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UX Project Checklist

UX Project Checklist

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32 Posters That Debunk Common UX Misconceptions You may have heard of UX Myths from user-experience designer Zoltán Gócza. It’s basically a collection of 32 (now up to 33!) common web design user experience misconceptions that are systematically debunked using detailed data, deeply researched facts, and backed up and validated by quotes and resources from some well-known UX experts. We’re huge fans of the site and you should really check out if you haven’t already done so. Anyway, Italian designer Alessandro Giammaria, from design agency That’s Com, is also a huge fan of UX Myths, and has created a beautiful collection of typographical posters that represent each and everyone of the myths. And the best thing of all? Visual Hierarchy We have many words for the frustration we feel when an interface isn’t directing us to what we need to know. Loud, messy, cluttered, busy. These words have been appropriated from other parts of life, of course, but we need them to express our feeling of being overwhelmed visually by content on a screen or page. We need them to express how unpleasant a user experience it is to not know where to direct our attention next. A better term, one that graphic designers have used for a long time, is visual hierarchy.

Beyond the UX Tipping Point By Jared M. Spool Originally published: Nov 12, 2014 Surprisingly, few are talking about what could be the biggest user experience story of 2014: The introduction of the Disney Magic Band. Once activated, park Guests use the Magic Band to gain access to the park, get in priority queues for the attractions, pay for their purchases at the concession stands, and even get into their hotel room. Each family member has a wearable band with GPS and radio transmitters that track each other’s location in the park. 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Quickpanel: More UX Futures UX Futures is a one-day virtual conference that will take place November 5. Hosted by Rosenfeld Media and Environments for Humans, the event features six inspiring speakers—Steve Krug, Jesse James Garrett, Margot Bloomstein, Andy Polaine, Nathan Shedroff and Abby Covert—all focusing on what’s next for user experience. To give you a taste of what to expect, we’ve asked three of them—Margot, Andy, and Jesse—to answer a few questions on the future of UX. Be sure to use discount code UXMAGAZINE for 20% off when registering. It's 2024.

UX: Psychology of great design – part 1 The World Wide Web turned 20 in April 2013. In its first 20 years the web matured from a largely static medium into the rich, collaborative and wonderfully interactive medium we know today. As such, the interactions and relationships between users and systems have become increasingly complex. Consequently, web designers need to understand the experience of the website or app they are making. Designers should consider who is using it, what they need to do and ultimately if the design makes their users’ experience easier or, ideally, more delightful. 35 Flat User Icons ~ Icons on Creative Market You will definitely love our new set of 35 flat user icons! Including male and female users, this set is perfect for all your new projects! Use these icons as avatars, team members, users, testimonials and impress your customers! Created with love, we are selling this awesome set at the RIDICULOUS price of $12! Our set of 35 flat user icons includes: - Illustrator (.ai) file - EPS (.eps) file - PSD (vector shapes) file - SVG files (perfect for web) - PNG files (512x512)

Vine blog – Design at Vine: Everyone needs an editor We launched Vine about two weeks ago, and we’re already amazed at how a community of creators is using the new art form. People are sharing moments in unique ways, and that makes us smile. As we share in the excitement about what you are creating, we’d like to take a step back to offer some insight into our design approach for Vine. Design is more than aesthetics and pretty pixels; it’s product decisions and experiences that make a service enjoyable visually, functionally, emotionally. Mockup - Brainstorm and express your ideas on paper. Non-app Mockup is a beautiful printable PDF that will help you brainstorm and explain websites, mobile/tablet applications. It includes: A web application thumbnails overview Tablet and mobile application thumbnails overviews

The Difference Between Information Architecture and UX Design Information architects form the blueprints of the web Next to explaining what I do for a living, the second question I most frequently hear is: “What’s the difference between Information Architecture and User Experience?” The line always seems to blur between the two, even though there’s clearly a difference. How should I go about explaining it?

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