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40+ jQuery Plugins Improving Your Website Look and Feel 

40+ jQuery Plugins Improving Your Website Look and Feel 
Making more and more appealing and interactive user interfaces have been one of the never ending competitions between web designers since html and browsers where in the mid nineties. The competition is there for a reason. The number of website on-line has experienced a nearly exponential growth and you need to stand out to be seen! Actually it is kind if scary if this trend is going to continue… Anyway most of you reading this post is probably agreeing that websites need to be special, look good and have features that is not found everywhere. Advertisement PrettyPhoto Media This plugin can display videos, photos and other media utilizing stunning photos in a fancy overlay. qTip qTip is an advanced tooltip plugin for the ever popular jQuery JavaScript framework. Tab SlideOut Create a side tab that expands content for a feedback form or contact info. Toolkit with 6 Awesome jQuery User Interface components This is a great set of jQuery UI Tools. jQuery Confirm Plugin SimpleModal jQuery Corner

40 Exceptional jQuery Interface Techniques and Tutorials With the advent of JavaScript/web application libraries and frameworks, it’s become much easier to build interactive components for a site. For the folks that are unfamiliar with jQuery – it’s a popular, high-performance and compact JavaScript library/framework. jQuery will allow you to reduce the amount of code you have to write for dealing with browser quirks, memory leaks, and repetitive code by providing you with a set of useful and highly-optimized and thoroughly-tested functions and methods. In this article, we explore the strengths of jQuery in letting web developers create impressive client-side-based user interface components. Whether you’re looking for a particular interface/interaction pattern built on Query (like module tabs or modal windows) or you simply want to learn the library by engaging in step-by-step tutorials – you should be able to find something here for you. Modal Windows 1. Live Demo 2. Live Demo 3. Live Demo Tool Tips 4. Live Demo 5. Live Demo 6. Live Demo Module Tabs

25 Beautifully Colorful Websites - Part 4 During the past year or so, I have published 3 collections of colorful websites. Today we’ll take a look at another 25 sites that make exceptional use of color. There is a wide variety of color schemes and design styles represented here, so I hope the work of these designers provides some inspiration for your own work. Looking for hosting? Animate Image Filling Up Using jQuery | Build Internet! The Photoshop Portion – Preparing Your Image(s) Step one requires that you use your decision making skills to figure out what image you want to use. For this example, I have selected a character which I found in this wonderful Vectortuts+ tutorial. Next we’re going to want to drop it in to Photoshop for some basic preparation. We’re are going to end up with three images, in order to understand what role each will play, please check out the helpful diagram below. If any of the following confuses you in any way, take a look at the images I have included in the downloadable files, it should be easier to understand once you see the final products. What we’re looking to get first is a base image (in this case the actual character), which is a simple matter of saving a cropped image to the size you want. We will skip the middle layer for a moment and look at the top image, which will act as a frame. The CSS The HTML The jQuery This is by far the easiest cut and paste job ever. Google+

Web Design Friday: 25 More Beautiful Web Designs | Static-Romance.Org Happy Monday! I know it’s not always happy but today it is because Creatives Couples is back! I’m very excited because this one of two times you’ll be seeing the lovely Lisa Yoder, a developer from Philadephia, on the blog this week. What makes you a creative couple? Lisa: We’re both professional web developers, which is a pretty creative endeavor unto itself. Chad: The band that Lisa referenced will be reborn this year, but we’re working much harder to make it a shared endeavor this time (previously it was mostly my baby). How does your relationship inspire you creatively? Chad: Hmm… Tough question! Lisa: Chad is constantly working on a new project or mulling over a new problem. Chad: Ok, Lisa’s answer reminded me of something. Do you think being creatives makes it easier to understand each other? Lisa: Yes and no. Chad: Haha, yes. How are your creative styles different? Chad: I guess we just answered that a little bit in the last question! But they differ in lots of ways.

Javascript Progress / Percentage Bar with CSS by WebAppers Sometimes, when we are building websites and web applications, we need a percentage bar / progress bar to show the progress of a specific task. However, it is very difficult to find a working and easy solution without using Flash. Therefore WebAppers have created a simple Javascript based Percentage Bar / Progress Bar which is inspired by Bare Naked App. Bare Naked App taught us how to display Percentage Bar with 2 images only by using CSS. And then I used a little bit of Javascript to make it more interactive. You can use it anywhere you can think of. display(elementId, percentage, colorCode) Display the Percentage Bar int colorCode: 1 = Green int colorCode: 2 = Yellow int colorCode: 3 = Orange int colorCode: 4 = Red plus(elementId, percentage) Increment the Percentage Bar by the specified percentage minus(elementId, percentage) Decrement the Percentage Bar by the specified percentage setProgress(elementId, percentage) Set the Percentage Bar with the specified percentage

30 Exceptional CSS Techniques and Examples | Six Revisions In this article, I’ve pieced together 30 excellent CSS techniques and examples that showcases the capabilities and robustness of CSS. You’ll see a variety of techniques such as image galleries, drop shadows, scalable buttons, menus, and more – all using only CSS and HTML. Clicking on the title will direct you to the documentation/tutorial, while clicking on the accompanying image will direct you to the demo page if it’s separate from the documentation. 1. A pure css-based gallery; hovering over an image enlarges it. 2. A creative and complex navigation scheme. 3. An accordion effect; hovering over an image expands it. 4. Part of an article entitled "Supercharge your image borders" showcasing how you can use CSS styles to make images look more interesting. 5. Aan image effect demo and discussion based on a A List Apart article entitled, "CSS Drop shadows". 6. Hovering over the tabs changes the category, while hovering over an image enlarges it. 7. 8. Mimics a table layout, but uses lists. 9.

40+ Excellent jQuery Tutorials | Tutorials Most of you already aware that jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. it’s also known for fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Or in developer’s words “write less, Do more”. Now days jQuery is on top of its charm and everyone from Javascript world love to experiment with it. Because of the remarkable significance of JQuery in Designing field, it is an essential to keep yourself up-to-date with its Quality uses and Examples. In this article, we’ll take a look at Various jQuery Tutorials for your source of inspiration. For those, who don’t know what is jQuery? You may be interested in the following related articles as well. Feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts that our readers may find helpful. Don’t forget to and follow us on Twitter — for recent updates. Excellent jQuery Tutorials

24 Great Niche Galleries | Most Inspired Blog CSS galleries can be a great source of inspiration, but if you’re looking for something in particular they can be a bit of a nightmare. They can also be a little repetitive, you’ll often find the same design repeated on many of the galleries. Since niche galleries have a tighter focus it allows them to be more detailed when adding sites to the gallery, and although they don’t update as often the quality usually makes up for it. Given their focus the same design is a lot less likely to be featured on more than one of the niche galleries. This is not to say the general galleries are going away, they provide a steady steam of inspiration, but when you’re looking for something in particular niche is nicer. Below you’ll find a list of niche galleries, that focus on things from color schemes, to layout, and specific content types. Color Schemes Light On Light on Dark is a showcase of well designed & coded web sites with light text on a dark background. Layout Content

21 Simple and Useful jQuery Tutorials You Might Have Missed Introduction Queness is 6 months old now, I have created 21 tutorials that focus on different section of a website (menu, gallery, slider, tooltips, dock, modal window, ajax and jQuery turtorials). jQuery is an amazing javascript framework. I used to use prototype + scriptaculous and mootools, but I found that jQuery has a great documentation, plugins and huge amount of information out there online. It never cease to amaze me. So, just in case some of you might have missed my tutorials, this is a round up post for all of them and I hope it will able to assist you in the journey of learning jQuery. Navigation Menu Photo Gallery/Thumbnail Gallery Tooltips Dock Modal Window Custom jQuery Modal Window Tutorial | Demo Content Slider jQuery Plugin A Really Simple jQuery Plugin Tutorial | Demo Final words, I hope my tutorials are useful to you. Thanks for your support. :)

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