF file of this blog post! Warm up activities that get learners writing can be fantastic for getting the creative juices flowing while also giving a focused start to your lesson. A writing task at the start of class can be an effective way of leading into explicit grammar teaching or can just as easily be followed up with speaking activities. What’s more, many such activities are easy to adapt to be suitable for any type of learners, both adults and kids. Indeed, adding an entertaining element to writing activities will make them fun for everyone, as well as making them low pressure tasks which enable learners’ writing to flow freely. Here are five of my favourites.

Your Top 10 Genius Hour Questions Answered Listen to this post as a podcast or read the transcript (sponsored by Kiddom): Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:22 — 61.3MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | We hear all the time about how we need to give students more choice. About how we should be helping them discover their passions, how we need more student-directed, inquiry-based learning in the classroom. But all of that can feel like a load of abstract, pie-in-the-sky hooey without practical instructions for how to actually do it. Travel Blog project - Spraktrollet Dear students! You are about to make a trip to an English speaking country. Your task is to find facts about everyday life, interests and activities, traditions, cultural events, living conditions and values. You will compare these facts with your own experiences from your life and living in Sweden.