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20 maps that never happened

20 maps that never happened
Maps are a powerful way of illustrating not only the world that is, but worlds that never have been. What follow are not fictional maps — there's no Westeros or Middle Earth — but plans and hypotheticals that never came to pass. You'll see military plans for invasions that didn't happen or conquests that were hoped-for and never achieved. You'll also find daring infrastructure schemes that would have remapped cities and even whole continents. War Plans War Plan Red: The invasion of CanadaFollowing the 1927 Geneva Naval Conference, the US Army — evidently bored with the peace and prosperity of the 1920s — decided to draw up plans for a hypothetical war between the United States and the British Empire. Fantasy Political Reforms Five TexasesAny Texan (ask my wife, or my former roommate, or Vox's own Kelsey McKinney) will tell you that Texas has the right to unilaterally split into five separate states. Infrastructure Projects Proposed Countries Related:  Strange maps - Cartographies et artsMaps And Mapping

dat'art Inside The Most Amazing Map Library That You've Never Heard Of | Atlas Obscura The American Geographical Society Library at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. (Photo: Luke Spencer.) Within the campus of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a geographer’s treasure trove: over a million artifacts from the American Geographical Society, one of the most incredible collections of maps, atlases and globes to be found in America. But, ironically, the library is practically unexplored territory. It's an inconspicuous home for a storied collection: this is the final resting place of the library of the illustrious American Geographical Society. Faculty members of the geography department at UWM heard what was happening and applied. It took 16 trucks to move the vast collection, where it lives and is actively curated today in the Golda Meir Library. The 'rare room' of the Library containing some of its most valuable items. Photograph taken by Belmore Browne of the expedition to climb the Ruth Glacier, Alaska. The oldest map in the collection dates from 1452. Dr.

La carte Lego de J.R. Schmidt - Pacha cartographie | Cartographe géomaticien professionnel Les cartes nous permettent d’observer le monde par l’intermédiaire de divers objets : posters à épingler au mur, globes terrestres et autres moulages plastiques topographiques. En voici un nouveau à ajouter à la liste : la représentation en lego! Vous savez, ces petites briques multicolores que vous assembliez minutieusement pour construire une belle voiture ou un château fort (1). En y regardant de plus près avec un œil de cartographe, ces petites briques élémentaires sont une analogie parfaite des pixels qui composent les versions informatiques des cartographies actuelles ; une grande partie des représentations de données et des images satellites numériques est en effet au format raster et fournit ainsi une base naturelle pour recréer les formes du monde. C’est précisément la méthode utilisée ici par l’artiste J.R. La carte en entier : Une carte originale et pleine de couleurs qui m’a rappelé celles de mon enfance. Plus de détails sur le site Web de J.R. Sur le même thème 23 février 2014

USGS Historical Topographic Maps Accessing historical topographic maps has never been easier TopoView highlights one of the USGS's most important and useful products, the topographic map. In 1879, the USGS began to map the Nation's topography. This interface was created by the National Geologic Map Database project (NGMDB), in support of topographic mapping program managed by the National Geospatial Program (NGP). Packed with new features and downloadable file formats The maps shown through topoView are from the USGS’s Historical Topographic Map Collection (HTMC). GeoTIFF – The GeoTIFF files are a compressed, 300 dpi TIFF image format, with embedded georeferencing information so that the map can be used directly in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Send us your feedback We're pleased to offer these formats to you, and invite you to explore the collection of historical topographic maps.

This Roy Lichtenstein-Themed Map Makes Pop Art of The World Katie Kowalsky hadn’t always known she wanted to be a cartographer. In fact, she started out as an economics major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but somewhere along the line, stumbled onto cartography. Doing so was the “best mistake” she ever made, she writes at her blog. I had always wanted something that was an amalgam of history, art, computer science, geography, and design. Her Lichtenstein-esque world map is just that. She based it on the work of the iconic mid-20th century pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, whose art she admires. Translating that style to a world map at 22 zoom levels came with some challenges for Kowalsky. It required a lot of thinking about how to incorporate a Lichtenstein color scheme at every zoom level without it being hard on the eyes. Here’s the map of London at three zoom levels, showing what the vivid colors and details of Kowalsky’s map: New Delhi, India Philadelphia Paris Chicago Amsterdam

Wagner & Debes Cartographers English: The Leipzig Geographical Institute of Wagner & Debes was important German cartographic printer and publisher of cartographic work in the 19th- and early 20th century. Established in 1835 as a lithographic press by Eduard Wagner, who worked with cartography publisher Karl Baedeker. In 1872 Heinrich Wagner, son of Eduard Wagner, took over, moved the presses to Leipzig, and established his own publishing firm in collaboration with Ernst Debes. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

Paysages de papier Des paysages de papier pour dire l’érosion de la culture… C’est ce que propose l’artiste canadien Guy Laramee, à travers toute une série d’oeuvres plastiques originales conçues à partir de livres anciens extrudés, creusés et sculptés comme autant de paysages nés de l’érosion. Partant du constat que le livre est mourant et que « les bibliothèques, en tant que lieu, sont finies », il en tire les conséquences sur la réalité de la culture, conçue comme autant de montagnes érodées, uses et transformées par le passage du temps. Une culture en remplace une autre comme une forme de relief en recouvre une autre. L’approche réaliste et presque illusionniste de son travail apparaît dans ce qui pourrait être perçu comme des maquettes ou des trompe l’oeil. Ces sculptures illustrent donc littéralement l’idée de « paysage culturel », tant débattue par les géographes, de manière directe et spectaculaire. WordPress: J'aime chargement… Sur le même thème 18 septembre 2014 Dans "Cartographica" 11 mai 2014

Big Map Blog On Quality By way of a quick summary: My prints are of very good quality. Most people selling digital prints of maps online are delivering a very poor product. I make no claim to exclusivity on the source images for the prints on this site – they are, after all, in the public domain (and if you didn't notice, I'm actually, well, giving away the image files on this site). Not to give anyone any business ideas, but it's very possible for anyone to download a Library of Congress image, and without even so much as a glance, upload it to a print-on-demand print shop. Prints on this Site Unlike almost every other seller of similar maps, prints ordered from Big Map Blog are: t59k In short, before you buy any print, ask the seller for a small image showing the full-resolution detail – any reputable seller of digital prints will be glad to comply. Specifications The image quality is discussed above and is unmatched. I'm glad to answer any question you might have. Kind regards, –the 59 King

40 Creative Remakes of The World Map - Hongkiat If you don’t have the pleasure to be a student in a geography class where the teacher can draw an entire world map from memory (plot twist: the teacher is a History teacher, according to the comments), then it’s safe to assume that geography is probably not your favorite class. That’s fine, we’re not here to give you a geography lecture, but in this post, you will be looking at a lot of world maps. The good news is that the world maps you will be seeing are beautiful and creative remakes done by talented designers out there. Keep in mind that as far as accuracies are concerned, these designers flex their creative license muscles as much as they can, and you’ll probably admire what they have created. Read more: 10 Tools to Create Your Own Map World Map Typography. Ayuda en Acción Annual Report 2014. Kid’s Playmat. Across the Globe. Color. Watercolors. World Travel Decor. Paint Splatter. Fabric Wall Decal. Beer For All Seasons #7. Geometric. Vector Dotted. Moving Office. Artistic Flair.