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6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work

6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work
Social media is a relatively new tool for most businesses. This means that, unlike many other marketing tools, when people begin to build out social media for their business, they’re starting from scratch. They haven’t created social media strategies before or they don’t know what questions to ask for a social media audit, and finding out can be both difficult and time consuming. That’s where we come in. Whether it’s your first time running social media for a company, or you’re just looking to boost your online profile, here are six social media templates to save you valuable time and effort. 1) Social Media Strategy Template To create a social media strategy is to bridge the gap between where you currently are in social media and where you want to be. Use this template to help you create a social media strategy to guide you in your daily online activities. The social media strategy template teaches you how to: Download our social media strategy template 2) Social Media Audit Template

Six Ways to Grow a LinkedIn Group, Tips From the Pros Social Media Examiner Are you part of a LinkedIn group that has stalled? Do you want to create a LinkedIn group? LinkedIn groups can be a great way to network with your customers, peers and other professionals in your industry. But it can be challenging to grow your group and get the people you want to join and participate in the discussions. We asked the pros to share their best tips to grow your LinkedIn groups. Follow these tips and you’ll find it easier to create the type of community you’re looking for. #1: Use Email to Send Invitations That Convert Viveka Von Rosen You’ll need to send out invitations to get your contacts to join your LinkedIn group and LinkedIn has a form for you to do this. The default LinkedIn message that’s sent when you fill out the form below is: “Subject: Name invites you to join Group” and “Welcome Message: I would like to invite you to join my group on LinkedIn.” Standard LinkedIn group invitations can be boring. Let’s face it. Let’s take a look at how this works. Mike Delgado

10 Outils pour mieux gérer vos activités sur Instagram Rachetée en Avril 2012 par Facebook pour la somme d'un milliard de dollars, Instagram est une application pour le partage de photos et de vidéos. Ce service très prisé par les jeunes et les marketeurs ne cesse de croître. Il compterait aujourd'hui plus de 200 millions d'utilisateurs actifs mensuels qui partagent ensemble près de 60 millions de photos par jour. Voici 10 outils à même de vous aider à optimiser votre présence sur Instagram. 1. Collecto est actuellement l'outil par excellence recommandé par Instagram. Cette plateforme vous offre la possibilité de renforcer votre présence sur Instagram en vous fournissant des statistiques sur votre compte et un tableau de bord avec les images les plus récentes des contacts et des marques que vous suivez. Ce qui représente pour vous une réelle opportunité d'engager avec les influenceurs et votre public à partir du tableau de bord de Collecto. 2. IconoSquare propose aussi des fonctionnalités surprenantes : 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

9 Free Microsoft Excel Templates to Make Marketing Easier Many of us can recall a time in high school when we were sitting in math class and thinking, "When am I ever going to use this stuff in the real world?" And then we suddenly find ourselves in the real world, only to realize that numbers actually do play a pivotal role in what we do -- especially in digital marketing. Trouble is, many marketers are right-brained, meaning Excel spreadsheets riddled with numbers and formulas aren't all that inviting. Making them from scratch can be especially intimidating. While we won't argue with that, we will say that the advantages of leveraging Excel's functionality to organize information and streamline tasks are unparalleled. To help those of you looking for a way to sharpen your skills, we've put together a detailed list of ways you can start using Excel to simplify your marketing tasks. Download all 9 Excel templates right here. 1) Use It as a Budget Template Download the marketing budget templates here. 2) Use It as a Blog Editorial Calendar

Quick Sprout — I'm Kind of a Big Deal Comment doubler son trafic sur les réseaux sociaux Comment doubler son trafic sur les réseaux sociaux ? Ce document a pour vision d’être un mémo pour tout utilisateur de réseaux sociaux soucieux d’être pertinent. Plantons le décor… Vue globale des réseaux sociaux dans le monde. *Taux de pénétration : % d’internautes dans le monde qui utilisent le site Étude mondiale, 2012, source : Alexia Fréquentation des réseaux sociaux en France Source : Ifop 2011 Ce qui a changé : les internautes s’expriment, s’écoutent et se font confiance ! Le bouche à oreille est devenu online. L’internaute commente et recommande à travers : Réseaux sociaux (Twitter, Facebook…) ;Site de la marque qui donne la possibilité aux commentaires ;Sites spécialisés comme Tripadvisor pour le secteur du voyage. Les clients font confiance aux autres clients grâce à l’effet de source. L’entreprise qui désire pérenniser sur un secteur d’activité a intérêt à devenir un acteur social online. Tachez donc de faire coïncider ces éléments avec vos intentions. 1 : Le post « presque »parfait

Digital Marketing Template Files | Econsultancy Overview Digital Marketing Template Files Authors: James Gurd, Econsultancy and other expert contributors Files available: 10 file bundles, 50+ individual template files File titles: See sample document for full breakdown of section and file information. About these files Need help with an area of digital marketing and don't know where to start? Contents In this release we have 10 template bundles containing over 50 individual template files for digital marketing projects. Download separate file bundles below: Affiliate MarketingContent MarketingDisplay AdvertisingEcommerce ProjectsEmail MarketingSearch Engine Marketing: PPCSearch Engine Marketing: SEOSocial Media and Online PRUsability and User ExperienceWeb Analytics The template files bundle also includes a Small Business Online Resource Manager that can help you effectively manage and own your online assets. There's a free guide which you can download to find out more about exactly what is included.

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps So now you need to create a social media marketing plan. No easy task, right? Many of us struggle to iron out exactly what that is, let alone how to build one from scratch. Put simply, every action you take on social networks should be a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. That means every Tweet, reply, like and comment should all be guided by a plan and driving towards pre-determined goals. It might sound complicated, but if you take the time to create a comprehensive social media plan, the rest of your social efforts should follow naturally. Learn what a social media marketing plan should include, and follow our 6-step plan for creating your own: What is a social media marketing plan? A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. In general, the more specific you can get with your plan, the more effective you’ll be in its implementation. Step 1: Create social media objectives and goals

blog.hootsuite According to Search Engine Journal, over 93% marketers use social media to promote their businesses, with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ being their top social networks of choice. While 74% claim to have gained new customers from Facebook, about one third of them used Twitter to successfully gain new leads. However, with this rush to stay on top of social media and the 24x7x365 constantly connected culture that it has given birth to, we are putting undue pressure on the people that make this social media magic happen: the social media manager If you’re a marketer who feels overwhelmed by the non-stop pings, updates and notifications you receive round-the-clock across your email, social networks, text messages and more, you’re not alone. The culture of overwork can lead to exhaustion, or worse. Maybe your workload isn’t driving you to the brink of exhaustion, but few social media managers are finding themselves with lots of free time these days. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Free Template: Create Buyer Personas For Your Business It's important to establish buyer personas for your business so you can segment your audience and create stronger marketing campaigns. But how do you start researching and creating these buyer personas from scratch? Our free, customizable buyer persona template will let you easily organize your research to create your very own buyer personas. If you market with buyer personas, you are marketing smarter. It's so simple; you can begin today. With this template you can learn best practices for persona research and create beautiful, well-formatted buyer personas that you can share with your entire company. This offer includes tips and tricks for: Asking the right questions during your buyer persona interviews and surveysFormatting your buyer persona research in a compelling wayPresenting your new, finalized buyer personas to your companyUsing your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing

A 6-Step Guide To Tracking Social Media In Google Analytics Your website is the cornerstone of your business’ online presence. Alongside your website is its helpful sister, social media. Your social media and website presence should be integrated with one another in order to continuously drive traffic to your online assets. And with social media driving traffic to your site, the next step is measuring your efforts so you can improve. As always, this is where Google Analytics comes handy. Google Analytics provides you with data to see where your website visitors come from and understand your visitors’ behavior on your site. To get you started, we’ve put together this guide to tracking social media in Google Analytics in 6 easy steps. Step 1: Create social media objectives and goals for your website Before you can begin tracking your social media initiatives in Google Analytics you need to create social media objectives and goals. Step 2: Sign up for Google Analytics Step 3: Setup your Google Analytics tracking code 1) Google Tag Manager 5) Trackbacks

Comment devenir un maître Jedi sur Linkedin en 20 leçons [Infographie] A la recherche d’un nouveau job tu es ? Ton image sur Internet tu veux améliorer ? Comme expert tu veux être considéré ? Optimiser ton compte LinkedIn tu devras ! LinkedIn est avec Viadeo LE réseau social professionnel à investir. Mais pas n’importe comment ! LinkedIn en chiffres LinkedIn, c’est 300 millions d’utilisateurs actifs à travers le monde. LinkedIn évolue à vitesse grand V puisque 2 nouveaux utilisateurs s’inscrivent sur le réseau social chaque seconde. LinkedIn, c’est un réseau social mobile : 41% des utilisateurs visite LinkedIn depuis un appareil mobile (smartphone ou tablette). Ces chiffres révèlent tout le potentiel de LinkedIn. 20 astuces pour devenir un Maître Jedi sur LinkedIn La qualité devant la quantité 1. 2. 3. 4. Un profil complet 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Une connexion permanente 11. 12. Des publications optimisées 13. 14. 15. 16. La puissance du marketing 17. 18. 19. 20. L’infographie complète:

How To Measure Social Media ROI For Your Business Social media now holds a place alongside print and broadcast as a major, essential marketing channel for businesses. As such, social media now should be held to the same standard as those channels: your social media ROI needs to contribute to your bottom line. To prove that your social media investment is truly warranted, you need to track how social is influencing every interaction you have with your clients. The following explains how to measure social media ROI for your business, in 4 easy steps. 1) Connect Your Social Media ROI Back to Your Business Goals The first step involves setting social media goals that complement existing business and departmental goals. The brand awareness created by social media—seen in vanity metrics including “likes” and “+1s” and “Retweets”—is valuable, but it is not enough. Key examples of social media metrics to track include: ReachSite trafficLeads generatedSign-ups and conversionsRevenue generated 3) Calculate Your Social Media ROI 4) Adjust to Improve

19 Visual Social Media Secrets from the Pros [SlideShare] Is your brand telling visual stories? Are you empowering your fans to create and share visual content for you? Brands who create and curate visual content are seeing wider reach, more shares and traffic to their real or virtual doorstep. We asked 19 Visual Social Media Experts for the secrets behind their success online using visual content… Visual Social Media is hot right now. We rounded up some of the world’s top thought leaders, developers, experts, designers, bloggers, Pinterest and Instagram Influencers and photographers and asked them to reveal their secrets. The result? They responded with insightful and innovative visual social media advice. This advice has helped to grow personal brands, bestselling books, the world’s top blogs, Start-Up companies that are literally shaping the future of the visual web, and some of the world’s largest Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram communities. And it all happened organically, using their visual content secrets. Here is what they said: #9 Sue B.